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Tips for Planning Video Scripts | Guide, Templates, and Examples

Lisa Tatum
November 18, 2022

Of course, it’s no news videos are one of the most powerful marketing methods available. This is because videos get more engagement and drive more growth than any other media type. However, you will only reap the benefits of video marketing if your videos are decently produced.

That doesn’t mean all videos need a Hollywood budget, but you must spend time planning your videos and writing video scripts. Fortunately, the good news is that learning how to write a good video script is much easier than it sounds.

Do you struggle with creating the best video scripts for your video content? Then this is the best article you need!

Table of Contents

First, What Is a Video Script?

A video script is a document that defines how to run a good marketing video. But, more importantly, a video script conveys the narrative and message of your video.

It could also be the blueprint and foundation for your digital video, meaning it is a chronological run-down of actions, scenes, and dialogue that needs to appear in your video.

Additionally, you can refer to a video script as a critical tool that gives you or your team reminders and cues about the timeline, goals, and results you want for your videos.

Let’s discuss the benefits of writing a video script in the next session!

Top 4 Benefits of Writing a Video Script

Various reasons for creating a video script are beneficial to your digital videos. Some of those benefits include:

1. Message Planning

Creating videos is exciting; we know you have a LOT to say! Writing a script is an excellent point – a first step that allows you to sculpt thousands of competing ideas into a coherent structure. With a video script, you can plan precisely what you want to say in your video and how to say it.

2. Video Length Estimation and Management

Everyone works with the well-placed professional voiceover, which reads about 130 words per minute. So, 130 words of voiceover generally equate to a minute-long voiceover track. So, a good video script gives you the perfect way to manage the breadth of the content you want to cover while also considering the video length and how it will resonate with your audience.

3. Time-Saving

This is yet another benefit of writing a video script. With a video script, you can easily make changes. The problems you may encounter trying to change any footage while the video is in post-production can be timely and expensive.

However, mistakes made in the script, or scenes you’d like to change, can be actioned within seconds using the trusty backspace key.

4. Facilitates Collaboration

Various people may want to have their input when making a video. By writing a video script and inviting feedback on it through collaborative tools, people can have their say on what to cut from or include in the script.

This alone allows you to buy in across the organization and harness the power of various voices and perspectives.

Keys to Outstanding Video Script

In this section, we will be discussing the essential keys to creating fantastic video scripts. But first, let’s start by examining what makes a good video script.

What Makes a Good Video Script?

Need a little help with your video writing skills? This section comprehensively discusses the features of an outstanding video script.

  • Logical content

First and most importantly, it is best to structure the information on your video script logically. To do this, you can start with the most general information before making the content of your video script get more specific and complex.

  • Readable words

By dividing your scripts into a series of short, bite-sized paragraphs, you set yourself up for a much easier shooting process when the time to use the script comes.

  • Concise timeline

Every digital video aims at building your brand, engaging prospects, and generating leads. So, it is best to make your video script straightforward by simply including what sounds natural in your audience’s head.

  • Cohesiveness transformation

A good video script is usually cohesive, meaning it flows naturally from one part of the script to another.

  • Good CTA Caption:

A good video script must have a good CTA, which makes your audiences give you information or convert to a marketing-qualified lead by engaging with more of your content. Emotional marketing strategy is a great topic to inspire you create a high-CTR scripts.

Time-Saving Tools to Make a Video Script

Jasper.ai– Generate Text Inspiration

Originally known as Jarvis, Jasper AI is an artificial intelligence that generates content and copies within seconds. The content generated can be used in various ways and at a scale. Also, you can use this tool to create and write SEO-focused blog posts, books, and scripts for your digital videos.

With Jasper AI, you can write 10,000 words for free, but you will need to provide payment details. Then, you can either sign up for their Starter Plan or Boss mode Plan, depending on which features you want to access and how much you plan to write.

While Jasper AI isn’t the cheapest available AI writer, its competitive features, friendly user interface, and high-quality output is excellent value for people looking to do a considerable amount of writing without hiring expensive help.

Pros of Jasper AI
  1. It is Quick: While it may take a copywriter an hour to write 1000 words, Jasper AI can produce an entire blog post in a few minutes. For shorter tasks, including Meta descriptions and ad copy, it may even give you results in a few seconds.
  2. It is Easy to Use: The interface of Jasper AI itself is anything but intimidating. Instead, it is simple, intuitive, and can be used by anyone regardless of their status as a copywriter.
  3. It Is Effective: Jasper AI is highly effective and also plagiarism-free. On the whole, it produces accurate copy on virtually any subject without the fear of plagiarism.
Cons of Jasper AI
  1. It Requires Subscription: Although the Start Plan in Jasper AI may be helpful, most people may need to subscribe to the Boss Mode to access their desired features. In addition, new word limits don’t carry over monthly, making the tool expensive if you don’t use it to its full potential.
  2. It Can Get Repetitive: The suggestions of Jasper AI can start to get repetitive, mainly when writing long-form content. The AI may suggest the same when rejecting or requesting a new output. Getting the AI going in your preferred direction may take some time.

HeyGen – Generate Talking Head Videos by Text

Yes, you don't have to record the video yourself.

HeyGen is another excellent tool for preview the effect of good video script. With HeyGen talking head video feature, you can easily create a real human video demo for a preview.

