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Create Personalized Video Newsletter with Digital Presenter

Lisa Tatum
November 16, 2022

Marketing strategies evolve with time, and adopting highly personalized techniques is the trend.

One such amazing addition is a customized video newsletter that helps build strong connections between consumers and brands.

In 2021, an average person spent 100 minutes per day watching online videos. Well, videos have an enormous influence, so creating awareness through a video newsletter is critical.

So, without further ado, let's look at creating a personalized video newsletter with the digital presenter on HeyGen.

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What is Video Newsletter?

A video newsletter is a highly interactive, customized, and attractive newsletter used in email marketing. The content of the video newsletter may have prospects, thank you notes, explanations, promotions, etc.

Moreover, you can target a certain audience, including partners, and end it with great personalization, like mentioning their names.

All of this avoids the bunch of long texts that nobody reads. As a result, video newsletters have a higher reach and a very effective marketing strategy. They help in promotion, creating bonds, and making your brand reliable.

Some Popular Types of Video Newsletters are:

Invites Video:

You can send personal invites for sales, programs, quizzes, and several online and offline events. It must list the benefits, schedules, and call to action.

Explainer Videos:

These videos have case studies, sales demos, and other policies and information on events and must have great content, the correct length, and lots of interaction.

Call-to-action Videos:

Call-to-action videos are short, energetic, and very to the point. You can get the audience to join the sale, become a member, list its benefits, etc.

Thank you Videos:

Thank you videos with personalized messages feel amazing. They built rust, and they can be sent after shopping, etc.

Video Newsletter vs. Image Newsletter vs. Printed Newsletter

Here are quick differences between video, image and printed newsletter.

Video Newsletter Image Newsletter Printed Newsletter
SEO Videos are best for SEO Images optimized for SEO are good No value for SEO
Time It's takes minimum May take some time It's time consuming
Information Conveys maximum information in limited time Conveys limited information Convesy restricted information
Flexibility Can be altered in various languages according to audience without creating new video Have to create new images for any type of editing You have to create different newsletter for different languages, audiences, etc
Rates Have high click through rates as they are engaging and influential Average click through rates No click through rates
Cost It's very budget friendly Average on pricing It may cost more money

Why Should you Create a Video Newsletter (How it works)

Newsletters are one of the most used marketing strategies, and to stand out, you must create something unique.

Fortunately, video marketing through a video newsletter is one of the most engaging experiences.

You can make AI-powered, highly interactive, and real video newsletters with the help of HeyGen. It takes minutes to create a personalized video newsletter.

You should create a video newsletter because:

  • High engagement through video will create brand awareness and trust
  • Emails having video has a high click-through rate
  • Video has high interaction, which leads the audience to visit your website.

Use cases of Video newsletters in Various Companies and Departments

Plan Canada


Plan Canada sent a thank you video newsletter with great personalization, emotions, and illustrations. They thanked sponsors who helped the charity foundation to grow. It's one of the most touching stories which builds brand reputations.



Spotify has some inspirational, educative, and very trendy video newsletters. They use interactive graphics, locations, and everything related to a trending topic in music.

Newsletters can be used in various industries like social services, technology, delivery, food, and any helpful solutions.

In addition, the departments, like sales, feedback, events organization, etc., can use these videos in a newsletter for promotion.

Best tool for Video Newsletter Creation (Not just embed video in the newsletter)

After understanding the purpose, benefits, and importance of a video newsletter for any organization, here is an fantastic tool to help you create it.

The flexible, versatile, speedy tool is HeyGen, which enables you to make highly immersive videos within minutes.

HeyGen - Video Newsletter Maker

Some of its advanced features are:

How to Make a Video Newsletter (Step-by-Step)

HeyGen, powered by artificial intelligence, has updated features, editing controls, attractive graphics, and flexibility.

So, try making a newsletter in a one-stop platform that helps create and host high-quality videos. Here are the steps to take it:

STEP 1: Choose A Template


Choose a style from an extensive library of templates. You can choose the one that best fits the content, message, industry, target audience, etc.

STEP 2: Select An AI Avatar You Prefer


Tap on Avatars on the left panel. You can choose from 100+ avatars, 3D avatars, lifelike human avatars, face swapping, talking photos, etc. you can go with various professions, races, genders, etc.

STEP 3: Type Your Script


To add the script, click on Text on the left panel. Now, add script through Text or audio. The tool will identify language and give you access to control pitch, language, speed, etc.

STEP 4: Upload Your Elements


You can also upload your elements in the video.

STEP 5: Adjust The Slides

Adjust the slides and have a final preview and make the necessary required changes

STEP 6: Submit Your Video

Click on Submit Video, and your personalized video will be ready to download or host within minutes.

Create Personalized Video Newsletter Automatically on HeyGen

The HeyGen API is a mind-blowing tool for creating video newsletters. It's available for all users having a pro-HeyGen account.

This feature lets you create marketing videos in bulk within minutes.

In addition, you can create videos directly or replace the elements from your template made by HeyGen.

Some of its features are:

  • Creating bulk videos directly
  • Replacing elements from HeyGen templates or already-made videos
  • Embed any video (s) into your final video.
  • Embed any image(s) into your last video.
  • Embed 50+ avatars and postures in your videos.
  • Text-to-speech with 100+ voices supported.
  • Support more than 20 + languages.
  • Multi-scene video support.

To activate it:

  • Login into your Pro HeyGen account
  • Tap on Account
  • Go to the API token

The HeyGen API makes video newsletter creation, hosting, and embedding very easy.

Try it now for creating very interactive videos.

FAQs of Video Newsletter

How do you embed a video into a newsletter?

To embed a video in a newsletter, you can copy its unique URL, click on "Link" while creating the email, and then paste the video URL into the web address box.

What are the key elements of an effective video newsletter?

Key elements of an effective video newsletter are content quality, visual appeal, call to action, length, and knowledge of the audience you're addressing.

Why newsletters are important?

Newsletters are essential to spread awareness, get feedback, express gratitude, and build trust. These highly interactive newsletters help in many ways and are an important part of effective marketing.

What is the best time to send a video newsletter?

It's generally suggested to send a video newsletter in the middle of the day and the middle of the week.

When should monthly video newsletters go out?

A newsletter can be sent in the middle of the month, on mid-days of the week.

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