More Voice Cloning Samples

Male - Original
FEMale - Original

How to Create AI Voice

Two ways to get your own voice:

Create your AI voice using an audio recording

Create a New Voice clone following the streamlined process in HeyGen! Access our platform and explore the voice list to find the "Create New Voice Clone" option to submit your audio footage.

1. Supports 8 languages: English, German, Polish, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, and Hindi.
2. Clear audio quality
3. Without any background noise
4. 2-10 minutes of audio

Create your AI voice using video footage

Create Your AI Voice Using Video Footage for customizing your own avatar. Simply use the footage of your Custom Avatar.
1. Clear audio quality
2. Without any background noise
3. English
Head over to the Avatar Lite
recording process
Can I generate a video using a Custom Avatar with my own voice?
Can voice clones be generated for any language?
What is the Price for Voice Cloning services?
What is the Consent Statement?