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Tips for Create Onboarding Video with Examples

Lisa Tatum
November 2, 2022

The first impression is the final impression, and that's true with new hires, too.

Therefore, welcoming new hires is one of the most crucial tasks for any organization.

Employees learn about the company's culture and policies during the onboarding process, which helps them feel at ease and speed up.

Fortunately, onboarding videos are a savior because they make the process smoother and activate high engagement.

So, engage in a quick, time-saving, and impactful orientation through onboarding videos. Here are all the tips for creating an onboarding video with examples.

Part 1. Key Metrics of a Professional Employee Welcome Video

An onboarding video can summarize and represent your company within minutes.

As a result, it must be influential, motivating, welcoming, and friendly.

The first impression always strongly impacts new employees and shapes their performance, journey, and attitude toward the company's goals.

So, your onboarding video must be thoughtfully designed to comfort new hires and motivate them. So, here are some key characteristics of an onboarding video that you must follow:

· Clear and Concise

The onboarding video must have clear goals for the company and its plan.

It can start with a small introduction, history, and how it has developed.

The script must be clear and concise and highlight the main duties and responsibilities.

To make it more understandable, you can add subtitles on the video for onboarding.

· Keep it Short

Most viewers skip long videos or don't watch them until the end.

So, to create an impact, the onboarding video must be short.

In addition, you can create different onboarding videos to differentiate the goals.

So make a quick and short onboarding video that doesn't feel like there's too much information to absorb.

· Friendly and Motivating

An optimistic onboarding video will welcome employees like no other.

You must use friendly, motivating, and energetic tones that make them feel excited.

This will provide great motivation to do their very best. Try Attractive Editing Tool!

You can use attractive colors, animations, and background music to make it more appealing.

It shouldn't feel like a boring presentation. Instead, shoot at various locations, and add colors and other elements to make it fun.

By the way, you should always end your onboarding video with contact information. That's a thoughtful step that will help new employees contact the right people if they need help.

Part 2. Onboarding Video Examples for Difference Industry to Welcome Employees

Onboarding videos must be tailored and customized according to the specific industry.

With proper personalization, you can get the most out of it.

However, a particular format for all types of onboarding videos will make it quite monotonous.

So, here are some top onboarding video examples for different industries to welcome employees

· Health & Medical

Health & medical industries that provide services, data, equipment, medicines, assistance, etc., should have a very engaging and persuasive onboarding video.

Whatever the sector is, it must highlight the company's goals and introduce the professional teams behind it and their goals.

For example, Verisys is a healthcare data company whose dynamics changed post-COVID.

They immediately updated their onboarding strategies according to the scenario.

The company faced challenges and accepted work from home. As a result, they have a motivating and inspirational onboarding video.

Their onboarding video includes education on setting up the system at home, their work culture, goals, and how they can make the journey productive.

Also, they send welcoming decor and work essentials to new hires.

· Financial Company

Financial companies are a large sector of the industry and engage in a large amount of hiring.

Therefore, a corporate video must describe the size of managed funds/customers, history, journey, and goals.

One wonderful example is Intuit which provides financial software.

In the onboarding video, the CEO presents himself.

He narrates his journey and explains company terminologies.

He ends on company goals, stats, and a very motivating note.

· Education Industry

An education industry can use a to-the-point and very clear onboarding video.

It must explain how education industry work, their purpose, and their operations.

You can make it fun, light, and very inspiring.

One of the outstanding onboarding video examples is from the company Mindvalley.

It is a Kuala Lumpur-based educational company that familiarizes new employees with a normal day.

Viewers are cheered by office hours, people, ethics, and events.

In addition, the music, light atmosphere, and time stamps make it a very happy onboarding video.

· Internet & Technology

The internet and technology are a very vast and competitive space.

Therefore, the onboarding video must be engaging and have meaningful graphics, locations, music, and a story to tell.

A personalized experience video, the company's goals, and inspiring words can make a difference.

The world-renowned company Google is a perfect example.

The onboarding video has a very engaging story of five summer interns.

They narrate their experience, things they learned, the work culture, and more.

It also emphasizes the role of co-workers and active participation. All this gives an idea of how Google works.

These are some benchmark examples, and there are a lot more.

Therefore, it must be clear, attractive, personalized, and inspirational.

Unique stories and goals can make the employee welcome video a success.

Part 3. Step Guide for Creating Onboarding Video With Template and Digital Presenter


The final step to creating an engaging onboarding video is through a great tool that is efficient, quick, and competitive.

One such tool is heygen.com which can help you make an attractive video within minutes with numerous incredible features.

This AI video generator creates spokesperson videos that are high quality and easily shareable.

So, indulge in the process of creating an onboarding video with awesome templates and a digital presenter.

To create the onboarding video, follow these simple steps:

STEP 1: Open HeyGen in your system's browser. Simply start in the browser.

the best part of this onboarding video creator is you can turn text into AI tutor with lip-syncing on the welcome video

STEP 2: Choose from a large array of templates. Select the 'Learning & Development' category

Preview the welcome video effect and use the one you prefer.

STEP 3: Choose digital avatar from 60+ options as the tutor of welcome video

STEP 4: Type your scripts (Audio to script feature is also available)

STEP 5: Replace the video elements to your own on canvas

STEP 6: Click the 'submit' button to get the final result

Other features of HeyGen includes:

  • You can create a multi-screen video with numerous small sections
  • 20+ languages and 200+ accents support
  • You can add background music of your choice
  • You can simply add the script to the video with audio or text
  • Users can create AI and 3D, customize avatars, or create talking photos.
  • Extensive template support for various types of videos
  • The library has great support for text, images, and shapes

So, don't rest for the basic employer welcome video and create an interactive, advanced and vertical video with the help of the HeyGen tool.

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