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14 Best Personalized Video Softwares of 2023

Lisa Tatum
May 23, 2023

What is Personalized Video?

A personalized video, also known as a personal video, is a video that has been customized and created specifically for an individual viewer. These videos can be utilized to schedule a meeting, provide a demo, explain a contract, offer customer support, or facilitate team communication and collaboration.

However, when we talk about personalized videos, we are not just referring to the mere addition of someone's name to the video's title. It involves addressing a particular person in a one-to-one manner with a message tailored specifically to their needs. This can be achieved by using techniques such as a captivating video thumbnail featuring their name on a whiteboard, incorporating an attention-grabbing prop, or even creating a screenshot video that hovers over their LinkedIn profile or company website. Such methods provide a more personalized experience for the viewer.

There are countless innovative ways to approach personalized video, and ample evidence supports the effectiveness of this approach in cutting through the noise and standing out.

Benefits of Using Personalized Video

In today's world, we are constantly inundated with a barrage of marketing messages every single day. This makes it increasingly challenging for marketers and salespeople to capture and maintain their audience's attention, and to establish long-lasting and impactful relationships. However, utilizing personalized video content can help you overcome these obstacles by tailoring your approach to each prospect and customer, and ultimately facilitating deeper connections.

The advantages of employing personalized videos are numerous, including:

  • Cutting through the clutter of competing messages
  • Increasing email open rates
  • Boosting click-through rates
  • Enhancing prospect engagement
  • Fostering relationships that are instrumental in closing deals

The use of videos can significantly enhance the click-through rate (CTR) of online content. Igloo Software, a B2B software company, doubled their CTR by creating 200 workplace culture videos within three months for future email content. Exciting, right? Now, let's introduce the top 14 AI personalized video makers in 2023. Experience the power of personalized video and create something amazing.

#1 HeyGen - Personalized AI Videos with Talking Avatar

HeyGen is a Personalized Video Software leveraging AI avatars for speech delivery, offering over 100 avatars, 40+ languages, and 300 voices to create customized videos for various purposes.


  • Low production cost with AI avatar for AI personalized videos.
  • Editable backgrounds like Canva with added pictures, elements, and music.
  • Industry-leading lip-sync level for realistic speech synchronization.


  • Free: 1-minute video credits/month.
  • Essential: $24/month, 10-minute video credits.
  • Pro: $180/month, 90-minute video credits, and API access.
  • Enterprise: Negotiable price, includes all Pro features and Catered tea support.

#2 Rephrase.ai - AI Generated Personalized Videos at Scale 

Rephrase specializes in Personalized Video Software, generating lifelike AI avatars with realistic facial expressions and lip-sync based on input text or audio, accessible via API or website.


  • Text-to-Video Generation: Rephrase creates videos from user text.
  • Versatile Applications: Training videos, sales pitches, digital assistants, A/B testing, etc.
  • Increased Marketing ROI: Engaging AI-generated videos enhance business ROI.
  • Accessibility and Integration: Rephrase seamlessly integrates with existing tools for diverse users.
  • Video Emails: Personalized videos enhance communication and content delivery.


The Price Starts at $25 per month with 10 videos credits.

#3 Viewed - Personalized Video Marketing at Scale 

Viewed excels in crafting exceptional video email marketing campaigns using AI Personalized Video Software. These campaigns not only establish a distinctive brand image but also drive higher response and conversion rates, showcasing a forward-thinking approach.

Steps to use:

  • Prepare CSV file with customer data.
  • The system adds AI personalized videos to email campaign, with each subscriber getting a unique "video ID" column.
  • Insert Viewed's AI personalized video code into HTML email template.
  • Upload updated CSV file to CRM/ESP and send email campaign.


  • Free plan: 3 video credits.
  • Professional plan: €79/month, unlimited videos (up to 25,000 views/month).

#4 Sendspark - Make Personalized Video Emails

Sendspark enhances customer engagement and email conversions with AI Personalized Video Software. Easily create and share personalized video messages to add a personal touch. Stay connected with customers using asynchronous video from anywhere.


