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How to Turn Text to Video Online [Easy&Free]

Lisa Tatum
June 6, 2022
Table of Contents

Section1. Redefine the meaning of Text to Video

Part1: Let's convert the boring text into video

More than simply adding text to video, let the video speak your script. To grab traffic in this competitive age of social media, stunning font effects are not enough. Letting the narrator announce the script on the video is buff.

Try to imagine how amazing it would be if an AI character preached your content with lip-syncing in a video? And you don't need to have technical skills and spend money to make such a video, HeyGen created an online tool that can help.

Part2: Which app/online tool is best for text to video?

HeyGen is an online AI video maker that allows you to convert text to video with AI spokesperson. Simply type the copy and submit the video, then you will be able to drive the person speak the text you want on the video with perfect lip-syncing.

Tip: You can also add subtitles to the video and adjust the font style. Try to turn a story into a video with AI avatar and subtitles.




- User's friendly interface

- 20+ languages (still growing)

- 200+ accents

- Stunning font styles

- Don't have to download any software or app

- No editing required

- No watermark

- No ads


- Not friendly with mobile users

- You may need to add scenes when you want to make a longer video.


Section2. Step-by-Step Guide to Convert Text to Video Without Watermark

Access HeyGen on your browser (desktop recommended)

Step1. Choose a storyteller you want on the character page. 


Step2. Create Video Canvas

When you click on the avatar, there will be a popup window to ask the canvas format you preferred

You can also upload your own video when you created the video canvas

Step3. Click on the 'text' inbox to enter the script


 You will be able to enter text in the input box


Step4. Add subtitles you want to input on the video

Click on the 'text' tab on the left side of the HeyGen page 


Choose a text level you want 


Double-click the text in the input box to start editing the text


You can modify the style through the tool card of the floating text


Step5. Click the submit button

Once all edits are done, the final step is submitting the video you made on HeyGen


Done, you will receive the video with the script you want from the video tab like the following screenshot shown 


We cannot deny text on the video will help you to highlight the information for the audience, but it's not enough to enrich the video effects. HeyGen can help you to turn text to the spokesperson video with pretty subtitles. It's time to give a try on more advanced video editor powered by AI technology.


FAQs of turn text to video

How do I make a video with audio and text?

With HeyGen, you will be able to add voice-over to your video with built-in AI avatar by entering the script or uploading and recording your own-voice; Adding text to video is a simply easy thing just like the above guidance shown.

Is there a program that converts text to audio?

There are so many TTS reader ('Text reader' or 'text to speech tool') can help you convert text to audio, with HeyGen you can choose the 'voice only' feature when you click the avatar in the video canvas. So you can create a text to audio results without avatar shown.

How to covert audio to video online and free?

You can choose the voice input function on HeyGen, upload an audio file or record your voice. The AI avatar will recognize your voice and automatically match the mouth shape to generate a video for you.

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