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Top 5 AI Art Generators 2022

Lisa Tatum
September 30, 2022

When you hear or see the term AI art it means that particular art or artwork was generated by making use of artificial intelligence.

As the years have rolled by various mechanisms for generating AI art have come into existence some of these mechanisms include using mathematical patterns to generate images, the use of algorithms to generate paint effects, and creating simulations of brush strokes, there is also the popular use of generative adversarial networks.


An AI art generator for creating avatars is different from an AI art generator for images. The technology behind a particular AI art generator may be similar to another but their functions are usually different.

Some AI art generators are considered the best Artificial intelligence art creators in 2022.

These AI art generators are all unique.

WOMBO is a large AI art generator and one of this brand's specialties is being an AI paint generator.

Replika helps you generate a virtual companion/assistant.

If you need an AI spokesperson, HeyGen provides the best tool to generate that.


If you want to create AI portraits, ArtBreeder is the platform to use.

AI art generation requires using the best AI tools and these AI art generators have provided the best tools to make things easier for almost every AI artist out there.


HeyGen - AI Human Generator

HeyGen is a text-to-video software tool that is based online and is often considered the best tool for generating an AI avatar spokesperson video by just inputting text.

You don't need to use a camera or have editing skills to generate a spokesperson video with HeyGen.

If you need an avatar to present your video as a spokesperson, HeyGen is the tool for you.  

The most standout feature of this AI art generator is the perfect lip-syncing of the typed text by the spokesperson avatar generated.

When your text script becomes a spokesperson video you experience the most amazing thing about HeyGen.

More than real human avatar, you can also generate art style 3D avatar video by this tool. The final effect be like:

Another exciting feature is ‘Talking Photo’, you can just upload a photo and enter the script, then it will be speaking on the video, just like the following video shown.

All these processes will be completed within minutes.

HeyGen has outstanding features some of which include;

  • Built-in real human avatar and CG avatar
  • Customized Avatar
  • Spokesperson with the Perfect lip sync to texts
  • Text-to-video conversion tools
  • No Camera usage

Artbreeder - AI Portrait Creator

Artbreeder is a software tool that's online based and its main function is to enhance the quality of a picture.

ArtBreeder is a renowned brand among other AI image enhancers and generators.


ArtBreeder’s standout feature is that it allows you to modify the qualities of an image and you can make any changes you want.

Through the use of machine learning, ArtBreeder allows the creation of different variants of an image.


The technology behind ArtBreeder’s operation is complex but the website is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

On the Artbreeder website, you get to make sceneries, portraits, animation figures, and various other artworks.

Features on the website include altering skin tone, eyes, face traits, and hair color. You can also generate animated characters from pictures.


Another outstanding feature of ArtBreeder is the provision of over ten thousand images.

Artbreeder also helps you organize these images into folders.

You can also export your enhanced images in JPEG and PNG formats.

The features of ArtBreeder include;

  • Photo quality enhancement
  • Creating different variants of an image
  • Creating portrait images and animated characters
  • Organizing images into folders
  • Exporting images in JPEG and PNG files
  • Tools that are easy to use

Replika - Virtual AI Friend/Companion

Replika is a software application that is available for download on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


An application powered by artificial intelligence, Replika was created to give users a virtual friend they can communicate and socialize with.

The virtual companion is active 24/7. The virtual friend learns from the information you share with it and it understands the world from your point of view.


You can engage your AI friend in discussions about your daily activities, you can as well discuss your life experiences and share real moments in AR, your virtual friend can also speak with you and see you through video calls.

The more conversations you engage your Replika companion in, the more it learns how to be like you and will give the type of feedback and empathy you would expect a human friend to give you in the same situation.


Replika has been trained on a large dataset to generate unique responses.

Replika merges a sophisticated neural network machine learning model and scripted dialogue content.

Replika provides the following features;

  • Emotionally intelligent companion
  • Data Security for users
  • Privatized and Secure Conversations
  • Customized Avatar

WOMBO - AI Paint Generator

WOMBO is considered the best NFT creator app by those in the NFT field.

The application is available for both iOS and Android devices, it is also available for PCs.

WOMBO is a free software service that is powered by Artificial intelligence.

You can use this software to generate breathtaking paintings on your smartphone, your PC, or your tablet.

WOMBO DREAM provides you with different backgrounds, different colors, and paintbrushes that you can pick from to create your perfect painting.


All you need to start by entering a prompt, choose an art style you like and WOMBO helps you bring your idea to existence in seconds.

You don't need to use art supplies like pencils or paintbrushes to make your painting look beautiful. WOMBO just needs your idea to create a masterpiece.

Features of WOMBO include;

  • Different styles of art
  • Transformation of photos into cartoons
  • Generation of NFT art
  • Exceptional designs
  • Free services

Selfie Vibe - AI Selfie Generator

Selfie Vibe is a web app for creating incredible selfie by one-click. This app offer diverse style categories including: cyberpunk, meta, meme, aesthetic, the sim4 and more.


The interface is a user-friendly website where you can upload a selfie and choose the selfie style you like. Click on the ‘VIBE’ button and magic happen.

This AI art generator provides both free and paid services.

You get to use basic features on the free version while the additional features are limited to the paid version.

Selfie Vibe features;

  • Diverse style for choose
  • It's a web app without downloading needs
  • No Ads
  • user-friendly on mobile
  • No sign up required

Final Words

Artists who use AI art generators to create art are increasing by the day.

Renowned art galleries across the world have been exhibiting and selling AI art across the world.

Going forward, it is obvious that AI art generators are only going to improve and other professional fields like marketing are beginning to see the importance of using AI art generator like HeyGen as marketing tools.

These tools are user considerate with their free unlimited use features. The AI art generators are tools to take the work of AI artists to the next level.

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