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The Ultimate Guide to Asset Workflow with HeyGen

May 26, 2023

What is HeyGen Asset: General Introduction

Innovative tools are crucial for engaging audience attention in the vibrant content creation sphere. Making a significant impact in this domain, HeyGen Assets arises as a comprehensive toolkit, equipping creators with a suite of robust and AI-powered features that transcend traditional boundaries of content generation.

HeyGen Assets provides a platform for uploading and managing your own images, videos, and audio files and integrates distinctive AI capabilities that seamlessly enhance your content creation process.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into these features and demonstrate how they can elevate your storytelling, resulting in richer and more engaging narratives:

Uploading & Managing Your External Assets

HeyGen allows users to upload external assets, providing a wide range of options for customization. You can use design or AI tools such as Canva, Midjourney, and Adobe to represent your concept to create distinctive assets.


This feature introduces a creative twist to your content, allowing you to swap faces within your videos for a genuinely engaging viewer experience.

Text to Image

This innovative tool transforms simple text prompts into visually compelling images, adding an extra layer of intrigue to your storytelling.

Screen Recording

This in-built feature allows effortless screen recording, making it an invaluable tool for creating tutorials, showcasing software's capabilities, or capturing gameplay for entertainment projects.


Uploading & Managing Your Assets

Uploading your assets to HeyGen is a breeze.

  • Navigate to Assets -> Upload, or Drag and Drop your files.

While your files upload, take this opportunity to relax – you're well on your way to creating engaging content!Remember that uploaded assets have specific file formats and size restrictions, so reviewing these before preparing your files is crucial.


Managing Assets with HeyGen Folders

As you accumulate assets, you may feel overwhelmed by the task of organizing them. HeyGen offers an easy-to-use folder organization system which makes managing this task easier.

  • Moving your files into the appropriate folders ensures your library stays organized and easy to navigate.
  • Moving your files into the appropriate folders ensures your library stays organized and easy to navigate.

The flexibility provided enables you to browse through your library most conveniently. You have the option to select multiple files simultaneously for deletion or relocation, which enhances the efficiency of asset management.

Unveiling the Magic of FaceSwap

This guide section explores the intriguing world of AI-generated FaceSwap in HeyGen Assets. The FaceSwap feature is a powerful tool that serves two primary purposes.

  • Firstly, it allows you to customize your avatar template.
  • Secondly, it enables you to transform the appearance of individuals into your uploaded assets.

Accessing FaceSwap

Begin by clicking on the FaceSwap option in the far right corner of the Assets Page. This is the area where you will upload the images or videos you wish to use for face swapping. FaceSwap can manage situations involving a single individual or multiple individuals.


FaceSwap with a personal photo

Start by uploading a personal image
When selecting an image for FaceSwap, remember that front-facing images with clearer faces produce superior results. Once you've chosen your photo, the transformation occurs in a matter of seconds. The difference is astounding, giving the same familiar setting an entirely fresh look.

FaceSwap with Multiple Individuals

  • Next, let's attempt to swap the faces of two individuals in an image.

The contrast between the original and the exchanged image is astonishing. The results demonstrate the capability and accuracy of HeyGen's FaceSwap feature.

FaceSwap in Videos

  • Finally, let's explore how FaceSwap functions with videos. Choose a video to swap, then sit back and observe the transformation.

Swapping faces using HeyGen is a straightforward and enchanting process. This feature lets you bring out your creativity and add a distinctive touch to your content.

Visual Storytelling with 'Text to Image'

Rebooting change can be achieved, particularly in the visual aspects of your content. HeyGen makes it easy to design your image art into something fresh and unique. This part will guide you through using HeyGen's innovative 'Text to Image' feature to create a captivating style for your videos.


Crafting Your Vision with 'Text to Image'

To use 'Text to Image,' input your prompt. For example, to generate an image of the interior of a room with a white wall, input the prompt into the "Text to Image" field. HeyGen can generate four appropriate images according to the prompt you provide. You can choose the option that best fits your vision and save it for future use. If none of the generated images meet your expectations, you can quickly generate four new photos by clicking the 'Refresh' button. This feature allows you to choose from various sizes for creating your image, enhancing the customization level in your content creation process.


Bringing Your Image to Video

Once you've saved your generated image, you can easily integrate it into your project. Click on the image you saved, and it will appear on the canvas. To set this image as your background, right-click on it or look for the shadow icon and select 'Set as Background.'


To add your Avatar Lite to the new background, select and enlarge it, then click 'Remove Avatar Background.' This powerful feature allows you to infinitely design and change scenes according to your creative vision, making your content truly unique and engaging.


