AI avatars

Create your perfect avatar from a diverse range of ethnicities, ages, and styles.

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Our AI avatars are continuously evolving. We frequently release upgraded models that feature enhanced visual detail, expanded conversational abilities, and more lifelike animations.


Simply type in your text and turn it into professional voiceovers in minutes.


Generative outfits

Elevate your avatar for any occasion with a wide range of customizable clothing options.

Resolution video downloads

Auto-generated closed captions

Create crystal-clear captioning in seconds.


Team branding kits

The same feel and look as your brand.

Instant Avatar

A lifelike avatar in a natural setting

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Studio Avatar

A professional-grade avatar for various applications

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Photo Avatar

A dynamically animated photograph

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How avatars work


Avatar examples

View incredible avatar creations by our talented community

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Instant Avatar
5 minutes to process
Requires 2 minutes of talking footage
Self-service with detailed instructions
Automated process, ready-in-minutes
Free voice clone in 25+ languages
Redo anytime for free
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Instant Avatar Finetune
8 hours to process
Requires 2 minutes of talking footage
Higher video resolution and quality
Private AI model for better lip sync
Free voice clone in 25+ languages
Avatar specialist support
$49 / month
20% off when paid yearly
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Studio Avatar
5-7 days to process
Requires 4 minutes of talking footage plus a green-screen with professional lighting
Studio-level background matting
Up to 4K resolution
24/7 customer success support
Available in HeyGen Enterprise Plans
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Frequently asked questions

How do I preview the gestures and impressions of an avatar?

Once you hover the mouse over each avatar on HeyGen App, you can preview the intro gestures or impressions of each one.

You will see the whole performance of the avatar when the video is submitted and ready to download.

Can I control the avatars' gestures or impressions?

At this time, you cannot control the gestures and impressions, but you can choose the ones you prefer by previewing the avatar.

If you are ready to customize an avatar on HeyGen, then you can create the gesture or impression.

If you want a special gesture or impression, please feel free to let us know, and we will make every effort to include suggestions in our future product updates.

How do I create an avatar online or on mobile?

This article is helpful for anyone looking to create engaging video content without studio costs or hiring actors.

What is the best avatar creator software?

The Top 10 Talking Avatar Creator Software :

#1 HeyGen - Create a Talking Avatar from Text | 80+ AI Avatars

#2 DemoCreator - Virtual Avatar Presenter

#3 Voki- Speaking Characters For Education

#4 Crazytalk - Talking avatar and Facial Animation Software

#5 SitePal- Adding a Speaking Avatar

#6 Living Actor- talking avatar for PowerPoint presentations

#7 Talking faces- Use digital avatar for videos

#8 Vyond- Using digital narrators to create interactive animations

#9 Animaker- free talking avatar for PowerPoint presentations

#10 Adobe Character Animator- Create an animated avatar today

Learn more about : The 10 Best Talking Avatar Software for 2023

Where can I find a studio for shooting avatar footage?

Please visit the link below to learn more about our affiliated studios for this purpose.