HeyGen raised $60M in funding
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New era of video
creation with AI

Effortlessly produce studio-quality videos with AI-generated avatars and voices.


At HeyGen, our mission is to make visual storytelling accessible to all. Over the last decade, we’ve witnessed a transformation where visual content has become the preferred method of information creation, consumption, and retention. But the ability to create such content, in particular videos, continues to be costly and challenging to scale. Our ambition is to build technology that equips more people with the power to reach, captivate, and inspire audiences.

Committed to user-centric design and continuous innovation, we at HeyGen are shaping the future of creative expression. Join our movement to empower global storytellers in sharing their narratives with the world.

What's happening

We’re working hard and have big plans for the future to make visual storytelling accessible to all! Thanks to our community for going through the journey with us, as your support is pivotal in our collective growth and success.

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For product support, please visit our Help Center. You'll find comprehensive resources, such as guides and FAQs, to resolve your questions and issues. Alternatively, you can contact us via email at support@heygen.com.

Media Contact

HeyGen welcomes the chance to discuss our innovative technology and projects. Media and press representatives are invited to contact us at media@heygen.com with inquiries.
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