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Best Tools for Converting PowerPoint to Video Online/PC

Ayesha Shaheryar
December 28, 2022

Presenters will appreciate the ability to convert PowerPoint to video instantly. Today, we'll review some of the best online tools for doing so!
PowerPoint presentations are still valuable for students, teachers, marketers, and many other professionals.

However, in an age when videos are essential, you need a solution that allows you to effortlessly convert your PowerPoint to video and share it across multiple platforms.
Fortunately, there are various tools available to assist you. But the question now is, "Are they all dependable?"

Table of Contents

Top Websites to Convert PPT to Video Online

You may still be under the impression that you must download and install a program on your PC to convert PowerPoint to video; you are wrong! The following are some online tools for converting ppt to mp4.


With this online video production tool, you can upload your PowerPoint file and have an AI avatar present it as a video. The AI's dialogue is based on the text or audio you submit.


The most significant advantage of utilizing HeyGen is that it has over 100 realistic AI presenters, so you will always have many options! In addition, you may also have your presentation narrated in over 20 different languages, including Spanish, Japanese, German, and many more.

The platform supports both .ppt and .pptx file formats, offering more flexibility when converting your PowerPoint to video. For example, if the AI's voice does not suit you, you can use your voice instead to customize the video. Alternatively, the platform allows you to use your face with the AI's voice in the background, similar to the newspaper in Harry Potter.


However, the platform may have certain things that could be improved because HeyGen's AI technology is still developing. For example, expect the AI presenter to refrain from offering a heated speech or a dramatic monologue. Still, it will work perfectly and clearly for typical presentations.

Pricing Plan:

HeyGen has two different pricing tiers: Essential and Pro. You can tailor both options based on the number of video minutes you require each month.
Suppose you convert a lot of PowerPoint to video. The Pro edition may be a better alternative because it is more affordable at $2 per minute and offers API access. However, if you only want to experiment, there is a FREE version with one minute of free video trial.


Canva is another popular online tool for converting PowerPoint presentations to video. It has many templates and formats to help you create the presentation you want to share. Then, employ the "Present and Record" function to convert the file to a video presentation.


Canva is popular because it includes many appealing presentation templates and design features, even in the free version. Another benefit of using Canva is that you may save it in its cloud storage and convert your pptx to video from different devices.


Canva, on the other hand, is not for everyone. Those who like minimalistic presentations may find the platform's abundance of options and features overwhelming.

Pricing Plan:

Many users have relied on Canva's free version because it is more than enough for creating standard presentations. However, those who need to access all of the platform's features will find the Pro edition is available for $12.99 per month.


Top Software to Convert PPT to Video on PC

Despite the availability of online soltions for converting PowerPoint to video, specific solutions are still worth looking into. So, if you'd rather have a software program installed on your computer to convert pptx to mp4, here are the best options.


Basic info:
This one is the OG in the PowerPoint world. Many professionals have been using it for years. With the availability of Microsoft Teams, it has become an essential
collaborative tool in many companies.


This application has been around for a long time, so it is common that even people not tech-savvy are familiar with it. Compatibility is also not an issue because it is currently available for a wide range of operating systems.

Pricing Plan:

This program is part of Microsoft Office Suite. However, it is also available as a separate product through Microsoft's official website for $159.99.


Movavi PPT to Video Converter

Basic info:

Movavi has a video recorder and converter that lets you convert PowerPoint slides into clips in just about any file format. Fresh updates are released daily, and you may enjoy various high-quality features by purchasing multiple add-ons.
Movavi's best feature is that it supports over 180 media file formats. Furthermore, it offers sophisticated editing functions and complex options such as splitting, voice-over, cropping, and so on that will assist you in making great videos.
Pricing Plan:
You can get a free 7-day trial version of Movavi. Then, if the program is a good fit for you, you can pay $49.95 to access all of the premium features.


Basic info:
This application converts PowerPoint files to every popular video format. You may also convert your presentation to DVD and create your own menu.
The best feature of this program is that the free edition has no time limit. Therefore, this is a good option if you only need simple conversion functions and don't want to pay much.
Pricing Plan:
A lifetime license for this program is available for $39.99.


Key Takeaway

There you have it! You've now learned about some of the tools that make it easy to convert PowerPoint to video. What are your thoughts about them? Have you tried one before?

HeyGen is the most dependable and user-friendly of the other names on the list. Yes, some of the other tools allow for more extensive editing.

However, HeyGen offers more functionality, and HeyGen‘s convenience makes it a winner.
This system has a wide range of AI voices with which you can interact. And, with so many languages to choose from, we see HeyGen as the best tool to convert ppt to mp4.

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