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Best Synthetic App for Video Generation (5 Main Features)

Ayesha Shaheryar
December 9, 2022

Synthetic media is the future of video making, revolutionizing gaming, marketing, and learning. Synthetic apps allow users to create highly immersive videos powered by artificial intelligence and much more. Videos have become a core part of many sectors as they can effectively convey messaging quickly and more efficiently. However, making videos from scratch with different locations, actors, and technical know-how has become time and money-consuming.

The HeyGen web application leverages multiple algorithms to help you create deep fake videos and AI avatars which have numerous advantages. So, this synthetic media app is your one-stop solution for creating attractive videos for digital marketing, online learning, or anything. So, without any delay, let's uncover the five main features of HeyGen, the best synthetic app for video generation.

Five Main Features

Text to Real Human Voice (TTS)

HeyGen is a synthetic app that offers incredible flexibility to its users to turn any text into a human voice to generate a synthetic video. Gone are the days when you have to hire a spokesperson (or actor) to create audio. Instead, you can create a studio-quality voiceover that will save time and money. In addition, the voiceovers are available in both male and female versions and allow you to edit the speech professionally regarding pauses, stops, speed, and other editing features.

Key Highlights of the Feature:

Steps to Perform Text to Real Human Voice

STEP 1: Launch on your system

STEP 2: Now, click on create video

STEP 3: Select Text from the left panel of the option

STEP 4: Enter or paste your text

STEP 5: HeyGen will automatically detect the language of the text.

STEP 6: Now, select your avatar and customize it as per your needs

STEP 7: You can use the pause, pitch, and speed options for customization

STEP 8: Submit your video

Within minutes a speaking avatar will be ready with your desired language, accent, hand gestures, pitch, and speed of speech with the help of this synthetic app. This creation creates a highly interactive text-to-speech video that is easy to understand for viewers and looks outstanding.

Customizable Real Human Avatar and 3D Avatar

HeyGen, a synthetic app, lets you generate a real human avatar and a 3D avatar with the help of state-of-the-art artificial intelligence. As a result, the videos have flawless lip-syncing, facial expressions, and detailing. In addition, the multi-language support and pronunciation are next to perfect, and the accent looks phenomenal. Moreover, the ability to select various age groups, races, professions and even clothing makes it highly advanced.


Key Highlights of the Feature:

  • You can customize three styles of avatars on HeyGen

            i. Lite version (by phone camera)
             ii. Pro version (by studio camera)
             iii. 3D version (by Movo designer)

  • Record your video and get a 3D avatar of the real person
  • Lip-Sync with 20+ Languages

Steps to Create a Real Human Avatar and 3D Avatar

STEP 1: Launch in your system

STEP 2: Click to create a video

STEP 3: Now, you can select from existing avatars or upload your video to create a real human 3D avatar.

STEP 4: Type and enter the script or attach audio

STEP 5: To create the avatar, you can customize the languages, speed, pitch, actions, and more.

STEP 6: Preview the video and submit the video

You can create highly intelligent, accurate 3D avatars with diverse ethnicities with this synthetic app. Moreover, it's time-saving and very budget-friendly. The avatars have human facial expressions and details that make them friendly and natural. Moreover, the real human avatar feature is next level and lets you design your avatar. You can use it to create a brand face, promotions, tutorials, learning videos, explainer videos, and much more.

Drive Al Presenter Speaking on the Video by Text or Audio

You can create AI presenter videos with text as well as audio input. This feature makes this synthetic app very versatile and flexible. In addition, the range of options for script input makes video creation easy and quick.

Highlights of This Feature:

  • Turn text into an AI spokesperson video or 3D avatar video
  • Built-in editable & copyright-free video template

Steps to Follow

STEP 1: Launch

STEP 2: Click on create video

STEP 3: You can choose from templates, select an avatar, and customize it according to your requirements

STEP 4: Now add the script by entering the script OR uploading an audio file

STEP 5: Customize the video with speed, pitch, background, animation, and more

STEP 6: Submit the video

The AI presenter speaking in the video, which can be a deep fake, a 3D avatar, a real-life avatar, or even a customized avatar, can get its script through speech or text. This synthetic app has advanced customization features that make video creation very straightforward. The results are mind-blowing. Also, you can choose from various templates available within the HeyGen synthetic app; you can edit them according to your style.

Turn Your Everyday Images Into a Talking Photo

There are even more advanced features like talking photos in the HeyGen synthetic app. Users can create interactive, inviting, and very advanced talking photos within minutes. In addition, the synthetic app lets you create synthetic media suited to any need.

Key Highlights of the Feature:

  • Upload a selfie, then you can enter text/audio to drive it speaking on the video
  • Support for more than 100 languages
  • Accurate lip sync
  • Real human voice
  • Custom recording feature

Steps to Turn Your Everyday Images Into a Talking Photo

STEP 1: Launch

STEP 2: Click create video

STEP 3: Choose a template from an extensive library that suits your video

STEP 4: Add your photo

STEP 5: Enter the script with text or audio

STEP 6: Choose the desired language, speed, pitch, and other features of the talking video.

STEP 7: Submit the video

You can make your everyday photos come alive by following these simple steps on the HeyGen synthetic app. The images can portray your company's goals and be used in learning, marketing, and attention will be drawn to the talking pictures with their spectacular expressions and graphics.

With extensive customization features and fast generation in this synthetic app, the features are highly accessible and practical for creating unique content. For example, viewers dislike reading a lot of text, so you can rely on these talking photos for a short introduction and other purposes, which makes it very useful.

Face Swapping to Replace the Avatar Looks

Face swapping is another application of this fantastic synthetic app. HeyGen lets you swap your face for any avatar. Also, you can create close-ups and customize the avatar to create an engaging video.

Key Highlights of the Feature:

  • Able to replace the faces of lifelike human avatars and 3D avatars.
  • Close-ups

Steps to Follow to Create Face Swaps

STEP 1: Launch

STEP 2: Click on create video

STEP 3: Choose your desired avatar

STEP 4: Click on the face swap option below the avatar

STEP 5: Upload your photo

STEP 6: Enter the script

STEP 7: Edit the video according to your needs

STEP 8: Submit the video

This feature lets you create an awesome avatar with face swapping. The synthetic app HeyGen will also allow you to add backgrounds, music, text, figures, and control speed. These features are undoubtedly next-level and very appropriate for creating videos for various needs.

Final Words

Synthetic videos are the future of videos in many sectors. Affordable pricing and an extensive library of features make it a one-stop solution for creating beautiful videos. You can then use these videos for marketing, learning, tutorials, and more. HeyGen, a synthetic app, is an excellent solution for creating tailor-made videos, which are incredible. This synthetic app also helps you create deepfake, add backgrounds, music, text, and shapes, and host high-quality videos on various platforms.

So, try HeyGen to create AI-generated, highly advanced, and attractive videos!