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How To Make a Custom Instant Avatar for Videos Using HeyGen?

May 25, 2023

Have you ever wanted to create more engaging and personalized video content for your business in the age of digitalization, but struggled with the costs and resources involved?

If you're looking to expand your business impact, enhance your brand engagement, and send more personalized video messages in a cost-effective way, then Avatar Lite of HeyGen is the perfect solution for you.

What Is Custom Avatar Lite?

Avatar Lite is essentially your digital twin - it uses advanced technology to convert your image and voice into a digital form, which can be embedded into various types of videos. And the best part? You don't even need a camera! -- It's a cameraless way!  

With Avatar Lite, you can showcase your expertise in a range of video formats:

By leveraging this technology, you can build closer connections with your audience and attract more attention and loyal fans.

So, if you want to elevate your business operations and video marketing strategies, consider giving Avatar Lite a try.

It's an innovative solution that can help you create engaging and personalized video content with ease.

What Is the Difference Between Custom Avatar Pro and Custom Avatar Lite?

By the way, there is another option available for custom avatars in HeyGen, which is Avatar Pros. If you're wondering about the differences between Avatar Pros and Avatar Lite, we have compiled a table outlining their key differences. Please take a look.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a simple and cost-effective way to create a custom avatar for your video production, Avatar Lite is the way to go. On the other hand, if you're looking for a higher-quality custom avatar, Avatar Pros may be the better choice. Regardless of which option you choose, both Avatar Lite and Avatar Pros can help enhance your video production by creating a digital twin of yourself with your image and voice.

How to Create a Custom Avatar Lite?

Welcome to our tutorial on how to get started with Avatar Lite! In this video, we'll walk you through the simple steps you need to take to create your very own digital twin.

We offer two ways to help you get your Avatar Lite. You can choose the one you find more convenient and suitable for you.

Step 1: Enter the webcam page

We recommend that you simply select our webcam and follow the steps to complete your recording more easily. Now, when you click "Get your own Avatar Lite", you can directly enter the Webcam page. Be sure you have a quiet recording environment and good lighting.

Step 2: Record a consent statement

You need to record a consent statement, input your name, and start recording! When you enter the recording screen, you will find a script at the top of the screen.

This placement is so you can keep your eyes on the camera while speaking, which ensures a high-quality recording.

Step 3: Follow the tutorial video

You'll find that we provide you with a clear and detailed recording tutorial video.

Step 4: Record yourself

Now it's time to record yourself reading the script. It's very important to pay attention to recording tips! Be sure to speak at a steady pace, and not to adjust your posture or body movement too much.


  • Before recording, I suggest you look through the preview script. There are a lot of languages you can choose from, and reading ahead will make sure your recording runs smoothly.
  • Begin recording your speech, keeping your gaze fixed on the camera. Pay attention to friendly tips, such as 'close your mouth and breathe through your nose'.

Step 5: Upload Footage

Once done, you should review your footage carefully. After checking, you can move on to the next step.

Also, you can send your footage to our custom avatar team!

Click submit and after it has been uploaded, our team will check your footage and contact you by email within 1-2 business days. Soon your personal avatar will be ready!

How to Use Custom Avatar Lite in HeyGen?

Once you've successfully created your own avatar lite, use it to double your impact on your business!

I will show you how to use it in HeyGen step by step.

Step 1:  Find your Avatar Lite,  and choose the Landscape or Portrait version to start

You can find your avatar Lite in your private account.

And you could choose the landscape or the portrait version to start your video production!

Step 2: Input your text or your audio.

Then, you could just use your original background and simply input your text or your audio.

Step 3: Using different templates and choose AI matting

Additionally, you could choose another template and choose the AI matting style for your avatar lite, which allows you to change the scenarios in your videos.

Step 4: Click submit. Your video is coming!

Finally, click submit and be sure you have enough credits in your account! Your video is coming!

What Are the Use Cases of Custom Avatar Lite?

Check out use cases and see how HeyGen can bring your work to the next level.

Personalized video

HeyGen's Custom Avatar Lite lets you create personalized videos to elevate your business. Use it for customer acquisition, email outreach, retention, sales campaigns, and more. With Zapier and HeyGen API, you can send thousands of personalized videos in minutes. Your digital twin saves time while maintaining high-quality video production. Try HeyGen Custom Avatar Lite today to take your business to the next level.

Evangelist video

Evangelist videos help you reach your goals by building trust and credibility with potential customers. Brand ambassadors can easily create custom avatar videos with custom avatar Lite for tutorials, release news, and product showcases, saving time and reducing production costs. Build up your branding asset and create personal connections with your audience by using the evangelist video series and sharing on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram.

Product tutorial

HeyGen's Avatar Lite simplifies the process of creating professional-quality video tutorials and product explainers. It's easy to use, quick to create, and does not require technical expertise or expensive professionals. With Avatar Lite, you can provide your customers with a clear and effective way to understand your product, making it easier for them to achieve their goals.

Are You Ready to Make a Custom Avatar for Your Videos?

HeyGen's cutting-edge technology allows companies to create professional video content for marketing, training, and onboarding. With the help of HeyGen's custom business avatars, companies can enhance their brand and produce videos in large quantities. Additionally, HeyGen eliminates the need to worry about equipment or presentation skills, making the video production process smoother. Start using HeyGen's custom avatars to create videos now.