Why Create face swap videos and Photos
with HeyGen?

How to Create Face Swap Videos and photos Online


How to Swap Faces in Video or photos

Step 1: Upload the video/photo you want to swap face on
Click the 'Asset' icon at the left of the page to upload your video or photo.

Step 2: Choose the face you want to generate
Click the FaceSwap icon to switch over to Faceswap.
Upload or choose the face you want to generate.

Step 3: Download the refaced video/photo
Click 'FaceSwap' and grab a coffee. The video/photo will be ready in a few minutes.
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How to Swap faces on the avatar

Step 1: Choose an avatar
Choose an avatar that meets your needs from 100+ avatars covering different ethnicities, ages, costumes, and poses.

Step 2: Click the FaceSwap icon
Click the FaceSwap icon at the top of the page to switch over to Faceswap.

Step 3: Upload the photo you want to swap
Upload clear, camera-facing photos of a person's face. Avoid side face photos, overexposure, and blocked faces. Save up to 10 photos.
Step 4: Swap faces on the avatar
Click on a photo in the face album to swap faces. Choose "Clear Effect" to restore the avatar's original face.
Step 5: Add your script
Write your text, and HeyGen will convert your text into speech.
Step 6: Download the deepfake
Click submit and grab a coffee. The video will be ready in a few minutes.
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How to Create a santa video card with your face

Step 1: Select a santa video card template
Our templates include festive backgrounds and Santa avatars, so you can create a one-of-a-kind video for your loved ones.
Step 2: Upload your photo to face swap
Simply drop in a photo, and watch as Santa's face is transformed into your own – it's a fun and easy way to create a video card.
Step 3: Write your santa video message
When you choose a template, you'll see a pre-written script that you can use as-is, or you can customize it with your own words.
Step 4: Share your santa video card
Simply fill in your email address and we'll send the video to your friend's email address. It's that easy!
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AI Avatars

With HeyGen, choose from 100+ AI avatars covering different ethnicities, ages, and poses. Type the scripts, and create a spokesperson video with perfect lip-syncing in minutes.

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HeyGen is an online face swap app that utilizes AI to create face swap videos and photos.

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Turn text to speech in 300+ voices across 40+ languages. Create studio-quality voiceover at a much lower cost and less time spent.

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