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Better engage with your audience by integrating a HeyGen avatar into your livestreams and live chats.

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Streaming Avatar

Unlimited session length

Streaming Avatars can support all lengths of audience interactions, from short support chats to long-form interactive training videos.

Share a link to your Streaming Avatar or embed it into your website or application!

Avatar and voice selection

You can use one of HeyGen’s public Streaming Avatars or upgrade your own Studio or Finetune Instant Avatars for use with the Streaming API.

concurrent avatars

Multi-language support

Streaming Avatars can communicate in any language that is already supported on HeyGen's platform.

Connect to LLMs

HeyGen Streaming Avatars can be connected, via API, to any Large Language Model of your choice, to perform a range of functions, from Customer Support Agent to Livestream Shopping Host.

How to customize and deploy

Using HeyGen’s Streaming API Suite, you can deploy your own Streaming Avatar as a virtual assistant, support agent, training agent, educational tutor, meeting host, and many other interactive roles!

The possibilities are endless for your organization to use a Streaming Avatar for lifelike communication at scale. Visit our starter GitHub project and use your Trial Token to try out our API.

use cases

Engage, explain, entertain - AI-Powered video creation for any need.

AI SDR: Unlock the future
of sales with AI

Harness HeyGen's Streaming Avatar API to revolutionize your SDR team.

Improve customer
satisfaction by scaling support

Unlock the ability to have engaging, live support experiences with multiple customers at a time using Streaming Avatars.

Engage, explain, and entertain-AI-powered video creation for any need.

Virtual sales coach
corporate trainer

Harness HeyGen's StreaHarness the power of HeyGen's streaming Avatar API to build a realtime interactive AI sales coach.ming Avatar API to revolutionize your SDR team.

Revolutionize education
with an AI tutor

Foster effective language learning with interactive virtual tutors and role-play conversations.