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9 Linktree Alternatives For Link-In-Bio 2022

Ayesha Shaheryar
November 28, 2022

Are you looking for a way to create links in your bio other than using

If you're an influencer, content creator, or business owner, chances are you've heard of linktree. It's a popular platform that allows users to create a single link instead of sharing multiple links. 

While is a great platform, it's not the only option. There are plenty of linktree alternatives that offer similar features and functionality.

Table of Contents

Part 1. The Basic Features Of Link-In-Bio Tool

Linktree is a link management platform that provides social media users with a one-to-many link solution. Linktree is a valuable tool for anyone looking to streamline their link-sharing process. The basic features of the link-in-bio tool include.
  1. Link in bio tool allows you to add multiple links to one page.
  2. You can also embed a clickable links on one page.
  3. With the link-in-bio tool, you can customize the URL.
  4. Link in bio tool also allows you to upload an avatar. This feature will help you promote your brand or business on social media with a logo or image.
  5. Link in bio tool also enables you to link with social media platforms. It's a great way to connect your website or online store with your social media accounts.

Part2. 9 Alternatives Of 2023

Here are 9 linktree alternatives that you might want to consider:


If you are looking for free linktree alternatives, then HeyGen is a way to go.

HeyGen is a web app that allows you to create animated talking portraits that look like they speak directly to the viewer.

The tool also has a video bio feature that allows you to create a link-in-bio with a speakable portrait.


Key Features

HeyGen is a free Linktree alternative and offers several great features

  1. You can add a speakable portrait on your bio link.
  2. This is a great way to engage your audience and make it easy for them to find you.
  3. Also, HeyGen provides a custom url for free. So, if you want a branded url for your channel, you can do so without paying anything.
  4. Furthermore, HeyGen offers a clickable link and email address. This means you can quickly contact your fans and followers without going through a third party.

Pricing Plan

  • HeyGen offers a free trial and 1 minute of free credit to try out talking photos.
  • Although HeyGen is a premium web app, the bio-video feature is free.

Shorby is a great Linktree alternative that allows you to post links to your social media accounts and other websites in one place.

Shorby retargeting feature makes it unique, which allows it to create a trackable link and retarget the audience.

Key Features

  1. This linktree alternative is a team collaboration tool that helps teams stay organized and connected. 
  2. With shorby, you can easily create and manage projects, share files and documents, and communicate with each other through the direct messenger button. 
  3. Shorby also offers an affiliate program and retargeted ads to help users earn money while they work. 

Pricing Plan

Shorby's pricing plans are designed to fit the needs of a variety of businesses. 

  • The basic plan of Shorby starts at just $12 per month and includes 10,000 monitored clicks, one ad platform tracking pixel, and ten rich links per page. 
  • The next level-up plan is $24 per month, which includes 30,000 clicks, seven ad platform tracking pixels, and 50 rich links per page.
  • Shorby's $89 per month plan includes 1 million monitored clicks, seven ad platform tracking pixels, and 500 rich links per page for businesses that need the highest level of data and monitoring.

Pally is one of the best linktree alternatives. It provides a simple and elegant way to share your social media links with your followers. Instead of having to click multiple links, they can easily find all your social media profiles in one place.

Plus, this linktree alternative also offers the construction of a social media landing page and customization of links to help you grow your audience.

Key Features

  1. Pally is a linktree alternative that lets you create and share your landing pages. 
  2. Pally allows you to schedule social media posts, which is excellent for people looking for a tool that will help them save effort and effort in their daily lives.
  3. Pally will show you your statistics to discover more about which ones are performing best and why they're doing so well. This way, you'll know what content your followers love seeing from you!

Pricing Plan

Pally charges $5 for a single social group. It lets you connect up to five accounts (twitter, instagram, google my business, linkedin, and facebook). If you want 5 or more social groups, you can also enjoy a free trial and volume discount.


Tap bio is entirely different from other Linktree alternatives because of its cad-based approach. Whether you're looking for a way to make your bio more professional or want to add a little spice to the same old links, tap bio has you covered.

With tap bio, you can create an endless array of custom cards with a collection of links and images that reflect your brand and style.

Key Features

Tap bio is a great Linktree alternative tool for driving conversions and building relationships with your audience. Here are some of its key features:

  1. A customizable backdrop allows you to easily change your profile's look and feel by including your name, title, and short description.
  2. Tap Bio CTA buttons let you drive conversions and capture leads
  3. Retargeting ads that help you reach a wider audience
  4. Stats and analytics that let you track your progress

Pricing Plan 

  • Basic: this plan allows you to add one extra card and manage one instagram profile on top of your existing ones; 
  • Silver: this plan costs around $5/month, gives access to three additional cards and lets you check card statistics
  • Gold: $12/month plan lets you manage an unlimited number of cards and up to three instagram profiles simultaneously!
tap-bio is a popular linktree alternative that allows you to post links to your social media profiles and website in one place.

You can customize your page with your own color scheme and branding, and add links of your sponsers too. is a great way to promote your online presence and make it easy for people to find you.

