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Best Synthesia.io Alternatives and Competitors

Lisa Tatum
August 25, 2022
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Of course, spending hours recording and editing videos or looking for the best cloud-based tools for creating videos from text input can be tiring.

Thankfully, Synthesia and its alternatives caters to most of these needs, as it is the most common editing tool that makes Talking Headshot videos featuring human-like avatars.

However, despite its great use, it has a few downsides.

This begs the question, “what are other better Synthesia alternatives and competitors?” Interestingly, other tools have evolved and are considered the best Synthesia competitors and alternatives. Some of which include HeyGen, Lumen5, Descript, etc.

As a Blogger, YouTuber, Digital marketer, and even a Freelancer, you need some of these tools to generate outstanding leads to gain the interest of potential customers and enhance your operations.

People are watching more video than ever before. In fact, since 2018, the amount of video watched online has doubled! And marketers have started to take notice, with video content quickly becoming a key priority for marketing professionals.

Unfortunately, video isn’t the easiest type of content to create. It takes arguably the most time, effort, and money to create compared to other types of media like blogs or infographics. However, modern technology armed with artificial intelligence (AI) has made creating video a much quicker and seamless endeavor.

If you’re looking for the best way to create video content in 2022, here are the top AI video generation software solutions for content creators.

How to choose the best AI video generation software

AI video generation software is an incredible time-saver for marketing teams. It takes an existing video clip as a starting point; takes inputs like text, images, and descriptions; and transforms them into a seamless professional-quality video with a fraction of the time, energy, resources, and cost.

One of the most common uses for AI video generation software is text-to-speech video generation. Simply input your text or script and the AI software will create a video to go along with it. This type of application is ideal for how-to videos, training, promotional videos, and more.

Choosing the best AI video generation software comes down to a few essential criteria:

  • User-friendliness
  • Tutorial and training resources
  • Resolution and quality
  • Cost
  • Reviews from real customers

Many of the top AI video generation software solutions offer free trials of their product. It’s always best to try the software for yourself, so you can make an educated decision. What works for someone else might not be the best for you. The only way you can truly find the “best” is to try it for yourself.

Top 4 Synthesia.io Alternatives and Competitors

Choice1. HeyGen – AI Avatar Videos Generator

HeyGen is an all-in-one video maker and editor with AI-talking Avatars. It makes video recording and editing effortless – just like editing a Word document! Also, it creates professional videos of spokespersons with little to no experience. And that’s exactly why HeyGen lands as the top pick as a Synthesia alternative.

HeyGen allows marketers to connect viewers with their ideal video via online and offline channels. In addition, HeyGen has multiple voices of over 40+ languages to facilitate the user’s activities and over 300+ templates that can be used to make different videos, depending on the occasion.

To use this tool, select your AI avatar first, then type the script – a subsequently written script before sending the video. In a few minutes, your video will be ready!The results will be a lifelike spokesperson, speaking through your script, with realistic accents from 40+ languages, using realistic gestures and a human voice to deliver your message. You can really create professional-level videos in just three steps with no additional equipment!

HeyGen simplifies the content creation process even more with dozens of templates to help you organize your video. No editing or directing skills, no problem. Anyone can create incredible videos in a matter of minutes.

If you prefer to use your own voiceovers or image, HeyGen is ready for the challenge. You can upload your own audio files, and the virtual presenter will synch with your audio to your voiceover. Even more, you can upload or design your own custom photo avatar (or any portrait) to speak your script. Use the Mona Lisa if you’d like!

When it comes to simplicity of use without sacrificing ability or features, HeyGen is hard to beat. Even better, it’s free to get started! Just create a login, and you’re ready to start generating AI-based videos.


Top 4 HeyGen Features  

Some of the top features of HeyGen include:

  1. Multiple Editable Video Templates: HeyGen offers users various unique video templates that can be used for different purposes and voices with over 40 languages, facilitating its users’ activities.
  2. User-friendly Editing Panel: With the tool’s AI assistance, you can easily create and edit impressive videos in a few minutes.
  3. Captioning Video Text and Image Overlays: Text or image overlay is one of the essential components of social video, a growing trend in social media content. With HeyGen, you can add a text or image element over a video file, making it easy for users to create more engaging and interactive videos.
  4. Talking Photo Feature: Drive portrait speaking by upload photo
  5. New Real Human Avatar & CG Avatar each month.
  6. PPT/PDF Import

