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Easily Create AI Composite Video Online Without Tech-Required

Lisa Tatum
October 8, 2022

Have you ever thought about what goes into creating AI composite videos? this post will answer this question.

Creating explainer or guide videos is not a cakewalk, as a lot of hard work and effort goes into creating them.

You may find it challenging to create these videos on your own, but thanks to technology, it is possible to create videos using artificial intelligence.

You can take the help of an AI composite video app to create a video without the need to record it through a device.

Part1. What is an AI Composite Video?

To understand an AI composite video, you first need to understand compositing.

So it is the process of combining visual elements from different sources into single images to create the illusion that all those elements are parts of the same scene.

Face Swapping Video is also a type of AI Composite Video


An AI composite video is a video that makes use of the compositing technique to create a video where visual elements from separate sources are combined in single images to make them look like they are part of the same video.

Just like the following video shown:

The best part about creating AI composite videos is that you don't need to record anything using a video recorder.

AI video editing apps provide you with face options to choose from, and you will see the chosen person's face speaking in the videos.


Also, if you want your face or a specific person's face in the video, you can do that easily as you are provided with the option to upload the face of a person of your choice in AI video editing apps.

Simply visit HeyGen and get the required help. You can visit their website to create AI composite video online.

HeyGen is a great website that helps you create AI composite videos without technical knowledge.

To create such video, all you need is content, and the rest job is on them.

You can create videos using your face without recording the video in reality.

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Part2. Steps to create AI composite video via TalkingPhoto

Now let's discuss how to create an AI composite video using HeyGen AI video editing web app.

Step 1: First, you have to visit the website of HeyGen and when you browse it, you will be asked to log in using your Google or Facebook account.

Also, you can browse the website in Guest mode by clicking on the Browse in Guest Mode button.


Step 2: When you log in using your Google or Facebook or guest mode, it will automatically take you to the website's templates section, where you will see samples of AI composite videos.

Step 3: To create an AI composite video, click the Create Video button on the right side just above the sample templates.


Once you hover on the Create Video button, select the video ratio you prefer. it will take you to the video creation page where you can create your video.


Step 4: To create your video, you first have to select the face you want to feature in the video.


To choose a presenter for your video, you have to click on the Avatar option at the extreme left corner.

And when you click on it, you will see several human faces, and you can select one among those for your video.

Step 5: If you want your face or any other person's face to feature in the video, then you need to upload your picture. Click on the ‘My Avatar’ tab.


To upload your picture, click the My Avatar button after clicking the Avatar option. It will ask you to upload a Photo, and you can upload your picture there.


Step 6: Next step is to add speech to your AI composite video.

Speech is the text you want the speaker in the video to speak. And to add speech to your video, you need to click the Add Speech button on the video creation page.

You can just simply add the text or switch to the audio input mode.

Step 7: You can click the Play/Pause sign under the Add Speech text box to listen to the text you have added to the speech text box.


Step 8: If you want to change the voice or language of the speaker, you can easily do it.

To change the voice or language, click on voice box on the right side of the video creation page.


It will open a new page, where you will find the names of different persons, and you can select one among those options

If you want to change the language, you can select the language from the available options, which will change the language of the speaker in the video.

Step 9: You can customize the background behind the speaker using the options provided in the HeyGen video editor.


To change the background and add elements to your video, you can use the Text and Element buttons on the left side of the video creation page.


Step 10: Your AI composite video is ready once you click the Submit button.

You can watch and share it wherever you want.


If you are a fan of TikTok videos and want to create similar videos for yourself, then you can take the help of HeyGen.

It is an AI composite video app that allows you to create videos for yourself without recording them through a device.

This post will provide complete step-by-step information on creating AI composite videos using HeyGen's AI video editing app for yourself. Hoping this will prove helpful to you.