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The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your First Video with HeyGen

Patrick Elder
February 3, 2023

Would you like to create engaging videos that showcase your brand, product, or service but need help knowing where to begin? Look no further! Heygen.com is an AI video generation platform that provides a friendly user interface and efficient solution for creating high-quality videos at scale. With 200+ video templates, 80+ talking avatars, and the ability to type or copy/paste your own script, HeyGen makes it easy to create a professional video and share it in minutes.

How to Create Your First AI video

To get started, follow these 6 simple steps:

Step 1: Pick a Template

The first step to creating your video with HeyGen is choosing a template. Log onto app.heygen.com and choose one of 200+ templates tailored to specific needs and industries. So whether you're looking to create an explainer video, promotional video, or brand video, we can help. Choose the template that best suits your needs, and prepare to take your video to the next level.

Step 2: Choose An Avatar

The next step is to choose an avatar for your video. You can choose from 80+ avatars of different ethnicities, ages, outfits, and poses. HeyGen has got you covered, whether you're seeking a young, energetic spokesperson or experienced professionals. Re-size and move your Avatar around the screen to your desired position.

Step 3: Enter Your Script

Now it's time to add your video content. First, type or copy/paste your script narration in the main text box. Alternatively, you can record and upload your own audio voiceover of the script.

Step 4: Add Video Elements

Then, build out your video scene-by-scene with our intuitive drag-and-drop UI. We provide pre-set templates that you can follow or customize as you like. Start by adding your on-screen components from our rich elements library (text, graphics, logos, stickers, icons, images, videos, music, and audio).

Step 5: Preview and Fine-Tune.

After arranging all the elements, preview the video. Note: There will be no Avatar movements in the preview, but you can preview all other video elements. Make adjustments as needed to perfect your video.

Step 6: Submit & Share Your Video

Finally, click "Submit" and your video will be ready for downloading and sharing within minutes. HeyGen will generate a professional video with perfect text-to-speech avatar lip-syncing, ensuring that your message is conveyed effectively. You can easily share your video with your colleagues or clients, post it to social media, or use it for marketing with unlimited downloads in 1080P resolution.

Start Creating Videos with HeyGen

Making videos is now easier than ever! With HeyGen, you can convert text into high-quality videos in minutes from your browser. Create videos that perfectly represent your brand, products, and services with customizable avatars, templates, and scripts. With HeyGen, you don't need prior experience or expertise to produce an engaging and professional video. Take the first step in engaging and inspiring your audience by creating your first AI video with HeyGen today!