Pros of HeyGen

  • New features arrived weekly
  • 200+ accents for choose
  • 20+ languages and accents
  • Wide selection of digital human avatars
  • Upload your own avatar or use a portrait
  • Text to video in minutes
  • Credit for free trail
  • HeyGen making it easy to gain the interest of potential customers to grow their businesses.
  • With this Synthesia competitor, you can improve your customer experiences by making them satisfied with your quick and personalized responses.
  • HeyGen automates repetitive processes, allowing you to focus on more challenging and impactful tasks.
  • No tech skills needed
  • No editing skills needed
  • No distribution limits
  • Hundreds of video templates for creative representation at your fingertips.
  • HeyGen has a friendly user interface.
  • Some features may be intuitive for beginners compared to others.

Cons of HeyGen

  • More friendly with PC user, just demo page for mobile user.
  • When many users queue to submit videos at the same time, the generation speed may slow down
  • Pricing information upon login

Heygen.com VS Synthesia.io

  1. HeyGen is more suitable for beginners with little or no video editing skills, while Synthesia is better suited for skilled and larger enterprises like companies, etc.
  2. HeyGen also offers real Computer-Generated and Photo-Generated Avatars, while Synthesia focuses more on human-like avatars.
  3. Unlike Synthesia, you can access HeyGen without creating an account in advance.
  4. HeyGen offers other exciting and unique features like “Talking Photo or face,” while Synthesia is only suitable for in-depth videos.

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Choice2. Descript – Audio and Video Editing

Descript is an affordable tool that houses all aspects of podcast and audio recording in one software. It’s an excellent tool for recording, editing, and creating audiograms for English-speaking podcasts.

Also, it has a good transcription offer that significantly cuts down the workload of traditional manual speech-to-text methods. Currently, Descript offers a Mac app as well as human-powered transcription services.

With a single click, Descript records your screen, and the webcam edits mistakes in seconds before publishing them as a link that can be shared immediately. In addition, on Descript, you can access pro-editing features like Multi-track editing, Live collaboration, Auto-captioning, and much more.


Top 4 Descript Features

  1. Accurate Transcription: With Descript, transcriptions are usually fast and precise; they come with automatic speakers and detections. Descript transcribes audio interviews to text.
  2. Integrated One-Click Publishing: Descript has a convenient cloud-based hosting, making publishing with one click to multiple formats easy.
  3. Removal of Filler Words: Descript automatically identifies and removes filler and repeated words. This is a game changer for users because it improves recorded audio quality without needing manual editing.
  4. Easy Video and Audio Editing: This tool provides its users with no traditional skills of recording, editing, and publishing videos, audios, and projects, meaning its users can edit, record, or publish without help. This feature saves time and effort by removing the need to re-record audio changes during the editing process.

Pros of Descript

  • Descript is an efficient tool used to create, edit, and publish scripts and transcripts.
  • It has a User-friendly Interface that makes your content stand out.
  • It allows users to remove filler words and record directly within the app.
  • Descript creates an excellent cataloged library of your content, whether videos, podcasts, etc.
  • It integrates with Zoom and other recording tools.

Cons of Descript

  • Descript doesn’t have the editing features experts may need.
  • It doesn’t produce a formatted invoice that you can submit for reimbursement.
  • The tool requires a regular update, which may disrupt workflow.

Descript VS. Synthesia

  1. For feature updates and roadmaps, people prefer the direction of Synthesia to Descript.
  2. Synthesia meets the demand of spokesperson video compared to Descript.
  3. Descript also integrates Zoom and other recording tools, while Synthesia does not.

Choice3. Lumen 5 – Transform Text into Video

Lumen5 is a platform designed for brands and businesses to produce training or experience to create engaging video content. Lumen5 is a source that drives the marketing team to progress because the resources of this tool are valuable and easy to utilize for increasing business engagement.

Lumen5 has an AI that extracts quotes that best represent your article or forthcoming video. This tool also has a new voice-over feature, currently in Beta; selecting it means you will have to record your voice-over in a single take.


Top 4 Features of Lumen5

  1. Automated Workflow: With the RSS feeds, Lumen5 creates videos in minutes with the assistance of AI. Also, you have video templates created automatically every day.
  2. Text to Subtitles Video: This tool easily transforms articles and blog posts into video content.
  3. Video Resolution: You can easily set your video resolution in 480p, 720p, or 1080p. In addition, you can set the aspect ratio in standard 16:9 landscape, 1:1 square format, or 9:16 vertical format for specialized platforms like Instagram and YouTube.
  4. Video Optimization: Lumen5 allows you to optimize every video to improve performance and conversion rates. In addition, you can edit your videos with logos and watermarks with it.

