Create AI videos in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Pick your avatar

Pick from 100+ AI avatars or create your own
Step 2

Add your script

Type, speak, copy and paste, or use AI to generate your script
Step 3


Grab a coffee. It'll take just a few minutes for us to create your video.
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Mini lessons


Add a speaking avatar to your profile bios in minutes

Better engage with your audience by adding a speaking, conversion-friendly avatar of you to your profile bios.

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Elevate your explainer videos to a higher level

The explainer video template allows you to create powerful and impressive, professional explainer videos without needing to be a designer. Anyone can easily create impressive, real-person explainer videos from text in multiple languages.

Learn more about explainer videos

Turn your PowerPoint into a video with one click

Just upload your PowerPoint file, type your script, and submit the video. This will turn your .ppt/.pptx file into a professional looking video with an AI spokesperson and narration in just a few minutes.

Learn more about PowerPoint to video

Convert audio to video

You can easily upload an audio file while creating the video in HeyGen and the AI avatar will speak using your voice.

Learn more about audio to video

Convert text to video online

With HeyGen's AI-enabled text-to-video converter, you can instantly transform text, articles, blogs, and emails into engaging videos without editing.

Learn more about text to video

Add voiceover To videos

Use HeyGen's AI voiceover generator to create voiceover videos that will help deliver your message clearly and keep audiences engaged

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Can I add more than one AI spokesperson to each video?
AI Avatars

Choose from 100+ AI avatars covering different ethnicities, ages, and styles. Simply type a script for an avatar to say and our lip-sync technology will bring the avatar to life.

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Face swap videos made easy. Simply upload your photo and swap your face onto the AI avatar. Now you are the video spokesperson!

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Use text-to-speech in 300+ voices across 40+ languages. Create studio-quality voiceovers at a fraction of the cost and time of using an agency.

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