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How to Make an Explainer Video from Start to Finish

Lisa Tatum
January 30, 2023

An explainer video is tops among content marketing strategies. Suitable for various platforms to create brand awareness and help convey meaningful information in the least amount of time. You can create an explainer video with a great script, music, and video. Now, stay with us to learn how to make an explainer video from start to finish with competitive text, music, and video.

Step 1: Write a Great Explainer Video Script

Rytr- Create Explainer Video Script with AI

The how-to, tutorial, and explanatory videos need a very to-the-point, engaging, and storytelling script. This part of the explainer video can make or break the content. It must be brief, have an easy vocabulary, and have some twists and turns.

Luckily, Rytr is an excellent AI power platform that helps you create scripts with raw data. The super quick speed and scripts suited for various needs and customization are incredible. This all-in-one writing platform also has extensions. Moreover, it offers 40+ templates, 30+ languages, and numerous tones. The grammar correction and captivating vocabulary for an explainer video are a blessing. 

Steps to use Rytr:

Step 1: Log in to Rytr and click on "Start Ryting"

Step 2: A writing interface will open

Step 3: On the left panel, choose your preferred language from 15+ languages

Step 4: Select the tone of the script, like "Convincing," 

Step 5: Select use cases like blogs and marketing videos.

Step 6: The input area will open, and add raw data with helpful information about the content of the explainer video

Step 7: Choose the number of variants you want from the AI script generator

Step 8: Click on "Ryte for me"

Step 9: Within minutes, you will get the number of desired scripts for the explainer video

You can edit, correct, and enhance the text, save it, and create a library as per your choice in the Rytr tool. The script is highly suitable for various types of video and helps you put the data more meaningfully.

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Step 2: Choose the Best Music For Your Explainer Videos

Storyblocks - Download Explainer Video Royalty-Free Music and Sound Effects

While creating a competitive, perfect, and gripping explainer video, you must focus on tiny details. For example, the top explainer video examples have ideal music, which complements the tone of the video's message. 

It sets the perfect mood and instills tension, excitement, calmness, fear, and other emotions in your footage as required. For a high-quality explainer video, the right music is very crucial. It will let the viewer watch them till the end without swiping on them.

Fortunately, the Storyblocks platform has stock royalty-free music and audio, which suits various explainer videos. The extensive library and high-quality music give the best effect to any explainer video. 

Step 1: Enter Storyblocks in the browser

Step 2: On the main page, click on "Stock Media"

Step 3: Now, under "Audio," go to "Collections"

Step 4: A new window will open. Select the option "Music for Explainer Videos."

Step 5: You can choose an array of songs from the music collection in the library for your explainer video

Step 6: Sign up to download it

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Step 3: Create engaging Explainer Videos

HeyGen - The Easiest Explainer Video Maker

HeyGen is an AI spokesperson video generator that lets users create a highly competitive explainer video within minutes. The bonus is that you don't need professional editing skills, as some incredible AI features power it. The features like 3D and AI avatars in 20+ languages and 200+ accents are fabulous. 

You can import your ppt in PPT/PDF or choose templates from the library. The options like face swapping, perfect lip-syncing, setting control, and background music are great. You can add scripts by typing, which supports 20+ languages. Also, you can record or upload audio files. All these features and AI make it a top explainer video maker for creating a highly immersive and informational explainer video. 

Steps to use HeyGen:

Step 1: Enter the HeyGen web app

Step 2:  Click on “Import PPT/PDF” or “Create Video”

Click “Import PPT/PDF” or “Create Video” in the top right corner.

Click “Import PPT/PDF” allows you to create a video with the background of the PPT/PDF you provided; 

Click “Create Video”  to let you design your video from a whiteboard, or you can design your video with the help of HeyGen library templates.

Step 3: Select an AI avatar to explain.

Choose an avatar from 119 public avatars. Or you can upload your picture to create one “my own “ avatar.

Step 4: Type your script

Click “Text Script” and input anything you want your digital avatar to speak (you'll have a choice of 20+ languages.)

Step 5: Submit to get your Explainer video.

Click the “Submit” button in the top right corner.

You can download this explainer video in 1080p, and it's easily shareable on all the leading online platforms. In addition, the availability of great customization and professional graphics makes the explainer video very engaging and the best explainer video creator.

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How do I make an explanation video?

To make an explanation video, you must download a video generator tool. First, type a great script, add music and use advanced graphics to create an informative (and professional-looking) explainer video. You can use tools like HeyGen, a great AI generator for video and explainer video software.

What should I include in my explainer video?

The explainer video must be self-explanatory, engaging, and visually appealing. The right colors, graphics, tone, script, and music are essential. It should target your audience and convey helpful information in a short time.

Can I use music and video in my explainer video?

Yes! Music and video will lead to high engagement, which is beneficial in many ways.

How to Choose the Best Music For Your Explainer Videos?

Your music must match the tone and style of the video. Intense music, happy or funny, can go according to the script and message.

How to Write a Great Explainer Video Script?

To write an excellent explainer script, narrow down the audience and message you want to pass. Then, add a compelling intro and directly come to the main part with your CTA (call to action) and other actionable items.