Bring your digital twin alive with

HeyGen Studio Avatar

Get ready to step into the world of limitless possibilities with HeyGen Studio Avatar - your high quality alternative to being on camera! Explore the potential of HeyGen Studio Avatar below and unlock a new level of visual representation!

Available in HeyGen Enterprise Plans

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Pricing & Feature

HeyGen Studio Avatar

Proccesing Time 5-7 days


Studio-level background matting
Up to 4K resolution
Generative AI Outfit included
24/7 customer success support


Requires 4-minute talking footage
Green-screen with professional lighting

How to make your own Studio Avatar


Book an enterprise meeting

Customization of studio avatars is exclusively available for Enterprise Plan users. To get started, schedule a meeting to design the perfect Heygen Enterprise Plan that meets your specific requirements!


Record footage and submit

Record a high-quality speech video of a person based on the requirements that our account manager will send you after the meeting. This video will be used as the footage to train your studio avatar. Once you have finished shooting, please share the original video with us through a cloud storage link.


Receive your Studio Avatar

Please wait for 1-2 business days for the review process. Once approved, allow 3-5 business days for your studio avatar to be deployed to your account. Then, you can start creating videos using your studio avatar!

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What Is The Difference Between HeyGen Avatars?

Instant Avatar is known for its speed, generating avatars in just 5 minutes, and it's available for free!
Finetune is an upgraded version of Instant Avatar, offering improved avatar quality, enhanced lip sync, and AI matting effects.
Studio Avatar provides the best service, including professional matting, generative outfit, 24-hour support, and is suitable for an enterprise plan. It is specifically designed for users who require the production of high-quality avatar videos.

How Long Does It Take To Make A HeyGen Studio Avatar?

After you submit your footage to us, our team will conduct a manual review and provide you with the review results within 1-2 days. Once your submission has been approved, and the production process will be completed within 3-5 days. If the material does not meet the requirements, we will provide you with detailed improvement suggestions.

Does Studio Avatar Include Voice Cloning?

The standalone studio avatar does not include voice cloning. If you also need your voice to be cloned, you can contact your account manager to purchase the voice cloning add-on component at a discounted price.

How To Use AI Outfit Feature Of Studio Avatar?

The Ai Outfit feature is a paid add-on component. If you wish to have this feature for your avatar, please carefully follow the requirements for shooting footage as it differs from the regular studio avatar requirements.

Can I Know More About Studios For Shooting Avatar Footage?

Please visit the link below to learn more about our affiliated studios for this purpose.