Bring your digital twin alive with

HeyGen Instant Avatar

Get ready to produce personalized videos without needing to speak in front of a camera every time! Create an Instant Avatar, or digital version of yourself, using HeyGen's cutting-edge AI technology and use it in your videos moving forward.

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HeyGen Instant Avatars

Proprietary Tech

Instant Avatar

Strengths :
Self-service with detailed instructions
Automatic processing, ready in minutes
Free voice clone in
 25+ languages
Redo anytime for free
Requirement :
2-minute talking footage
Processing Time
5 minutes

Studio Avatar

Strengths :
Studio-level background matting
Up to 4K resolution
24/7 customer success support
Requirement :
Requires 4-minute talking footage
Green-screen with professional lighting
Processing Time
5-7 days

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Instant Avatar?

An Instant Avatar is a digital version of a person created based on a realistic video. Models are built based on real footage and trained using HeyGen's advanced AI algorithms. With HeyGen, you can create a Instant Avatar to use in videos.

What is the difference between Instant Avatar, Finetune, and Studio Avatar?

Instant Avatars are digital replicas of you that can be generated in just 5 minutes. Finetune is an upgraded, more professional version of Instant Avatar, where we improve the avatar quality, lip sync performance, and AI matting effects. Studio Avatar is the highest quality avatar and includes professional matting and 24-hour support. It is specifically designed for users who require production quality videos.

How long does it take to make a HeyGen Studio Avatar?

Once you submit your footage to us via email, our team will conduct a manual review get back to you within 1-2 days. Once we confirm the work order, we will send you a payment link and the production results within 5-7 days.

Can any other users access my Avatar to produce videos?

No. Your Custom Avatar will not be accessible from anywhere other than your own account.

Can I generate a video using a Instant Avatar with my own voice?

Yes! You can upload an audio recording of yourself and the Custom Avatar's lips will sync to match your audio. To make the process even faster for future use, you can choose the voice cloning feature as well.

How can I use an Instant Avatar?

Using a Instant Avatar requires a HeyGen Creator, Business or Enterprise subscription.

Can I make an avatar of a celebrity?

To create an avatar of a celebrity or any individual other than yourself, you must obtain their explicit consent statement. At HeyGen, we prioritize ethical practices and respect everyone's rights. Without proper consent, we cannot create a celebrity avatar.

Where can I learn more about studios for shooting avatar footage?

Please visit the link below to learn more about our affiliated studios for this purpose.