Uniform: Using AI to Build a Video Marketing Strategy

Tim Benniks
Director of Developer Relations at Uniform
Use Cases

Uniform is the visual workspace that empowers digital teams (developers) to quickly blend content, data, and technology from anywhere to deliver winning multichannel experiences.

Internet technology
Marketing / Sales
San Francisco, California

Key Results:

+ 38%


+ 70%


+ 81%

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Tim Benniks is on the marketing team at Uniform, the head of developer relations. He shapes the perception of the company at every contact point with technical people. Creating content as a developer advocate but also for marketing (video, written, and social posts.)

The Challenge

As the head of Developer Relations, Tim was tasked with being a liaison between the company and the developers they needed to use their technology. Although they had a traditional marketing team, early on, they realized that developers don't respond well to traditional marketing methods. In looking for a solution, Tim realized that he needed a solution to satisfy his employer and potential customers.

  • New methods of marketing to their key demographic
  • Production Cost
  • Video creation is time and labor-intensive.

If you're in a startup that's Series A, and you want to run fast, do more in parallel.


The Solution‍

With HeyGen, Tim realized that he could create a lifelike avatar, allowing him to create videos that could engage with his customer base. As a trusted voice in the industry, he would often need to create videos using his avatar, effectively being able to communicate increased brand awareness and trust. The small investment in creating his HeyGen AI avatar would allow him to engage directly with decision-makers.

Imagine how far HeyGen has come, in six months, it's almost unimaginable how good it is.


The Results

  • Sales Increased: Reaching out through video (and email marketing) increased sales exponentially.
  • Brand Awareness: As a trusted voice in the industry, Tim was able to convey Uniform's advantages over the competition.
  • Trust and Loyalty: He realized that developers don't want to be marketed to, but rather want to deal with companies they trust whose ethics match their own.


Everything you do fits in a certain journey that we want our customers to potentially go into.

As a company, Uniform had to rethink its marketing strategy to match the needs of its clients and potential customers. HeyGen offered them a solution that was more personal, allowing them to share brand awareness, engage in a more balanced, meaningful way and ultimately retain clients and increase sales.


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