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How to Generate AI Videos in Minutes with ChatGPT and HeyGen.com

Patrick Elder
January 31, 2023

Choose a topic

Identify the topic you want to create a video about. It could be anything from a product demo to a company update. You can even ask ChatGPT to generate some topic ideas.

Use ChatGPT for script creation

Enter the topic into ChatGPT and ask it to generate a video script for you. You can review the script and make any necessary edits to ensure it accurately reflects your message.

Sign up for HeyGen.com

If you haven't already, sign up for a free HeyGen account and log onto the platform.

Upload the script

On the HeyGen platform, go to "Create Video" and copy/paste the script you generated with ChatGPT.

Choose an AI avatar

Select the avatar you want to use for the video. HeyGen offers 80+ human avatars to choose from, each with their own unique look and style.

Customize the voice and language

Choose the voice and language you want the avatar to use. HeyGen supports 20+ languages and has 200+ voices to choose from.

Add video elements

Add background images, videos, text, templates, or music to bring your video to life.

Preview and publish

Preview the video and make any final adjustments to the text or other video elements. Once you're satisfied with the video, click "Submit" to generate your finalized video in minutes.

Share and promote

Download or directly share the video on social media, email, and other channels to promote your message in an engaging video for your audience.

With these simple steps, you can easily generate videos using ChatGPT for script generation and HeyGen for video creation with text-to-speech AI avatars. Whether you're a marketer, business owner, or content creator, ChatGPT and HeyGen.com combine together to provide an efficient solution for creating videos that will help you reach and engage your target audience.