Unlimited Choices For Your Custom Avatar

female, white t-shirt
female, causal outfit
female, business casual
female, glamorous evening
female, ethnic style
White T-shirt
Casual Outfit
Business Casual
Glamorous Evenning
Ethnic style
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How to create AI Outfit

Step 1:
Create a Studio Avatar

AI Outfit is a paid add-on service specifically designed for Studio Avatar.
You can start with creating one!
Click here to see the instruction.

Step 2:
Select Main Character

Click on 'Create Studio Avatar' to generate outfit.

You can choose which Avatar you want to dress up and customize their outfit to your liking.

How to create AI Outfit - Step 1 and 2

Step 3:
Input Your Prompt

This feature allows you to tell the AI agent what type of clothing style you want to change for your Avatar.
Even if you don't have a specific idea, you can ask the AI agent for suggestions to better meet your needs for different scenarios.

Step 4:
Save it to your account and ready to use!

Contact us: custom-avatar@heygen.com

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