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How to Use AI Content Marketing Tools to Make Good Marketing Videos Online

Lisa Tatum
January 12, 2023

Marketing videos are the most vital part of an effective marketing strategy. But first, you must understand how to use AI content marketing tools to achieve your goals. So, let's discuss the inner workings of the most efficient tools like the best AI video generator online, text-to-image generator, AI copywriting tool, and AI background remover. Thorough knowledge of AI tools will help you create engaging marketing videos in the minimum time possible. So, let's review these tools and learn how to elevate your AI content marketing and create marketing videos online.

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How to Create Marketing Videos with an AI video Generator Online

HeyGen -Text-to-Video AI Generators

Your AI content marketing tool, must be flexible, easy, and competitive. One such platform is, a one-stop solution for creating unique marketing videos. Whether it's marketing, explainer, news, or any video, you can customize it according to your needs. 

There are AI-powered, and custom avatars, talking photos, text-to-speech, multi-language support, multi-scene videos, and much more. Moreover, the videos are high quality and can be hosted on various platforms. With multiple templates, avatars, lip-syncing, face swaps, and editing features, you can create numerous videos within minutes, making it one of the best AI content marketing tools. 

Here are the steps for the AI content marketing tool - HeyGen to create marketing videos:

Step 1: Enter HeyGen web app

Open HeyGen in your browser through and register yourself.


Step 2: Select a marketing video template

From the left panel of your screen, choose the marketing template you like.


Step 3: Choose an avatar

Now, select the avatar for your marketing video from the same left panel.


Step 4: Enter your script

You can enter your script (supports 20+ languages) or add an audio file (Record or upload the file). 


Step 5: Modify the content

Make necessary settings like background, speed, face swap, etc.


Step 6: Submit the video

Submit the video; you will get the desired video to save and share within minutes.


You can use this AI content marketing tool to create numerous marketing videos per your requirements by performing these easy steps. It suits webpages, social media, ads, and any digital platform.

Guide to Using Text to Image Generator to Create Marketing Graphics Online 

Jasper- Content Generator for Teams

Sometimes it takes work to find art or images that complement the marketing video. What if you can type the description of the image and an AI content marketing tool creates it? Well, it's possible with Jasper, which is an AI content marketing tool. 

You have to type a few descriptions, and you're good to go. A content creator can customize the video to the next level with this AI content marketing tool's text-to-image feature. 

To use this AI content marketing tool for text-to-image, follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch the Jasper art web app.

Step 2: Start by writing the prompt of the image. It includes a description of the image in simple words.

Step 3: Choose the option "style" and select a style like canvas, cartoon sketch, etc.

Step 4: You can add additional features like mood (angry, happy, sad), artist name, medium, and keywords according to your requirements.

Step 5: After selecting all the choices, click on "Create"

Step 6: You can take screenshots and copy the image into your system.

These images match the description and help you find what you want. So, use this AI content marketing tool to create AI images within seconds. 

Ways of using AI for marketing copywriting online - An AI powered marketing copywriter

A great content marketing video must have a good script that targets a set audience and is understandable and to the point. One such AI content marketing tool which helps to write engaging scripts is But first, you must enter raw data, select a few filters, and the text is ready to use. 

Here are the steps to use As an AI content marketing tool for copywriting:

Step 1: Launch the web in your browser.

Step 2: Enter copywriting projects like new documents, blog posts, or freelance projects.

Step 3: Write the tone and bit of context in raw form.

Step 4: You will find many results, and you can choose one of them.

Step 5: You can edit, polish, and make necessary changes in the tool.

Step 6: Save the content. 

The AI content marketing tool, will help you design a creative script within minutes. The AI is very advanced, and the script feels very engaging. 

Steps to remove and change the marketing Video Background online - An AI powered Visual Content Generation Platform

Digital marketing has many content tools which offer features that come together to make compelling marketing videos. Video shot in different locations requires background removal sometimes. As a result, cutout. Pro is one of the best tools for content marketers and one of the best AI content marketing tools. 

This AI, content marketing tool lets the user alter the background of the video very flawlessly. So, no matter where you shoot the video, you can always change the background per your requirements.

Here are the steps to use this AI content marketing tool to remove the background of the marketing videos:

Step 1: Enter web app and register as a user.

Step 2: Now, upload the video whose background you want to change.

Step 3: It automatically adjusts the background color/image/video, and you can choose the colors per your requirements.

Step 4: Download the video, and it's ready to share and edit. 

The AI content marketing tool, will help you remove or replace the background with anything you like and adds visual appeal to your marketing video, which feels professional.

We hope you found the information about AI content marketing tools and how to use them helpful. All the tools combine to create the best marketing videos, whether background remover, text-to-image generator, AI copywriting, or AI video maker. After thoroughly looking at all the tools, HeyGen is the platform that provides every feature for video creation from scratch. HeyGen's AI content marketing tool and video generator have advanced AI features, versatility, and editing tools for creating engaging content. So, level up your content strategy by creating marketing videos now!

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