Why is it advantageous to convert text to Mp4?


How to turn text to video online?

Step 1: Choose a video template
We have over 200 templates for a range of use cases. So choose a user-friendly video template for your industry and start creating an attention-grabbing video for your clients or audience.
Step 2: Select an AI Avatar you prefer
Choose from 80+ avatars covering different ethnicities, ages, and poses.
Step 3: Turn text into speech
Enter your script. Our text-to-speech software can generate speech in more than 20 languages and with more than 200 voices.
Step 4: Customize the video
Give your video a special touch by adding text, transitions, animations, videos, photos, audio, and more. Change your avatar's face, voice style, and more with our AI video generator.
Step 5: Submit to get your audio-to-video
Additional details can be added to your video, and finally, submit to get your audio-to-video.

Critical features of HEYGEN's text-to-video converter

Use more than 80 AI avatars to speak your text.

Choose from over 80 AI avatars of different ethnicities, ages, and poses. Enter the scripts and create a voiceover video with perfect lip sync in minutes.

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Let photos speak to narrate your text.

Bring your script of what you want your photo to say and use HEYGEN to convey any message you wish to.

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Turn text to video in over 20 languages and with over 200 voices.

Worried you don't know a foreign language? Create studio-quality voiceover videos with text-to-speech.

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Why should you convert text to Mp4?
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