User-friendly interface with a focus on adding logos to videos and generating video links.


  • Free plan available for up to 30 videos.
  • Paid plans start at $12 per month.

#5 Covideo - Personalized Video Messaging Platform

Covideo, an AI Personalized Video Software platform, is a premier video email solution designed for businesses and sales professionals. Its focus is on improving response rates, increasing sales opportunities, and facilitating deal closure.


  • Create, send, and track AI personalized videos effortlessly.
  • Seamlessly integrate videos into emails, text messages, CRM, or social media.
  • Customize videos with personalized landing pages, CTAs, and website overlays.
  • Experience Covideo's power with a free demo from a video expert.


  • Free plan: 5 minutes of video credits.
  • Pro plan: $19/month with 1 hour of video credits.
  • Business plan: $69/month with additional features.

#6 Hippo Video - Deliver Personalized Video Experiences with AI

Hippo Video is an AI Personalized Video Software platform, enhancing engagement and creating opportunities. Trusted by over 1.5 million global users and 1,000+ businesses, such as Panasonic, Genesys, and Freshworks, for personalized video content and virtual connections.


  • Accessible on web and mobile for flexibility and convenience.
  • Record or import videos for editing and customization.
  • Screen capturing and recording tools for easy creation.
  • Personalization options for ready-made videos.
  • Customizable video landing pages for branding.
  • Calls to action for increased engagement.
  • Automated customized video captions and transitions for a professional touch.


  • Free plan: 10 minutes of video credits.
  • Pro plan: $20/month with 30 minutes of video credits.
  • Team plan: $60/month with 200 minutes of video credits.
  • Enterprise plan: $80/month with unlimited video credits.

#7 Vidyard - Sales Video Software that Closes More Deals

Introducing Vidyard, the powerful sales tool that leverages AI Personalized Video Software to revolutionize prospect engagement and deal closure.


  • Send high-impact sales videos to engage and increase reply rates.
  • Share demos, whitepapers, walkthroughs, and more to streamline sales.
  • Record video handoffs to introduce qualified accounts to later-stage reps.
  • Revolutionize your sales strategy with Vidyard's powerful capabilities.


  • Free: Up to 25 videos
  • Pro: $19 per month, Unlimited video
  • Business: a negotiated price + Fully customized video

#8 BHuman - AI Personalized Videos at Scale

Bhuman specializes in Personalized Video Software, enabling scalable human connections through individually recorded AI personalized videos. Businesses can provide personalized customer experiences without the need for manual video creation.


  • Embedded in the customer journey for scalable, impressive experiences.
  • Give the impression of individualized videos for each customer.
  • Unmatched level of personalization in the industry.


  • Growth: $39 per month with 200 videos
  • Scale: $99 per month with 1000 videos
  • Ultimate: $150 per month with 1800 videos

#9 BombBomb - Increase Sales Production with Video Messaging

BombBomb revolutionizes customer outreach with Personalized Video Software, combining AI personalized video and email marketing to add a human touch to digital marketing.


  • Screen recording and video creation for multiple purpose.
  • Direct export of videos via emails, text messages, and social media platforms.
  • Automated follow-up videos to engage customers.
  • Live recording for real-time interactions.
  • Real-time notifications for email opens, video clicks, link clicks, and more.


  • Essentials: $33 per month, quickie screen recording and sending.
  • Plus: $49 per month, essential plan + mass email sending.
  • Teams:$53, Plus plan + Team management Tool.

#10 Plainly - Automated Personalized Sales Demos

Plainly offers video automation software powered by Personalized Video Software. Utilize this advanced technology to seamlessly automate the creation process of AI personalized videos by connecting your preferred video template with databases, spreadsheets, or APIs.


  • Customized video automation workflows for business objectives.
  • Integration of video creation into your tool for user-friendly video generation.
  • Launching large-scale AI personalized video campaigns with Plainly video creation API.


