VTM Advertising and AI Video Marketing with Fortune 200 Companies

Jesse B. Lucero
Experienced Growth Hacker, Media Entrepreneur, Real Estate Co-Founder and Solar Energy Investor: Driving Innovation in Marketing & Advertising
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Real Estate
Las Vegas, Nevada

Key Results:


Increase in productivity


Lead Generation


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Jesse employs HeyGen's Avatar Lite to track ongoing events, produce pertinent videos, and subsequently disseminate them across his social channels for lead generation. These platforms include LinkedIn, X (previously known as Twitter), Instagram, and Facebook. He shares these videos publicly, incorporates them into email marketing campaigns, and also shares them through direct messaging.

HeyGen has been a really good journey both for myself and my clients.

The Challenge

Devise a consistent video marketing process that eliminates the necessity for studio space, the expenses associated with actors, and the requirement for costly camera equipment. Drive sales leads by crafting and repurposing content across various social platforms and within email marketing campaigns.

The Solution

Utilizing HeyGen's Avatar Lite technology, Jesse and his team have achieved a substantial increase in video production volume. This achievement is made possible through the synergy of ChatGPT, enabling Jesse to create SEO content, formulate scripts, and seamlessly integrate this process into his day-to-day workflow.

I love my avatar, and I'm using it to speak Spanish, as well, the team is enjoying their avatars. It's created endless opportunities.

  The Results

  • Productivity: From one piece of long-form content, he is able to create 6 to 20 different videos. Using HeyGen saves Jesse and his team a minimum of 8 hours, allowing them to create/share more content.
  • Cost Savings: No studio costs, actors, or camera equipment
  • Increased Sales: Through daily video emails and social media interactions with decision-makers

  HeyGen is not here to replace you; it's here to  help you connect more.

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