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How to Create a Spokesperson on AI Video Generator

Lisa Tatum
June 1, 2022

What does "spokesperson" mean? Generally, a spokesperson is a professional spokesman who announces paperwork or promotes a product or service. With the development of artificial intelligence technology, anyone can create a digital spokesperson through online tools without tech-required.

Table of Contents

What is AI spokesperson and how does it look?

Part1: What is AI spokesperson?

Hold on, don't associate 'AI Spokesperson' with the bots you see at the mall. AI avatar looks like a real human speaking with perfect lip-syncing just like the following video shown:

So, what do you think about the talking avatar in the above video? Can you tell it is not even 'real'? AI spokesperson can unlock your productivity on video editing by simply tapping the keyboard.

Are you tired of re-recording in front of the camera after saying the wrong thing again and again? With AI talking avatar, the only thing you need to do is just correct the script, you will get a brand-new speech video without re-recording

Part2: What can you do with AI presenter?

Try to imagine how amazing it would be if you had a digital avatar? You could get rid of expensive cameras and complicated editing skills. Just choose an avatar you preferred, enter the script and choose the language and accent. You could get a digital avatar video with perfect lip-syncing.

So here are some topics of the video you can generate by AI spokesperson

  • Promote video for content marketing
  • Instructional video for online training
  • Integrative video for social media
  • Introductions video for official website
  • Explainer video for online tutorial
  • ....

See how heygen.com makes your story come

How to create an AI spokesman on AI video generator?

Part1: What is AI video generator?

AI video generator are a tool that allows you to create videos by text or audio input. Powered by the technology of artificial intelligence, video editors have become less mundane.

You might hear the function of 'text-to-speech'. There are many online tools for text to audio, such as Azure,LOVO , Speechelo, etc.

The revolutionary thing is that HeyGen brings an era of text to video. It is an unlimited web tool helps you to generate an AI spokesperson video with perfect lip-syncing.

Isn't that exciting?

Following is the ultimate guide to making AI speaker videos for free & online.

Part2: Guide to making a spokesperson on AI video maker [Step-by-Step]

It's easy to create a digital spokesman video for everyone, I promise. As you can do it with a user-friendly way. Here is the step-by-step guide:

Step1, open heygen.com on your browser (PC is recommended)


Step2, Swipe up and down the page to browse your favorite AI models

 Tip: When your mouse hovers over the model, you can preview the presenter's opening movements and expressions

Step3, Click on the Avatar you want and you will see the button 'create video'.

At the same time, you can choose the video ratio of landscape or portrait.


Step4, choose the canvas you want and start editing now!


Step5, Click on the blue button with 'Welcome' text and you can input the script you want

Tip: you can also choose to audio input by clicking on the 'microphone' icon

Step6, typing the script you want in this input box

Tip: You can choose from over 200 languages and tones via the 'pick a voice' section on the right side

Step7, click on the submit button once you are done with the script input


After you click on 'submit', the video will be processing by HeyGen. You will receive a video of a speaker talking about the copy you entered with perfect lip-syncing in a few minutes!

If you met any issues with editing, this FAQ document may help you! Or you can directly reach out to us by the '?' button in the bottom left corner of the page


More than generating a spokesperson video with built-in talking faces, you can also customize your private digital spokesperson on this powerful online tool! Here is the guide on how to custom an AI talking avatar on HeyGen.

No matter if you are an instructional designer, content creator, or SEOer, just access HeyGen and welcome to the new era of video making with AI.