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Tips for Making Eye-Catching Video without Editing

Lisa Tatum
June 24, 2022

Is it hard to learn After Effects? As AE can be used to create professional animation effects on the video. You can even find overwhelming tutorials for the software AE on YouTube.

Well, it is not fair and not cost-effective to learn so much just to create a video. This is the high-tech age, and your needs can easily be met by video template tool!

Tired of the complex AE skills? Then what is the solution?

Beginner tips for creating impressive videos without editing skills are here!

Table of Contents

Benefits of using a video template on HeyGen

So what can you do with the video template? There are different categories for your needs and it has been updated daily. Such as: free video intro templates, outro video templates, company videos, breaking news videos, marketing videos, and YouTube videos. etc.

  • No After Effect knowledge is required
  • 200+ Free editable video template online
  • Easy to use
  • Stunning animated video effects
  • Free video templates are updated daily
  • Free AI avatars to showcase your video with lip sync.


Three Steps to Create Stunning Videos with HeyGen Templates

Step1. Click the 'Template' Tab on HeyGen.

At the top of the page, select the video format you want, vertical video or horizontal video, and then select your interested video template by category.

Swipe up and down on the page to browse through the different free video templates.

Click the video template to get a quick preview of the video effects.


Once you have selected the template you like, click on the '+Use this Template' to start editing!

Step2. Edit the elements in the video template


You can change any font, image and video directly by clicking on it in the video canvas

Here you can also make the AI model in the video template speak the script you want by entering text or voice


Step3. Submit the video you made and you will see the rendered video later on the video list


Preview the video by clicking the 'play' button on the timeline, When you are satisfied, you can get the video you created by clicking ‘Submit’ in the upper left corner of the page.

The created video will then be displayed in the video list.


You can see the final video effects with the avatar gesture on this tab and if you want to redo the video, just click on the 'Duplicate' button and you can start editing again!


Isn't it the easiest way of creating a professional video without any editing skills?

More than this...


Most effective way to create a professional video is by typing the script

Want to make it even easier? Just do it on your cell phone! You can also make it so that you do not change the images and logos at all, and just type in the speaker's speech from the video template.

We have already created some general video templates suitable for social media, the e-learning industry, real estate, corporate training and much more! Here is a lite version of a video template tool we developed.


So you can click this link to create a stunning video just by typing the script you want 


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