Streaming Avatar

Interact with a HeyGen avatar that responds to you in streaming!

What‘s your name?
How to learn English?
Could you help me to repeat ’bla bla’?
any questions!
Streaming Live

Breakthrough realism and performance!

For the first time, realistic avatars can respond to input with low latency and lifelike gestures and expressions. Try our demo to discover how a Streaming Avatar transforms the live chat experience!

Streaming Avatar Chat

Experience a streaming avatar conversation with a realistic digital human!

How can I learn English?
Can you help me brainstorm a name for my company?
Could you recommend some stories to tell my baby?

Streaming Avatar Repeat

Experience a streaming avatar conversation with a realistic digital human!

Welcome to my channel.
I am your digital Avatar.
I can repeat your words in real-time.

Streaming Avatar Features

Multiple concurrent avatars

Spin up multiple Streaming Avatars at the same time to engage with many different users.

Unlimited session length

From short support queries to long-form trainings, Streaming Avatars can be kept running for an unlimited amount of time.

Avatar and voice selection

Use any of your existing HeyGen Studio Avatars in realtime, and customize the voice to suit your use case.

Multi-language support

Streaming Avatars can speak in any of HeyGen’s currently supported languages.

How to customize and deploy

Using HeyGen’s Streaming Avatar API Suite, you can deploy your own Streaming Avatar as a virtual assistant, support agent, training agent, educational tutor, meeting host, or any number of other interactive roles! The possibilities are endless for your organization to use a Streaming Avatar for lifelike communication at scale.

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Use cases

Streaming Voice Conversations

Build apps for seamless voice chats between users and digital avatars.

Interactive GPT Conversations

Enhance user engagement with AI-powered chatbots using a large language model.

Language Learning

Foster effective language acquisition through interactive virtual tutors and role-playing conversations.

Live Stream Shopping

Create immersive shopping experiences with avatars and instant purchases.


Can all users access the Streaming Avatar API Suite?

All users are able to use the Trial Token (found in the API tab of the Space Settings) with the Streaming API, but are limited to 3 concurrent streaming sessions.

Does HeyGen provide the knowledge base for the Streaming Avatar?

Currently, users of the Streaming Avatar API Suite will need to provide their own source of the Avatar’s text.

How do I use my own Avatar in Streaming?

You can convert either a finetune Instant Avatar or a Studio Avatar for use with the Streaming API. Simply go to the Streaming demo ( and click 'Select Avatar', and then scroll down to the see your own Avatars that are able to be used with Streaming. You can click 'Start Streaming' to upgrade that avatar and use it.