HeyGen moderation policy

Effective as of 4th of April 2023

Guidelines for Users

To ensure a positive and safe experience for all users, we have established the following guidelines:
1. Do not post any content that violates the prohibited content policy.
2. Follow all applicable laws and regulations.
3. Respect the rights and privacy of others.

Prohibited Content

The following types of content are not allowed on the platform:
1. Any content that promotes violence, hate speech, or discrimination towards individuals or groups based on their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or any other protected characteristic.
2. Any content that is illegal or promotes illegal activity, such as drug use, trafficking, or other illegal activities.
3. Spam or fraudulent content that is intended to deceive or mislead users, or content that is meant to manipulate search rankings or traffic.
4. Content that infringes on intellectual property rights, such as copyrighted or private materials used without permission or plagiarized work.

Age Restrictions

Certain types of content may be restricted to users of a certain age. This could include content that is not suitable for children, or content that may be inappropriate for users under a certain age.

Moderation Process

1. If a video is flagged and triggers moderation, our team of moderators will review it in a timely manner. The result will be sent via email once the process is done.
2. If the content is approved manually, the video will be generated as expected.
3. If the content is found to violate the moderation policy, it will be removed from the platform. It should be noted that submitting prohibited content multiple times may result in your account being suspended.
4. If you feel that a decision made by the moderation team was incorrect, you may appeal the decision by emailing contact@heygen.com.

Reporting Inappropriate Content

If you come across content that you believe violates the moderation policy, please report it to us by emailing contact@heygen.com.

Updates and Changes

1. We may update the moderation policy or make changes to the platform at any time.
2. We will communicate any updates or changes to the policy or platform to users via email or on the platform itself.