  • Free 15-min demo available.
  • Subscription pricing ranges from $59 to $599/month based on specific needs.

#11 Vidu - Automatically Generate Hyper-personalized Videos

Vidu, powered by Personalized Video Software, revolutionizes sales outreach with AI-generated videos. Experience increased email response rates and time savings through hyper-personalization. Effortlessly generate personalized content for a more effective sales cycle. Unlock efficiency and effectiveness with Vidu.


  • Personalized Videos
  • Personalized GIFs
  • Personalized Memes


  • Free plan: Up to 30 GIFs/memes per month, no AI personalized videos.
  • Individual plan: $50/month with 600 GIFs/memes and 300 AI personalized videos per month.
  • Team plan: Negotiable price, double the number of videos and memes compared to the individual plan.

#12 RFRD - Personalized Video Powered by Automation

RFRD, powered by Personalized Video Software, is a platform that identifies viewers and delivers personalized videos to drive new business, enhance customer retention, and boost upsells.

Steps to use:

  • Use ML algorithms to analyze, score, and tag video content for insights.
  • Perform viewer identity resolution to identify unique viewers and preferences.
  • Curate and display AI personalized videos through RFRD.
  • Customize playlists, provide performance reports, and suggest metric improvements.
  • Implement these steps to optimize AI personalized videos for each viewer.


  • Testimonial:  starting at $749
  • Explainer: Starting at $4999
  • Custom: the price depends on your needs.

#13 Peech - Personalized Video Software & Translates and Optimizes Videos at Scale 

Peech, a cutting-edge Personalized Video Software platform, empowers marketing teams to optimize their content marketing efforts through the power of AI personalized video.


  • Empowers teams with NLP technology for high-quality video generation.
  • Enables scalable video creation aligned with marketing strategy.
  • First generative AI video platform, revolutionizing content marketing.


  • Freemium: Free plan with 5 minutes of video per month.
  • Pro: $49/month with 15 minutes of video per month.
  • Teams: $399/month with 60 minutes of video per month.
  • Organization: Negotiated price with 90 minutes of video per month.

#14 Vedia - Automate Sales Outreach with Personalized Videos 

Vedia, a top Personalized Video Software platform, utilizes AI to automate personalized video creation in data journalism. Effortlessly transform data into high-quality videos for monetization across multiple platforms.


  • AI algorithms analyze terabytes of data daily for targeted video creation across verticals.
  • Enhanced audience engagement and content delivery.
  • AI personalized video capabilities lead video automation, optimizing high-quality production and advancing data journalism.


Contact the website for a demo as there is no official price available.


I hope you found the information about the leading AI personalized video makers in 2023 informative. These innovative tools, powered by Personalized Video Software, provide a seamless and cost-effective solution for creating captivating and high-quality videos. Whether you're looking to convert blog posts into engaging videos, leverage AI avatars for content presentation, or deliver personalized messages to your customers, the availability of AI personalized video generators offers endless possibilities. Embrace the power of Personalized Video Software to enhance your video creation process and effectively engage with your audience.

Key takeaways from this article include:

  • Personalized videos, created using Personalized Video Software, are highly valuable for email marketing as they are tailored and relevant to each viewer.
  • Implementing personalized videos can significantly boost email click-through rates, resulting in improved engagement and conversions.
  • Personalized Video Software, powered by AI and automation, streamlines the video production process, delivering professional-quality results and saving time, money, and resources.
  • Top AI video generators in 2023 include HeyGen, Rephrase.ai, Viewed, Sendspark, Covideo, Hippo Video, BombBomb, Plainly, Vidu, RFRD, Peech, Vidyard, BHuman, and Vedia.

Don't wait any longer—dive into the world of personalized video software today and unleash your creativity like never before. Get ready to revolutionize the way you connect with your audience and make your mark in the digital realm. The future of video content is here, and it's personalized, it's vibrant, and it's waiting for you to make it your own!