Safety at the core of our technology

Our dedicated Trust & Safety team ensures your data is secure and our AI is used ethically.

We employ a mix of human and AI oversight to keep our community safe from harmful content.

We work hand-in-hand with regulators to help shape robust and effective AI policies.


SOC 2 Compliant

We're certified! Independent audits have validated our trustworthy data-handling systems and processes.

GDPR Committed

We strictly adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation, ensuring the utmost protection and responsible handling of personal data.

Content Authenticity Initiative

We are proud partners of the Content Authenticity Initiative alongside innovative industry leaders like Adobe, Nvidia, and Microsoft.


HeyGen is a member of the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA), an alliance of companies including Adobe, Arm, Intel, Microsoft and Truepic. C2PA aims to combat misinformation online by developing technical standards that can certify the source and history of media content. As part of this important industry coalition, HeyGen is helping shape the future of content authenticity.

Ethics statement

Effective as of 13 of November 2023

At HeyGen, we understand the incredible power of video to tell stories and convey information and we are committed to making that process more accessible through the use of user-directed, Al-generated video. We are committed to the ethical use of our services and adhere to the principles below:


Promote Acceptable Use

We believe that certain types of content are harmful to others and have no place on HeyGen. We have developed a policy defining what kinds of content we do not allow users to upload or create using our services. This includes, but is not limited to, content that promotes violence, hate speech, or discrimination; content that is sexually explicit; content that is illegal or promotes illegal activity; content that depicts children; spam or fraudulent content; and content that infringes on intellectual property rights. We encourage users to let us know if they see unacceptable content on, or created using, our platform. We use tools to help us detect unacceptable content uploaded to our platform. More information about acceptable uses of our platform can be found in our Acceptable Use and Moderation Policy.

We also believe that Al generated avatars and videos depicting these avatars should only be created or shared with expressed permission from those individuals. Our Terms and Acceptable Use policy requires users to demonstrate the expressed consent of the depicted person to create a custom avatar and ensures that the user has the consent of the depicted person for content depicting the avatar. In cases where we find out an individual's image, likeness or voice is used without their permission, we will remove the relevant content and take appropriate action against the user that engaged in the unauthorized use.


Provide Transparency and Control

We believe that users have a better experience when they understand our services and the choices available to them. We explain to users the capabilities and limitations of our Al tools to enable users to make informed choices about whether to use our services.

We explain to users what data we process, and we offer services with different data processing requirements to empower user choice about data sharing. We use user data to improve our models only with consent. User videos are private by default. More information about our privacy practices can be found in our Privacy Policy.

We partner with others to promote transparency. We are a member of the Content Authenticity Initiative, a community of media and tech companies, NGOs, and academics, working to promote industry standards for content authenticity and provenance.


Protect Data

We believe that protecting data builds trust in our services. We maintain processes and technology designed to protect user data and the integrity of our data sets and models. More information about our security practices can be found on our Security Portal.