Why should you convert audio to video?


How to convert Mp3 to mp4 quickly and easily.

Step 1: Choose an avatar
Choose from 100+ avatars covering different ethnicities, ages, and poses.
Step 2:  Switch to the audio script model
Click on "Audio Script" to switch to audio input.
Step 3: Upload your Mp3 file
Supported audio formats include MP3 and WAV. The maximum file size is up to 10 MB, and the audio duration ranges from 3 to 300s.  For better results, please use a clear voice with minimal (to no) background noise.
Step 4: Submit to get your audio-to-video
Additional details can be added to your video, and finally, submit to get your audio-to-video.
Why convert audio to video?
Can I upload more than two audio files?
Can I use text-to-speech and my own audio in the same video?