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Unleash the Power of Realtime Avatars

December 13, 2023

A new era of virtual communication is here - one where digital conversations feel as real as talking face-to-face. We're thrilled to introduce our groundbreaking new Realtime Avatar technology that drives extraordinarily organic interactions in real-time across voice and video applications.

Combining pioneering advancements in AI, computer vision and speech synthesis, our realistic avatar nods, expresses emotion and even mimics your words as you speak. This is the next giant leap forward for digital humans. Discover truly natural back-and-forth conversations that engage customers, provide interactive education, facilitate market research and more.

Fluid, Multi-Modal Conversations

Our Realtime Avatar is the first solution to respond to both verbal and non-verbal cues in real-time. Subtle facial expressions, hand gestures, posture shifts and more all combine to enable remarkably organic conversations. Speech and motions are no longer disjointed across video calls or VR environments.

Powered by deep integrations across HeyGen’s best-in-class speech recognition and synthesis with groundbreaking generative AI capabilities, our avatar platform achieves unprecedented realism. The next era of hyper-personalized digital human applications is here.

One-of-a-Kind Realtime Repeat

Our signature Realtime Repeat feature also allows the avatar to listen, process and echo back speech and motions exactly as the user performs them. This builds tremendous rapport and understanding, unlocking more immersive conversations.

See the avatar nod as you talk about a sensitive subject, automatically fostering trust. Have it mimic an intriguing gesture to learn more. The synergies open up new dimensions for digital human interactivity unlike anything previously possible.

Deploy Across Applications

The HeyGen Realtime Avatar API makes it simple to integrate next-gen synthetic media within your own applications.

Customize every aspect of the avatar - appearance, voice, personality and more. Our tools empower you to tailor interactions to precisely match your use case needs, brand identity and end-user expectations.

Key Integration Options:

  • Video Calls & VR – Enliven video chat, VR spaces and Metaverse worlds with responsive digital humans
  • Voice Assistants – Elevate customer service and voice bot interactions with contextual, real-time reactions
  • AI Tutors – Humanize eLearning through avatar-led lessons that adapt on the fly to each student
  • Live Stream Shopping – Drive engagement with avatar hosts that react to audience questions and cues
  • Digital Focus Groups – Gain more authentic insights with avatar moderators that respond like real humans
Key Integration Options

The possibilities are truly endless when digital human interactions can happen organically in real-time. We can’t wait for you to experience this game-changing technology firsthand across your applications.