HeyGen has multiple voices in over 20 languages to facilitate the user’s activities and over 100 templates used to make various videos, depending on the occasion.

Also, with HeyGen, you can visually estimate your video script length. (this tool allow you to turn text into speech with visual length)

Pros of HeyGen
  1. Automates Repetitive Processes: With HeyGen, you can easily automate repetitive processes, allowing you to focus on more impactful or challenging tasks.
  2. Generate Outstanding Leads: HeyGen helps users generate outstanding leads, making it easy to gain the interest of prospective audiences.
  3. Generate Talking Head Videos: With the talking head video feature, you can generate a real human video just in a few seconds.
Cons of HeyGen
  • Not friendly with mobile users

Teleprompter Mirror– To Save Time

Teleprompter mirror is a web-based online tool that works entirely in your browsers, computers, and mobile devices. Teleprompter apps make it easy to create professional-looking videos without stress.

The apps are perfect for anyone wanting to record a digital video, give a business communication, or practice a speech. For example, with a teleprompter app, you can read a script while filming yourself in high definition.

The prompter script scrolls next to the camera lens, helping you make eye contact with your audience.

After recording, you can edit your video, add your logo and text and automatically caption the footage using the timings from your recording. Also, you can add a background music track using our royalty-free audio.

Pros of Teleprompter Mirror
  1. Emotion is Enhanced: Emotion is essential for persuading people and calling them to action. With a teleprompter, you can easily focus on your speech performance.
  2. Easy to Grab Audiences Attention: Maintaining eye contact with your audience is more natural and helps reinforce your message. You can do this with a teleprompter.
  3. Your Speech Possess Musicality: Intonation and pace are the significant components. With a teleprompter, you can easily control the rate at which the script appears, creating different rhythms and intonations for every part.
Cons of Teleprompter App
  1. Technical Difficulties: Sometimes, technical difficulties may arise while filming a video. This may lead your teleprompter not to speed up or slow down the text as you speak.
  2. Reduced Engagement: You may risk losing engagement if your audience notices you read and cannot inject emotions skillfully.

Video Script Templates for Diverse Use Cases

· For Explainer Videos

Step 1: Log into the HeyGen website to get started


Step 2: Click on “Template”


Step 3: Select the “Explainer Video” template


Step 4: Click on “Use This Template”


Step 5: Then, click on “Avatar” to select from the available avatars


Step 6: Choose your avatar. For this guide, I used Dereck.


Step 7: Type in your script to drive your avatar speaking or record your voice by clicking on the “microphone” icon


Step 8: Select the gender and accent, and also adjust the speed and pitch of your talking human


Step 9: Preview your video


Step 10: Submit your video


· For Brand Promotions

Your brand promotions videos should emphasize more on your call to action more. A CTA is an action you want your audience to take after watching your video.

The goal of your CTA is to have new visitors give you contact information or convert to a marketing-qualified lead by engaging with your content, driving up their lead score.

Below is a perfect example of how a CTA should be included in your brand promotion video.

· For Entertainment Videos

Your entertainment videos, such as YouTube or TikTok, should focus more on grabbing your audiences’ attention.

Without your audience’s attention, your content might not get across to your prospective clients, and you may have trouble sustaining your interest or establishing your leadership and control, which are the keys to being a powerful entertainer.

Step-by-Step Guide to Plan a Good Video Script

· Define the Video You Want to Make

You must define your video to write a script that drives your desired results. Not only does this help you identify and understand your audience, but it also helps you understand your audience and the value you should demonstrate to them.

Also, you will be able to create a marketing story arc to engage them with concise, compelling, and relevant content, resulting in the desired action you want them to take.

· Define Your Audience

You need to identify and understand your prospective audience; otherwise, your content might not resonate with them. Although it can be daunting and tempting to make it as broad as possible to address your potential customer, avoid this temptation.

· Write Down Multiple Scripts and Enter HeyGen to Check the Video Effect

This is essential if you are doing any voiceover with visuals that cut across various shots. But even when your video is a single shot of someone talking, write the audio and visual aspects into your scripts. For instance, with HeyGen, you can quickly check your video script’s direction.

· Choose the Best Video Result and Adjust the Script

To create the final version of your video, ensure you select the best video effect to create a better result and adjust the script using a timer.

Frequently Asked Questions about Video Scripts

What Is a Video Script?

A video script is a document that defines how your video is going to run. It is an essential tool that gives you and your team reminders.

How Long Is a Minute Video Script?

At the standard speaking rate of 130 words per minute (wpm), a 1-minute video should be 130 words long.

How Many Words Is a 2-Minute Video Script?

A speaker with an average speaking speed may need about 240 words for a 2-minute speech. However, a fast speaker will need 330 words, while a slow speaker will only need about 150 words.

Is There Any Video Script Timer to Estimate the Script’s Length?

Yes, there is. A Video Script Timer, also known as Words Timer, allows you to discover the ideal length of your script for creating compelling voiceovers or videos.

You only need to paste your script on the timer and adjust the reading speed, to estimate the length of your content.


As I mentioned in the introductory part of this article, videos are fast becoming the most engaging media type, so you need to make yours as decent as possible.

With a great video script, you can get many people talking about your videos, thereby driving you toward your prospective clients.

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand the concept of video script and tips for planning a good video script.

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