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How to Use Public Avatars in HeyGen

June 29, 2023

Hello, everyone. Welcome to HeyGen Tutorials made by HeyGen. Have you noticed our recently added avatars? Blake, Edward, Austin, Leah... and a few more will soon be online in our avatar library. Today, Edward and I will help you master Public Avatars in HeyGen.

How to Use Public Avatars in HeyGen

Step 1: Accessing the Avatar Library

Upon arriving at HeyGen's main page, click on the 'Avatar' tab. You will find the avatar library underneath, where you can browse through all the public avatars available.

Step 2: Exploring Public Avatars

In the avatar library, you can view all the public avatars in Avatar Pro. These avatars are recorded by actors and models authorized by the individuals themselves. This ensures there are no copyright issues when using them for your videos. Feel free to use the videos you create with these avatars for uploading to platforms like YouTube or other social media.

Step 3: Choosing an Avatar

In the avatar library, select the avatar that you prefer. You have the option to either create an avatar template or create a video directly from here.

Step 4: Creating a Video

Click on 'Create video' to enter the video editing page. Here, you will see various template options available.

Step 5: Using Predefined Templates

HeyGen provides templates suitable for different use cases. Select a template that suits your needs. Note that templates come with predefined backgrounds and avatars. Once you choose a template, it will open in a new scene. To change the avatar, click on the newly added scene and select your desired avatar.

Step 6: Customizing Your Video

If none of the available templates suit your requirements, you can design your own. The scene you previously selected, which contains only the avatar, acts as a blank canvas. You can upload your own video or image as a background.

Step 7: Adding Text and Optimizing Script

Enter your prepared text in the input box. The icon next to it represents the option to use ChatGPT to optimize your video script. Additionally, you can use the translation feature to translate your script into the desired language. Adjacent to the input box, you can select the voice for your video.

Step 8: Choosing a Voice

Click on 'HeyGen's voice library' to access a variety of voice options. You can select different languages, and genders, and use filters to define age range and voice type. If none of the provided voices meet your requirements, you can upload your own recording by clicking on 'Audio' or record your own voice by clicking on 'Record.' These options can also drive avatar animation.

Step 9: Exploring View Modes

HeyGen's public avatar pro supports three view modes: 'close-up,' 'half-body,' and 'circle view.' The 'close-up' and 'half-body' views have a completely transparent background, blending seamlessly with the set background. The 'circle view' has a specific circular shape and does not support transparent background mode. However, you can change the background color using the 'Avatar background color' button.

Step 10: Adding Text and Captions

To add text to your video, use the Text feature on the editing page. You can add a title, subtitle, and body text using this feature. However, if you want to add a 'caption,' you need to first submit your video. After the video animation rendering is complete, find your completed video and click on it. You will then have the option to add a caption.

Note: Throughout the process, visual aids such as images of models recording and signing contracts can be included for better illustration. Additionally, a sample video generated by HeyGen, showcasing the avatar's animation effects, can be displayed on the screen to enhance understanding.

Supercharging Your Marketing with HeyGen

In conclusion, you now possess a solid foundation in utilizing public avatars with HeyGen. However, the true power of this innovative platform lies in its ability to supercharge your marketing initiatives. By crafting compelling avatars, leveraging advanced customization, harnessing intelligent automation, orchestrating multi-channel campaigns, and unleashing data-driven insights, you will propel your brand's impact to new heights. Get ready to revolutionize your marketing with HeyGen and stay ahead in today's dynamic business landscape.