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How to Create an Automated Personalized Welcome Email Using HeyGen

November 20, 2023


Sending a personalized welcome email to new customers or users is a great way to make them feel valued from the start. However, crafting unique emails for each person can be time-consuming. That's where AI services like HeyGen come in handy!

In this post, I'll walk you through how to easily create automated, personalized welcome emails using HeyGen. HeyGen is an AI video generation platform that specializes in creating digital avatars and voices. By leveraging HeyGen's text-to-video technology, you can automatically generate customized video emails to welcome each new subscriber individually.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Create Your AI Avatar

The first step is to create an AI avatar of yourself or a spokesperson that will be the face of your welcome emails.

Here's how to make your avatar in HeyGen:

  1. Sign up for a HeyGen account.
  2. In the platform, click "Create Avatar". Upload a few photos of the person who will represent your brand.
  3. Let HeyGen process the images to generate a digital likeness. You can edit the avatar's facial features if needed.
  4. Record a few voice samples of the person to train HeyGen on their vocal intonation and speech patterns.
  5. Name your AI avatar - this will be the virtual host of your videos.

Once you have your avatar set up, you're ready to start generating personalized welcome emails!

Step 2: Connect HeyGen to Your Email Service

Next, you'll need to connect HeyGen to your email marketing platform like Mailchimp or Customer.io so it can access new subscriber information.

HeyGen offers a couple of ways to integrate the platforms:

  • Use HeyGen's Zapier integration to connect your email service. Set up a Zap with the trigger as "New Subscriber" in your email tool. The action should be "Create a HeyGen video". This will automatically generate a new video for each new subscriber.
HeyGen's Zapier Integration
  • Use HeyGen's API to build a custom integration between the platforms. You can pass subscriber data like name, company, etc from your email service to the API to dynamically generate videos.
  • Manually export subscriber lists and upload them to HeyGen as CSV files. This is best for one-off video generation.

The Zapier method is the simplest if you want real-time video generation per new subscriber.

HeyGen X Zapier

Step 3: Customize Your Video Script

Now comes the fun part - writing a script for your AI avatar to turn into a welcome video.

Start by personalizing the script with fields from your subscriber data like:





This will allow HeyGen to swap out those fields for each recipient's information when generating videos.

Next, craft your video message. Here's a sample script template:

"Hi {FirstName},

Welcome to [Your Company]! I'm [Your Avatar's Name], your virtual assistant. We're so glad you've joined us.

Here at [Your Company], we specialize in helping {Industry} companies like {Company} succeed. As one of our new customers, I wanted to personally welcome you aboard and let you know we value our relationship.

Over the next few days, keep an eye out for some educational content to help you get started. In the meantime, please reach out if you need anything at all. We're happy to help!

Thanks for choosing [Your Company]. We look forward to working with you!

Sincerely,[Your Avatar's Name]"

Customize this template further with details about your product, company, and value proposition. Be sure to include a clear CTA like requesting feedback or content suggestions.

Step 4: Generate & Send Your Videos

Once your avatar, email integration, and video script are set up in HeyGen, you're ready to start generating and sending personalized welcome videos!

When a new subscriber signs up, HeyGen will automatically:

  1. Access the subscriber's data from your email platform via the integration.
  2. Swap their information into the script.
  3. Generate a customized video with their name and details included.
  4. Deliver the final video directly in your welcome email.

Recipient's will see your friendly AI avatar addressing them directly in a warm, engaging video message.

HeyGen makes it easy to track video opens/views so you can see who engaged with their personalized welcome.

Pro Tip: Set up A/B testing in your email service to try out different video scripts and CTAs. See what resonates best with subscribers.


Personalized, AI-generated video is the future of marketing engagement. With HeyGen, you can easily automate sending unique welcome videos to each new subscriber that capture their attention.

Key Takeaways:

  • Create an AI avatar to be the face/voice of your videos
  • Connect HeyGen to your email platform via API or Zapier
  • Customize your video script with personalization fields
  • HeyGen swaps in recipient data to generate customized videos
  • Track opens & engagement to optimize your video strategy

Adding a special video welcome sets your brand apart. Try HeyGen today to create instant connections with customers!