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Practical Video Marketing Strategy Sample (Suitable for All Industries)

Ayesha Shaheryar
October 21, 2022

Video marketing is a powerful way to pass your message and build customer relationships.

It gives business owners a significant return on investment, but sadly, it takes more than just recording videos to succeed.

However, what does this tell? Simple – the need to create a brilliant and, more importantly,

effective marketing strategy has never been more critical.

Thankfully, this article comprehensively reviews everything you need to know about video marketing,

including how to create an effective one, embedding videos to generate higher ROIs, etc.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into detail. But first, let’s define video marketing strategy.

First, What is Video Marketing Strategy?

Video marketing is nothing new.

But just like you wouldn’t create content without researching,

you shouldn’t make a digital marketing video without researching and creating a plan.

A video marketing strategy is what guides your budget, timelines, production processes, conversion metrics, and much more when creating a video.

With this in mind, let’s examine how to develop a good marketing strategy.


Sestion1. How to Build a Video Marketing Strategy

Developing a video marketing strategy is usually entirely easy.

It requires a lot of processes, principles, and even money.

This section discusses the top 5 principles you must consider before developing a video marketing strategy

and a step-by-step guide to building a video marketing strategy for companies and entrepreneurs with or without limited budgets.

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Part1. Top 5 Principles to Follow before Developing a Video Marketing Strategy

1. Set few Goals for Video Marketing

What do you intend to achieve with your videos? Where in the marketing funnel do you want your videos to fall? In essence,

do not begin the video marketing process without having an ultimate goal.

Knowing the purpose of creating a video helps guide every other step of the marketing process.

If you are a beginner, I suggest you start with a few goals so you don’t become overwhelmed.

For example, you could start by aiming to create brand awareness, as this becomes tied explicitly to the type of videos you will record.

2. Know Your Platforms

All social media platforms have their unique video format.

An older platform like Facebook offers various video types, while recent platforms like Snapchat,

TikTok, and much more mostly provide just one.

Audiences on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc.,

spend half their time watching videos.

So, choosing one of these three to begin your video marketing is a good step.

3. Know Your Target Audience

Creating a video without a specific audience is unwise.

There is no point in making great video content and paying to have it play on websites your audiences don’t visit.

The people who need it may not watch it; even if they do, the chances of conversion are slim.

So, to know your target audience, try to create a buyer’s persona –

it’s advisable to do this when developing your products or service offerings.

With your buyer’s persona, you will know your target audience and how to reach them.

4. Split the Budget

The importance of determining the best ad budget for your videos cannot be overemphasized.

Creative planning and strategy are essential, but not spending enough on a

far-reaching campaign could hurt your brand’s image and ultimately prevent you from reaching

your potential audiences or customers—plan for the money and resources at your disposal.

You can seek industry experts to know how much you might spend.

Most agencies are happy and willing to help or refer you to others who can provide better help.

5. Analyze and Understand Metrics

You won’t know your video performance unless you look at the statistics.

Important metrics to monitor include view counts, watch times, numbers of shares, likes, and comments.

Each platform has its unique set of metrics. So, knowing what they are is essential before starting any video production.

For example, if you want brand awareness for a video, consider including suitable CTAs,

such as your website link for viewers to know about the product; the matching metric would be link clicks.

Part2. A Step-By-Step Guide to Building a Video Marketing Strategy

Steps to Making a Video Marketing Strategy for Studios or Entrepreneurs with Limited Budgets

Step 1: Use the DIY Video Technique

You don’t need to hire actors for your videos.

Being your video star helps build your brand’s personality and adds authenticity to your brand.

In addition to what was stated earlier, some essential things to note when preparing your story

include the problems and needs you are trying to solve, if you can sell emotionally, etc.

Step 2: Repurpose Existing Photos and Videos

Repurposing your old photos or videos as a new entrepreneur saves you production costs.

Content creation can be tasking and tiring – you shouldn’t worry about creating new content every day to ensure your consistency.

Instead, consider repurposing your old content to make them appear afresh.

Step 3: Use Animated Videos

One of the best ways of saving time and resources is using animated videos.

Animated videos make it easier to convey complicated concepts and help viewers reach a logical conclusion.

More importantly, it is economical.

You will also find animated videos handy if you aren’t comfortable with showing your face in your videos.

