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How to Create an AI Tutor for Online Education on HeyGen (Authoring Tool)

Lisa Tatum
October 26, 2022

From virtual goods to the growth of new digital platforms, technology is again pushing the boundaries of human experience into uncharted territory.

Recent progress in Artificial Intelligence is opening new opportunities that will significantly impact human experience in the upcoming era of virtual worlds – the metaverse.

Inarguably, AI tutor serve eternal purposes, from being hired by real-life companies to educating new employees to serving as trusted confidantes and, more importantly, as an AI tutor to aid online education.

Are you an online educator looking to create an AI tutor for your web teachings, virtual classes, etc.? Then, you are on the right page!

Without any further ado, let’s get right into it!

Section1. What is AI Tutor

First of all, AI teachers do not stand in opposition to traditional online educators, AI teachers are just an aid to make the classroom more lively and interesting.

First, What are AI Teacher?

AI tutor are human-like narrator on the video, present the content with perfect lip-syncing and voice-over.

The following video is a example of how doese AI tutor looks on the online classs.

Benefits of AI Tutors in Online Education

Are you already thirsty from teaching in zoom or other online classes? Let's make this a win-win for everyone

Web teaching without shooting: AI avatar can help you to present the lesson content with perfect lip-syncing on the course video. All you need to do just enter the Class handouts to the input box.

Make traditional boring courses fun: Convert handout document (PPT/PDF) courseware into engaging course video with AI storyteller.

Enriching the content elements of instructional design: Can illustrations and animations grab the attention of students or listeners? Of course, but with an AI tutor, the lecture will be more vivid.

online education

Section2. What AI Tutor Do for Online Teachers

Online courses with AI Avatars are characterized by a significantly higher completion rate than traditional online courses, thanks to a personalized learning experience.

Artificial Intelligence enhances quality online education for everyone.

Revolutionizes Online Education: AI avatars can revolutionize education. Instead of mess-teaching, AI teachers help traditional teachers dress their lectures in video without cameras and recording, not to mention teleprompters; teachers simply type in the text to drive the AI avatars to demonstrate in the video.

This can be a valuable complement to a crowded classroom, boring lectures, etc.

Attractive Online Course Materials: HeyGen has a Talking Photo feature that drives historical figures and scientists like Albert Einstein, Carl Linnaeus, and many more to speak through text, making online education even more exciting.

Multiple Languages&Accents: This AI tutor generator has over 80 realistic voices in 20+ popular languages.

Thus, making it the best option for language teaching and pronunciation correction. In addition,

User-Friendly Interface for teachers: HeyGen has a user-friendly interface that supports importing PPT and PDF formats, adding authentic voices to turn boring document to funny course video.

Section3. Steps to Insert Digital Assistant into Your Web Teaching

Following these easy steps, you can easily insert your digital avatar into your online courses:

  • Step 1: Click on Import PPT.
  • Step 2: Choose Your Favorite Avatar look to Add Narration to Your Video
  • Step 3: Choose a built-in digital teacher image or upload a photo to make it your classroom speaker
  • Step 4: Upload a Funny Selfie.
  • Step 5: Get Started by Creating an Account on the Website.
  • Step 6: Enter The text of the selfie talking.
  • Step 7: Preview Your Video.
  • Step 8: Then you can finally submit your video.

FAQs About How AI Teacher Can Aid Online Education

What Are the Technical Requirements for an Online Course?

Generally, all online education courses require a high-speed internet connection, a newer version of a web-based learning system, and access to common video editing tools and software, like HeyGen, word processor, etc.

What is the Difference between E-Learning and Digital Learning?

Digital learning is a learning method that uses digital tools to enhance learners’ online education experience. On the contrary, e-learning is the process of passing knowledge across various platforms, including e-books, CDs, webinars, and many more.

What are the Key Components for Making Online Classes Effective and Interactive?

To make your online courses more effective and interactive, set students’ expectations, create a community, take advantage of the online environment, and introduce a systematic approach to course design.

What Will I Do if I Have Questions about an Assignment?

Although online classes take place in a virtual classroom, the skills needed to succeed are similar to those for an on-campus class.

You can direct your questions about assignments to your teaching assistant by email or through the instructional software, HeyGen.

What Impact Does Artificial Intelligence Avatars Have on Education?

AI avatars offer practical support for online learning and teaching, including personalizing learning for students, automating instructors’ routine tasks, and powering adaptive assessments.

Are Avatars Based on Real People?

Yes, they are. All avatars are based on video footage of real actors, with their consent.

Final words for online educator

AI technology is inevitably becoming a critical part of the learning process. It is impossible for any online educator to ignore the associated benefits of AI tutors, as it’s a crucial element in improving online education.

I believe this article has provided you as an online educator with all you need to know about AI avatars, the benefits, downsides, the effective tool for creating a digital assistant to aid online education, and the easy steps to follow when creating one.

Should you have further questions? Please leave them in the comment section below. I will be happy to hear from you.

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