Key Features

  1. You can use unlimited links with this linktree alternative, which is helpful if you have a lot of social media accounts or want to promote multiple products or services.
  2. also has service icons that can help you separate your links and make them more organized.
  3. Customizable cta buttons are a great way to encourage people to visit your website or shop. 
  4. You can also link to your youtube channel, soundcloud account, or other social media accounts.
  5. is a secure site, and you don't need a password to use it. This is convenient for people who want to quickly find your links without remembering a password. 
  6. You don't need to change your url every time you update your links. This is helpful if you have a lot of social media accounts or want to promote multiple products or services.

Pricing Plan

  • The best part about this linktree alternative is that it offers a free random url which you can use anytime you want.
  • There are two options $0.99/per month and $9.99 on one-time fees to get a mini plan. It will give you access to features such as custom url, trackable links, and more.
  • The unique plan costs of this link tree alternative is $24.99. It is a one-time fee and is a great option if you want to use for your business or brand. With this plan, you can create a custom url, customize photos and schedule your social media accounts.
lnk-bio is the best linktree alternative website introduced later. Short links can be created and shared through your favorite content.

It's the best option if you want to generate traffic and sales via instagram posts and profiles.

Key Features

The features of linkin. Bio stands out from other linktree alternative tools.

  1. It allows you to embed your instagram feed on your website. 
  2. provides shoppable links. You can add links to your products and services in your posts, making it easy for people to buy from you. 
  3. offers analytics. Your posts will be tracked and you will be able to see how well they are performing. 
  4. offers sales integration. This means that you can connect your instagram account to your sales platform, making it easy to sell services and products directly from your feed.
  5. allows you to add up to five links in each post.

Pricing Plan

  • It offers a free plan which allows you to create ten posts per social profile.
  • With its starter plan that costs $15/month, you can create 60 posts per social profile and test it out for free.
  • For $40/month, you can enjoy 60 posts plus three users.
  • If you need even more users, or if you want to target a specific audience with your posts, an advanced plan that includes unlimited posts and unlimited users for only $80/month.
linkin-bio is another free linktree alternative that allows you to add links to your bio on multiple platforms.

Key Features

Some of the key features of this popular linktree alternative includes:

  1. A customizable interface of allows you to tailor the look and feel of your profile to match your brand
  2. Analytics tools of give you insights into who is visiting your profile and what content they're interested in.
  3. contact form makes it easy for followers to get in touch with you.

Pricing Plan

It is free. It used to offer a $10 subscription but now it has been removed from their website.


Everlink is a great alternative to Linktree, which is a link and social media management tool that allows you to build collaborative and shareable links. Users can easily find relevant content and share it.

Key Features

  1. Everlink is team-friendly means you can invite your team member or partner to help you in managing your account 
  2. Everlink also provides an animation feature that can help you to make your bio more attractive.
  3. Everlink scheduling feature can help you to post your content at the right time.

Pricing Plan

There are two paid plans of this Linktree alternative

  • This plan costs $7/month and allows you to add multiple pages, animated power links, custom logo, animated image background with hover effect and more.
  • Another plan costs around $14/month and gives all the features of the previous plan along with unlimited pages and unlimited team sharing.

Short stack is a social media contest platform that allows businesses to run competitions and give away prizes to their fans and followers.

Short stack makes it easy to set up and manage your contest and track your results.

There are 100s of templates to choose from, and you can customize your contest to fit your brand and style. 

Key Features

Short stack is the perfect platform for businesses who want to run social media contests in pictures or videos. 

With this Linktree alternative, you can easily set up and manage your contest, track your results, and give away prizes to your fans and followers. 

There are many different templates to choose from, so you can customize your contest to fit your brand and style.

Short stack manages your team by giving them individual logins. This way, you can see what each team member is working on and how they perform. 

Pricing Plan

  • Short stack offers a business plan for $79 per month, including social media comments to enter contests, refer-a-friend, and instant win contests.  
  • An agency plan for $159 per month, and a brand plan for $399 per month. Both include all the business plan features with video upload contests, hashtag contests, and retweet contests. The brand plan includes five team
  • member seats and a dedicated account manager.
  • The enterprise plan is custom and priced according to the needs of the business. The enterprise plan is fully customizable with custom templates, integrations, and settings.
short-stack is another linktree alternative on the list that allows you to create a feature link for a landing page. You can choose from different designs, or you can create your own. also offers a wide range of features , including a blog, a calendar, a contact form, and more.

You can also create images and thumbnails with

Key Features

  1. You can easily add and manage your website's links, including social media buttons, in one place with this Linktree alternative.
  2. makes it easy to add carousels to your website. Carousels are a great way to showcase images and content in a visually appealing way.
  3.'s link animation feature makes it easy to add animated effects to your website's links. This can help make your website more engaging and interactive for visitors.

Pricing Plan

  • offers a free plan that allows you to manage an unlimited number of links, complete control over your branding, track clicks, add images from instagram, and archive and restore links. 
  • If you want more features, such as animated links and custom subdomains, you can upgrade to a paid plan.

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