A brilliant tool you can use to create engaging animation videos is the HeyGen video editing tool,

thanks to the numerous AI avatars and 200+ voiceovers it offers users.

Step 4: Use Free Locations

Using a public location for a video shot can be cost-effective and

equally attractive if executed well. You necessarily do not need exotic studios that

may cost an arm before creating an exciting video. As I always advise business owners,

prioritize your content and offer over aesthetics.

Now that you have the best low-budget tips to consider before

making your videos let’s see how you can market them.

Steps to Building a Video Marketing Strategy for Companies on a Budget

Step 1: Create a Video Strategy

Making videos on a budget requires a strategy to guide the production process and

reduce potential overspending while helping you stay focused.

However, being on a budget doesn’t translate to creating a horrible video strategy.

With a strong strategy, you can also maintain a consistent brand voice

while reaching your audience in the best possible way.

Step 2: Invest in Your Video Gears

Investing in your video gear is vital for any company planning to shoot videos for social media campaigns.

There are many available video gears, but your Digital Camera, Microphone, Tripod, and lightning kit are essential.

The logic is simple – invest in video creation tools to produce a high-quality video.

Step 3: Make Your Videos Short

It is usually relatively inexpensive to create a two-minute marketing video than a 5-minute one.

Besides, short videos are more exciting to watch and tend to hold a viewer’s attention more than longer ones.

Of course, the ideal length of your video depends on the platform you intend to publish,

but generally, having a two-minute video or less is a brilliant idea.

Step 4: Have a Video Outline

As a company that already grasps what promotional videos look like to a considerable extent,

the next step is to create a detailed outline for your professional videos.

Again, you can start by creating a rough draft of your video script.

Videos created following a script/outline usually take less time to shoot and

also make editing relatively easier. I mean, you know what you want to say already

and already have it in black and white – performing shouldn’t be that challenging.

Step 5: Hire Strategically

Don’t hesitate to outsource when you need it.

Carefully think about how you can best spend your money.

For example, if good editing is your concern, consider recording your footage and hiring a professional video editor to put it together.

Do not ruin the potential of your video under the guise of being on a budget. Hire when you need to, but do so responsibly.

Section2. How to Boost Your ROI with Video

To boost your ROI, you need to embed your videos in various places to achieve marketing success.

But, of course, that begs the question of where to embed your videos.

Part1. Where Should I Embed the Video for Marketing Success

Find a right place to boost your ROL by video.

1.Video Newsletter: The best way to leverage the power of video in your email campaigns is by embedding it in a newsletter.

The primary goal of newsletters is to have your audience engage further with your content, products, and services

– including a video in this content type has proven to drive massive engagement and conversions.

2.Video Media: You can embed your videos on social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, etc.

By simply going on the post you would like to embed from a computer in a web browser

and clicking on “Share” and then “Embed” before copying the embed code, as well as customizing a few options for proper optimization.

3.Video Campaign: Like embedding videos on social media, you can embed a video instruction on a website’s homepage by simply copying the embedded code of the video you would like to upload.

4.Video Demo: If you have the video, you can upload it to your blog or landing page the same way images are uploaded.

Similarly, if the video is on YouTube or another platform,

it can also be embedded in your blog without uploading; click and insert the link.

Part2. The tool Recommended for Video Marketing

This section discusses one of the best video marketing tools - HeyGen.

HeyGen is a video editing software that caters to all your video marketing needs and empowers you to deliver interactive videos to your audience.

For instance, should you want to go incognito? The in-built AI avatar has covered

you as it speaks in real-human voices in over 20 languages and 200+ accents.

Additionally, with over 200 editable video templates available on the software, you can easily make various choices, depending on your video type.

Frequently Asked Questions about Video Marketing

How Do I Put a Video in the Newsletter?

As previously stated, you can use a personalized spokesperson or animated GIFs to drive attention.

How Long is Best for Video Advertising

Video advertisement length is often abridged and is mostly 11 to 20 seconds long. A reason for keeping your videos short is not to bore your audience.

Is There Any Online Tool for YouTube Marketing?

Yes, there is! Agorapulse is another excellent tool that makes YouTube marketing easier for you as it helps you schedule your content, get essential reports, and engage massive followers


As I have mentioned earlier in this article, video marketing is an essential aspect of online marketing.

With this article, I believe you now understand what video marketing is, the principles and step-by-guide to create one, and the effective video marketing tool to shoot and edit top-notch videos.