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HeyGen vs D-ID: Let's Make a Comparison

April 7, 2023

A Quick Overview

Utilizing an AI-generated video creation platform to create and engage with talking avatars is a potential avenue to increase engagement and reduce costs. HeyGen and D-ID are two platforms that capitalize on AI technology to automate tasks providing AI presenters and text-to-speech capabilities. However, making an informed decision requires a comprehensive analysis of the nuances and particulars of each platform. Therefore, let us thoroughly compare HeyGen and D-ID to determine which platform would be better suited for your needs.


To ascertain the superior option, it is imperative to conduct a feature-by-feature comparison of HeyGen and D-ID. Let us closely examine each platform and evaluate their respective capabilities against each other.


HeyGen D-ID
- 120+ talking avatars covering different clothes, ethnicities, and ages - 25+ AI presenters covering different ethnicities
- Superior lip sync with 4.7/5 - Lip sync with 2.5/5
- Provides 3 types of avatars: Avatar Pro, Avatar Lite, and TalkingPhoto - Talking presenter generated by uploading portraits photos or describing
- Three view modes of avatars: close-up, half-body, and circle view - No view modes choices and custom avatars
- FaceSwap features for avatars
- Custom avatar Lite: $199/year with a fixed background.
- Custom avatar Pro: $1000/year with transparent background.

Voices & script

HeyGen D-ID
- 40+ languages with 340+ accents - 70+ languages with 110+ accents
- Text-to-speech - Text-to-speech
- Voice upload and voice record - Voice upload
- Voice cloning - Voice record and voice cloning only for Enterprise plan
- Voice speed and pitch adjusting - Voice emotions
- AI Script Generations by ChatGPT - AI Script Generations with GPT-3
- Auto-captions and auto-translation

Video creation

HeyGen D-ID
- 300+ professionally designed video templates to meet the needs of different industries - No video templates
- Multiple font choices - No media library
- Element library, including images, videos, music, stickers, icons, shapes, and frames - No video editor
- Personalized element uploading - Access to AI Presenter PowerPoint add-in
- Screen recorder providing
- PPT/PDF upload providing
- Element animations and scene transitions
- Timeline providing
- Aspect ratios can be adjusted
- URL to video

Based on the comparison of features, it is evident that HeyGen provides more options and versatility than D-ID. HeyGen offers a wider range of avatar choices, voice and script generation capabilities, and video creation tools compared to D-ID.

Free trial

Before making a purchase, evaluating each platform's suitability for your requirements may be prudent. Let us examine and compare the available free trial options provided by HeyGen and D-ID.

HeyGen D-ID
HeyGen offers a free plan that provides new users with 1-minute free video credits accompanied by a watermark. This trial enables users to experiment with the platform's core features and determine whether they meet their requirements before committing to a subscription. Furthermore, users can browse in guest mode without the need for a sign-up process. D-ID offers a free trial that does not require users to log in. Additionally, after creating an account, users can access a 14-day free trial plan that provides a total of 20 credits equivalent to 5 minutes. Videos created during this trial period will contain a D-ID watermark.

To summarize, both HeyGen and D-ID offer free trial options to allow users to test the platforms before committing to a subscription. You can try out these two video generation platforms before paying.


By conducting a comparative analysis of the pricing plans offered by HeyGen and D-ID, users can discern which platform is best suited to their budgets and needs.

HeyGen D-ID
- Essential plan for $30 per month and 10-min video credits. - Lite plan for $5.99 for 10 minutes per month.
- Pro plan for $225 per month and 90-min video credits. - Pro plan for $49.99 for 15 minutes per month.
- Customized plans for enterprises. - Advanced plan for $299.99 for 65 minutes per month.
- Customized plans for enterprises.

Each platform provides users with various pricing plans that may suit their budget and requirements.  While D-ID has more pricing options and appears to be less expensive than HeyGen, it may be beneficial to consider HeyGen's wider range of features.


To conclude, HeyGen and D-ID are two AI-generated video creation platforms that provide various features and pricing options. Through a detailed comparison of the avatars, voices & scripts, video creation tools, free trial plans, and pricing options, HeyGen emerges as the more versatile platform with a wider range of options. However, users should carefully evaluate their specific requirements and budget constraints before making a final decision.

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