Exploring the Possibilities of 'Text to Image'

The 'Text to Image' feature extends beyond the background. The use of visual storytelling provides endless possibilities. Guiding AI to generate images in similar styles by selecting the styles of various illustrators or designs you admire.

By comprehending and utilizing the potential of HeyGen's 'Text to Image' feature, you can enhance your content creation process, rendering it more effective, adaptable, and captivating. Try out this feature and see how it can elevate your visual storytelling.

Simplifying Screen Recording with HeyGen

Screen recording has become an indispensable instrument in the digital age, allowing us to capture, share, and preserve valuable information in various disciplines. This article will guide how to use the screen recording feature effectively and explore multiple scenarios where this feature can prove invaluable.

Accessing the Screen Recording Feature

HeyGen provides a screen recording feature that is both free and user-friendly.

  • To access this feature, click 'Asset' and then select 'Screen Recording' on the far right side. You don't need to make extra purchases or add credits to use this feature.

Understanding the Recording Options

Once you've clicked 'Screen Recording,' you'll be directed to a dedicated recording page.

Here, you'll find three recording window options:

  • Chrome Tab: This option allows you to record a specific webpage. It's ideal for capturing online resources, tutorials, or web-based content.
  • Window: This option is perfect for recording a specific window on your computer. You can record meetings, webinars, or any application-specific activity.
  • Entire screen: This option enables you to record everything visible on your screen. It's a comprehensive way to capture wide-ranging content.

Starting Your Recording

Click the 'Share' button to start recording after selecting your preferred recording window.

As you act, you will notice a 'Stop Sharing' option at the top of your screen. You can stop the recording at any point using this feature.

Additionally, you can navigate back to the screen recording interface. In this section, you will find extra controls such as 'Retake,' 'Pause,' and 'Done.' After completing the recording, you can download the file or save it directly to your HeyGen assets for future reference.


Screen Recording in Your Content Creation

There are numerous applications for screen recording.

  • In educational settings, it can be used for online classes, teacher presentations, and training demonstrations. It's an effective tool for creating step-by-step tutorials, making complex processes easier to follow and understand.
  • In entertainment, screen recording is often used to capture gameplay, stream live gaming sessions, or share gaming tips and tricks.

Content creators need HeyGen's screen recording. It streamlines and integrates on-screen activity capture into your video production workflow, increasing efficiency and productivity. HeyGen makes adding high-quality screen recordings to content easy.

Ultimate Guide: Mastering Video Editing with HeyGen

Ready to assemble your custom images, videos, and music into a captivating video story? Let's dive deep into the video creation journey using HeyGen. This comprehensive guide will provide practical tips and key features to ensure your video content is compelling and professional.


Step 1: Customize Your Avatar

Your main character is the centerpiece of your story. HeyGen provides three distinct avatar options: TalkingPhoto, Avatar lite, and Avatar Pro, each offering unique traits to bring your character to life. But it doesn't stop there. You can further customize your avatar's outfit.

  • Click 'Create AI Outfit,' select your avatar, and input prompts like 'A light blue cheongsam dress.' Play around until you find the perfect look, save your selection, and click 'Create Video' to enter the video editing page.

As you navigate the video editing process, keep your eyes on these powerful tools:

  • Pause Icon: Master the art of timing. Each icon represents a 0.5s pause, offering you granular control over the pace and rhythm of your video.
  • Translate Feature: Translate your content into various languages to global audiences.
  • AI Script: Leverage the power of ChatGPT to optimize your script, enhancing its engagement factor and overall impact.

Step 2: Setting the Scene with Your Background

A captivating backdrop establishes the tone for your video. You can select a video or an image generated by the 'Text to Image' feature. The 'Set as Background' and 'Opacity' settings are accessible via the context-sensitive menu that appears when you right-click the desired backdrop.


If you are using a video as a background, you can choose whether or not to include the video's original audio, which is muted by default. You can also toggle video material modes such as 'Loop,' 'Fill the Scene,' and 'Freeze at the End.'

  • Mute or Unmute
  • Video Mode

Step 3: Creating Harmony with Music

Set the atmosphere of your video with the appropriate soundtrack. Your selected music track will automatically appear beneath the scene. By clicking the music icon, you can access the music adjustment panel, where you can use 'Fill to Scene' to stretch the music across your entire video and modify the volume, entrance, and exit.


Step 4: Preview and Submit Your Work

Click 'Preview' to run a final check on your video before submitting it. Once satisfied, select 'Submit.'


Step 5: Add a Caption for your completed video and download

The 'Video' page lets you locate and examine your finished video. The 'Caption' feature will generate subtitles automatically, and you can directly download your video.


Help Center

If you have any concerns or need additional assistance, you can contact the responsive HeyGen support team by clicking the icon in the lower-right corner of the screen. They are always available to guide you through the video creation process.