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How to create an Impressive Video Presentation

Emmanuel Whyke
December 16, 2022

Video presentations are one of the most common multimedia presentations with a length of several seconds or minutes. Usually, these videos show the benefits of a particular product, service, or idea with the help of concise text, infographics, appropriate images, and narration. 

Furthermore, in the business world, video presentations are used for everything ranging from marketing and increasing sales to business interactions and training employees.

If you need help with how to begin creating impressive video presentations, then you are reading the right article.

Table of Contents

First, What is the Difference between Video Presentation and PowerPoint?

Video presentations are:

  • A popular format of various multimedia content with a duration of several seconds or minutes.
  • Showing the benefits of an idea.
  • A product.
  • A service.

Businesses often use video presentations for video marketing across various channels, such as social media and email newsletters. However, it is essential to note that video presentations differ from PowerPoint.

Here are the significant differences between a video presentation and PowerPoint. The latter is a tool or software used to create digital presentations, allowing users to add visual, audio, or audio/visuals to a presentation. Video presentations can be made with or without a PowerPoint file. 

Why Should You Create a Video Presentation?

Creating video presentations cannot be overstated, as they deliver a broader communication level and storytelling, making a design solution more compelling, attractive, and practical. Let’s examine some of the use cases of video presentations below.

  • Real Estate Agency – Display of Detailed Information

According to recent research, real estate listings with videos receive up to 403% more inquiries than those without videos. In fact, of all buyers and sellers, 85% prefer to work with an agency that incorporates video presentations into their marketing efforts.

Quality and eye-catching video presentations can entice buyers, making them want to see more. 

Benefits of Video Presentation for Real Estate Agents

  1. A good real estate video presentation highlights the best amenities and draws focus from the displeasing features.
  2. A good property video presentation conveys emotional value. For instance, a video presentation of a house can give a buyer a sense of what it is like to live there.
  3. Real estate video presentations may also enhance a more extensive customer base.
  4. Museums and Amusement Parks – Display Event Information

A video presentation benefits museums and amusement parks looking to extend their reach beyond their walls. With video presentations, museums and amusement parks can communicate their passion and even tell stories in a way that resonates with their audiences.

Benefits of Video Presentations for Museums and Amusement Parks

  1. With video presentations, museums and amusement parks can announce upcoming event information, thereby increasing accessibility.
  2. Video presentations reduce traveling costs, as people far away may quickly know what to expect in a particular museum or park.
  3. Financial Companies – Training Internal Staff

Video presentations enable financial institutions or companies to build more transparent relationships and explain complex financial products. Also, videos allow these companies to transfer information creatively, making people more interested in financial services.

Financial institutions, including banks, can also use video presentations to onboard new recruits and train staff, particularly explainer or informative videos.


Benefits of Video Presentations for Financial Companies

  1. Presenting demo financial videos to customers helps them understand how a particular product or service performs.
  2. Video presentations help to train and up-skill other staff and colleagues.

What is the Main Feature of a Video Presentation?

  1. Flexible Timeline: The timeline is the area of a video editing application where you can arrange video clips and map out the edits you would like to apply. A good video presentation must have a flexible timeline, effects, and transitions laid out in chronological order as you record your videos.
  2. Present with Narration: As you may know, narrations and timings enhance a web-based or self-running slide show. So, your video presentations must come with narrations and timings.

For instance, if you have a sound card, microphone, and, optionally, a webcam, you can record your presentation and capture narrations, ink gestures, and slide timings.

  • Background music is another critical feature of a video presentation, as it helps enhance the intended message you want to convey to your audience. Additionally, it helps develop a vast range of emotional responses from your audience and emphasizes the overall story of your presentation.

Steps to Create an Eye-Catching Video Presentation

Although creating an eye-catching video presentation can be daunting, you can use several video software platforms to make it easy for you. One of these tools is HeyGen. HeyGen is an excellent tool for generating a good video script and presentation. 

For instance, HeyGen’s talking head video feature can quickly create an authentic human video presentation if you are unwilling to reveal your face. Also, the tool has multiple voices of over 20 languages to facilitate the user’s activities and over 100 templates you can use to make different videos, depending on the occasion. 

As stated in the features of a good video presentation, with HeyGen, you can visually estimate your video presentation timeline and length. Below is a step-by-step guide to creating an eye-catching video presentation on HeyGen.

Step 1: Log into the HeyGen to get started.


Step 2: Click on “Template” to select your desired video presentation template.


Step 3: For this guide, I used the “Professional Webinar” template


Step 4: Click on “Use This Template”


Step 5: Click on “Avatar” to choose an avatar of your choice.


Step 6: For this guide, I used Dereck


Step 7: Input your video presentation script to drive your avatar speaking or record your voice by clicking on the “microphone” icon.


Step 8: Select the gender and accent and adjust the speed and pitch of your talking human.


Step 9: Preview your video


Step 10: Submit your video to get the final results

Frequently Asked Questions about Video Presentation

3.1 What are the Types of Video Presentations?

There are four main types of video presentations, and they include demonstrative, informative, inspirational, and persuasive. For example, onboarding some recruits is an example of an informative video presentation. Furthermore, showing how a product or service works is an example of a demonstrative video. 

A persuasive video usually features a speaker who tries to influence an audience to engage in a particular action. On the other hand, an inspirational video presentation primarily aims to inspire the audience.

3.2 How Can I Convert a PPT to a Video Online?

Select the PPT file and export first to convert your PPT into videos online. Then you will need to open the file format list to select the video format of your choice. Next is to choose your desired video quality, i.e., the presentation and internet quality. 

Note that the higher the video quality, the larger the file size. After doing all these, you can then export your converted video.

3.3 How Can I Add MP3 to a PowerPoint Presentation?

Yes, you can. You can easily do this by selecting your desired audio in your file explorer and inserting it into your video presentation. 

3.4 Is There Script Template for Video Presentation?

Yes, there are numerous script templates for video presentations. HeyGen is one of the best and most affordable tools that provide users with over 100 video presentation script templates.

3.5 How Can I Prepare a Good Video Script for a Presentation?

To prepare a good video presentation script, you must first choose your target audience, set a desired goal for the script, create a brief, edit your video script, and do a verbal run-through off-camera.


Incorporating the best video presentation ideas can revive your presentation by offering a delightful treat for your clients or audience. Hopefully, with this article, you now understand the meaning of video presentation, the major types, and the easy steps to create a compelling video presentation.

If you have further questions, thoughts, or ideas, please leave them in the comment section, and we will gladly address them.

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