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Increase Cold Email Open Rates With Personalized AI Videos

November 8, 2023

The Power of Personalized Video in Emails

Video isn't just engaging,  it's a game-changer for open rates. Videos can increase open rates by up to 96%. Video is more dynamic and compelling, encouraging viewers to pay attention and keep watching. Just look at how fast TikTok has grown to know the power of video.

Personalization is also a very important element in cold outreach because it boosts open rates. Key personalization aspects include:

  • Including the prospect’s name
  • Including the prospect’s company
  • Using the prospect’s locations
  • Using other details that would resonate with the prospect.

Personalization helps build trust and rapport quickly. This makes viewers more receptive to your message.

Videos + Personalization = Increased Open Rates

Video and personalization signals that you’ve made an effort to reach out to them specifically, not just blasting out generic emails.

With personalized videos in your cold emails, you have a much better chance of engaging prospects initially. Personalized video gives your cold emails the boost they need to get through and get a response for future messages.

Creating Personalized Video Messages with HeyGen

HeyGen is an AI video generation platform specialized for creating custom video messages at scale. Here are a few ways HeyGen can be used to add a personal touch to your cold emails:

  • AI Avatars: HeyGen uses AI deep learning to create personalized video messages with a life-like avatar of your face and voice. It’s like having your own digital spokesperson. Simply upload a 2-minute video of yourself and HeyGen automatically generates your avatar that you can use multiple times.
HeyGen Instant Avatar Process
  • Customizable details: Easily customize the AI video by adding the prospect's first name, company name, location, or other details. This makes each video unique to the recipient.
  • Quick video generation: HeyGen can churn out personalized videos in minutes once you’ve generated your avatar. Bulk-generate videos for your entire cold email list in hours without any extra effort.
  • Two-Way communication: With HeyGen, you can have automated two-way video conversations. Send initial video intro, prospect responds via video, your avatar sends follow-up video, and so on. This builds rapport over multiple touches.

Getting started with HeyGen to create AI video messages takes only minutes:

Best Practices for AI Video Emails

Here are some tips to integrate your AI-powered video emails into your cold outreach for the best results:

  • Keep it short and focused: Aim for videos under 30 seconds. A quick personalized greeting and value proposition is very effective. Longer videos tend to see a drop-off.
  • Showcase the video thumbnail & CTA: Many email clients block videos from auto-playing now. Ensure viewers can easily find and click to play the video with a big thumbnail, play icon, and call to action in the email body.
  • Follow up each video email: Use additional touches like phone calls or LinkedIn connection requests to follow up. Strike while viewer sentiment is high after seeing your video. Send a follow-up message within a day or two.
  • A/B tests different video styles and lengths: See what works best for your audience. You can vary the script, visuals, avatar, duration, etc., and track open rates. Refine your video strategy over time.
  • Optimize for mobile: Use a clean, minimalist template that’s optimized for mobile. Test out the viewing experience on mobile before sending.
  • Use powerful words in the subject line: Use power words like “personal”, “video”, “urgent” etc. to pique interest. Test out emotional sentiment like “excited”, “proud” and “thankful” in your subject lines to perform well.
  • Work the video into the natural email flow: Don’t make the video seem abrupt. Set up the context first, transition to the video, then end with a strong CTA..
  • Balance personalization with professionalism: Avoid over-casual language in scripts, especially for conservative industries like finance and healthcare.
  • Be upfront about using AI video generation: Transparency helps build trust. Most prospects will realize it’s not fully real unless you tell them.