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How to Use AI to Create a Video Newsletter in Minutes Using ChatGPT+ HeyGen!

September 6, 2023

Imagine you're Sarah, a marketing manager. Every month, you send out hundreds of email newsletters, but lately, they just seem to get lost in the shuffle of your audience's inboxes. What if there was a better way to get noticed? Enter Video Newsletters with HeyGen.

Why Video Newsletters?

Effective Connection

Video newsletters for maintaining a strong brand-audience connection.

Increased Loyalty

How video newsletters can boost audience loyalty.

Captivating Engagement

The power of videos in capturing attention and increasing engagement.

Clickable Content

Make your content more appealing and clickable through interesting videos.

Creating a video newsletter has never been easier. In just 10 minutes, you can have one ready with ChatGPT and HeyGen!

How to Use AI to Create a Video Newsletter in Minutes Using ChatGPT+ HeyGen

Step 1: Start with ChatGPT to Generate Your Content

To create a monthly newsletter for your industry or field, start by using ChatGPT to come up with 10 potential topics. Then, organize your content with an introduction, main section, and conclusion. Once you've finalized the newsletter, use ChatGPT to transform it into a video script.

Step 2: Choose an Avatar with HeyGen

Now that you've got your content, let's make it video-ready! Step into the world of HeyGen. Choose from over 100+ stock avatars or create a custom avatar that can become the face of your brand.

Step 3: Transform Your Script into a Video

Copy and paste your script into HeyGen. In minutes, watch as your newsletter evolves into an engaging video.

Step 4: Add Additional Elements

Need to add additional elements to your video? No problem. Upload your images, data tables, screen recordings, or stock videos as a B-roll, making your newsletter more informative and comprehensive.

Step 5: Customize Your Brand's Essence

But there's more! With HeyGen's Brandkit, your video truly mirrors your brand. Add logos, choose brand colors, and even integrate your brand imagery. Your video, your brand's essence.

Revolutionize Your Brand Communications with Video Newsletters

Once your video is ready, craft an irresistible subject line to ensure it captures attention. The future of newsletters is here. With the power of ChatGPT and HeyGen, transform your brand communications. Say goodbye to the cluttered email inboxes and hello to engaging video newsletters that stand out and strengthen your brand's connection with your audience. Elevate your marketing game today!