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Potential Earnings (10 sales/month)

Monthly Subscriber Sales
Yearly Subscriber Sales

*Assuming your customers don’t cancel their subscription within the first 12 months





$30 / month

10-min plan

$60 / month

20-min plan

$120 / month

40-min plan

$180 / month

60-min plan

$225 / month

90-min plan

$300 / month

120-min plan

$450 / month

180-min plan

$600 / month

240-min plan

x 120 Sales
x 12 Months
x 25% Commission

*assuming 10 subscriptions / month

x 25% commssion
x 120 sales (10 / month)
$1,0800 / year

$900 / month

$21,600 / year

$1,800 / month

$43,200 / year

$3,600 / month

$64,800 / year

$5,400 / month

$81,000 / year

$6,750 / month

$108,000 / year

$9,000 / month

$162,000 / year

$13,500 / month

$216,000 / year

$18,000 / month

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Note: Do NOT impersonate HeyGen or try to trick people into thinking your company is HeyGen.

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FAQs of HeyGen affiliate program

How much money can I earn?
What is the commission?
Can I get payouts if I sign up on behalf of my clients through my referral link?
What's the referral cookie life?
Where can I find the terms of the partnership?

Payouts Info

Following are the highlighted payouts terms of the HeyGen Affiliate Program that you care about most:

1. Payouts are made within the first five business days of each month.
2. The commission is paid only based on the actual amounts received by HeyGen.
3. Explanation of exceptional cases: When you refer to a customer who purchased a subscription plan on January 5th, you'll be paid on February 6th (If Feb 6th is not a business day, then we will be payout within the first five business days in March).
4. Your commission will be paid on the twelfth month from the date of your referral's purchase if they choose to pay annually.
5. The minimum balance for payouts is $30. Payouts are made through PayPal only.

More details: HeyGen Affiliate Partner Terms and Conditions