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Who are the ambassadors?

HeyGen Ambassadors are passionate, volunteer enthusiasts who teach and share HeyGen with others. They lead local communities, organize online and offline events, produce courses and tutorials, create templates, share translations, and much more.

What it means to

be a HeyGen Ambassador?


The HeyGen Ambassadors program is totally voluntary. We get it - life's busy! If you ever want to step back, just tell us. No hard feelings! 😊


HeyGen Ambassadors run the show! Your community, your rules. We'll give you a shoutout on our official Community page, but we're hands-off. Need a hand down the road? Holler at us, and we've got your back!


You decide where you want to go and what you want to do — we're here to support you!



Create and share HeyGen.

Pick what excites you most! Whether it's webinars, user groups, translation, templates, YouTube videos, or a resource website. Ambassadors should commit 2-3 hours per week or create 2-3 monthly videos while tagging HeyGen. Share your passion, and we'll back your efforts!


Connect and share.

Show you're a HeyGen ambassador in your social bios. Join our private Discord, be active, and help us grow together. Share, create, seek feedback, and connect with HeyGen team members too! 😊

Benefits just for

HeyGen Ambassadors


Access to a Discord and workspace connecting HeyGen power users all over the globe


Monthly stipend of $250 per month


Special AMA sessions with members of the HeyGen team


Free team workspaces that you use for community efforts

Community Empowerment

Empower others with HeyGen.

This can and should have many meanings. Maybe you're introducing HeyGen to new users who have never seen it before through social media or videos. Or you're helping existing users fully realize their tool-making power through a course or events.

Inspire each other.

Have fun with the product and with each other. Connect with other volunteers who also love building, teaching, solving challenges, creating content, and more. If this community turned into a straight-up chatroom about cool HeyGen projects and discoveries, that would still be great.

Inspire each other.

Community can mean your local geographic area or an affinity group that matters to you. Maybe you want to host webinars for HeyGen users in Tokyo. Or you want to create videos just for designers. Get recognized as the community leader you are, build a platform around your

Do good, together.

We as a group have tremendous power to make a positive impact using our knowledge and network. Take the time to create and participate in these opportunities, whether that means pro bono consulting for non-profits that could benefit from our tools, using HeyGen to amplify

Please note: While we receive a high volume of inquiries, we want to grow this community at a healthy pace so it can be a great experience for everyone. That's why we've had to limit admissions to 5 new members a month. We really appreciate your patience and understanding, and we promise we'll get there!

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