Pros of Lumen5

  • With the Text-to-video feature, Lumen5 easily transforms articles and blog posts into video content, and it is an easy and less expensive tool to use.
  • Lumen5 allows its users to create impactful and engaging videos from their existing videos, meaning they can make video a part of their marketing.
  • The tool provides its users with a Voice-over with background music.
  • Lumen5 doesn’t require any video editing experience to get started.

Cons of Lumen5

  • Lumen5 sometimes glitches and doesn’t allow customizations like volume increase and text placement.
  • The tool takes time to render videos.
  • You can only place the highlight on one section of the text, not in two different areas.
  • It only fetches the result in the URL or published content after converting blog posts or articles into videos, meaning you cannot change the content in the blog post or article after converting it into video.
  • There is no AI Avatars built in this Lumen5

Lumen5 VS. Synthesia

  1. Synthesia is for AI Avatar videos well Lumen5 is for AI Text videos
  2. Comparing the quality of ongoing product support, Synthesia is a preferred option over Lumen5.
  3. Comparing the feature updates and roadmaps, Synthesia meets the needs of its users more than Lumen5.

Choice4. Rephrase.ai – High quality content generation

Rephrase.ai is another solid option of Synthesia alternative for content creators looking for high-quality AI video generation software. It offers many of the same features as the competitors, with text-to-video, human-like digital speakers, and custom avatars.

Like many of the other AI video generation software options, Rephrase.ai offers a simple text-to-video function. You can create high-quality video in minutes by just inserting your text — no voiceover necessary! Simply upload your text, choose your avatar (or upload a custom avatar), and the software will get to work.


Top 4 Features of Rephrase.ai

  1. Lead generation supported: What sets Rephrase.ai apart from the competition is that it’s designed for marketing. You can insert a CTA label right into your video to encourage viewers to visit your website, order a product, or anything else you want. It’s a helpful feature to generate more leads for your business.
  2. Professional quality video: Rephrase.ai creates high quality videos for business communications.
  3. Hyper-personalized creations: It creates videos that tailor to your needs and real human avatars of your CXOs engage personally with stakeholders.
  4. Encourage marketing campaigns: Leading brands and companies have used this technology to create award-winning campaigns and communications.

Pros of Rephrase.ai

  • Insert CTA label for lead generation
  • Advanced video creation support
  • Realistic human presenters
  • High resolution video
  • Custom avatar feature is available to everyone

Cons of Rephrase.ai

  • Not as easy to use
  • Fewer features in comparison
  • Pricing plans can be complicated for starters

Rephrase.ai VS. Synthesia

1. Rephrae.ai is designed for marketing purposes by allowing you to insert CTA labels for lead generation, while Synthesia strictly discourages featuring built-in avatars for paid advertising efforts.

2. Comparing the content length, Synthesia is a preferred option over Rephrase.ai with video sequences up to 30 minutes long.

3. Comparing the usage restrictions, Rephrase.ai has a more relaxed set of rules than Synthesia.

Frequently Asked Questions on Synthesia

What is Synthesia.io?

Synthesia is a web-based platform that creates videos with AI avatars from text input. Synthesia generates unique videos that can help your company’s client onboarding, employee training, customer education, and anything requiring appealing and compelling content.

Is Synthesia AI Video Free?

No, it isn’t. It requires a purchase for the  premium account. The price is about USD30 for 10 minutes video.

How Much Does Synthesia.IO Cost?

Synthesia has an entry-level plan that costs $30 monthly per seat and offers 10 minutes of video monthly. The startup also has an enterprise-level plan that starts at $500 monthly and comes with more video minutes and extra functionality.


Recording and editing videos is a time-consuming process, and no one loves to go through a lot of hassle while doing this. Therefore, as a Social media user, blogger, or freelancer, you will need these creating and editing tools to generate unique video content and improve your performance.

There are several great AI video generation software options on the market today, and they all offer high-quality features and ease of use. However, the best way to determine if a text-to-video generator is right for your needs is to try it out!

If you want to see for yourself how AI video generation software can help you simplify content creation, try HeyGen for free. You can have high-quality content for your channels without the need for expensive equipment, actors, or editing. Simplify content creation with HeyGen.