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How to Make a Harassment Training Video on HeyGen

Lisa Tatum
December 12, 2022

With various sexual harassment scandals in the headlines, companies must now develop procedures, policies, and adequate training to help prevent such occurrences in their workplaces.

An experienced HR professional knows that having a sexual harassment policy isn’t enough. You must also ensure your employees understand what constitutes unacceptable behaviors in the workplace.

One of the effective ways is by creating sexual harassment training videos for your employees. This article has carefully explained how you can make these training videos with limited resources and features and, of course, no editing skills.

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But First, What Is Workplace Harassment?

Workplace harassment usually occurs when an employee or a group of employees are threatened or belittled by their colleagues. Every workplace harasser aims at making their victims unsafe and uncomfortable.

Workplace harassment may come in different forms, including but not limited to workplace aggression, mobbing, bullying, and many more. As you may know, harassment incorporates various (unwanted 0 actions that are not confined to a specific group. We have carefully examined the most common forms of workplace harassment in the next section of this article.

Types of Workplace Harassment

Verbal Harassment: Often, the victims of verbal harassment face unhealthy and, again, unwanted criticism of either health or career objectives. Verbal harassment consists of offensive gestures, demeaning slurs, and unwarranted criticisms.

However, since this is a non-physical form of harassment, it includes insults like body shaming jokes, unwanted taunting, and hurtful comments, which are usually challenging to recognize. As it is a gray area, managers should be vigilant to notice such behaviors.


Sexual Harassment: This harassment is more common than you think and also, and it is not specific to women only. Every gender can be a victim of a perpetrator of sexual harassment. According to a report, 40% of female and 14% of male employees have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace.

Cyberbullying: Cyberbullying is the newest form of workplace harassment. Although it happens online, it is as derogatory as physical bullying. This harassment includes posting threats or demeaning comments on social media platforms and creating a webpage about someone to mock or belittle them.

Psychological Harassment: This is somewhat similar to verbal harassment, but it is more covert and involves tactics like withholding information. Victims of such harassment are prone to suffer mental and emotional breakdowns and low self-esteem and tend to undermine themselves.

Physical Harassment: Physical harassment in a workplace has varying degrees, including physical assaults, threats, or damaging personal property. People belonging to the LGBTQIA+ communities or gender minorities are more likely to face such harassment at work.
Let’s dive into the central part of this article: why you should create sexual harassment training videos for employees using HeyGen technology.

Why You Should Use HeyGen to Create Employee Training Videos for Sexual Harassment

First and most importantly, you must note that the solution to awful training videos is to create customized employee training videos. Creating videos tailored to your company values and culture ensures that your employees are engaged and receptive to the material.

Thankfully, with HeyGen, you can create these customized videos easily. Now, let’s examine why you should use HeyGen for your customized training videos below.

You Own Your Content

When you make your video, you are in charge of the content, meaning you can create the narrative and share company values and culture. Also, you can ensure that the language used in the harassment training video is inclusive and respectful. Furthermore, you can be sure that your video meets legal requirements, should there be any.
Additionally, you'll have a diverse workforce and can ensure that your harassment training video includes stories and voices from various backgrounds.

Real Human-like Presenters are Generated for Your Videos

It may be challenging to keep a video updated if you have ever embedded it on a website. However, to ease the stress of uploading and updating HTML code regularly, you can generate real human-like presenters using a platform like HeyGen.

With HeyGen, you can access various human-like presenters of different voices, ages, and gender. Moreover, you only need to film your harassment training videos on the platform, and the video updates automatically.


Free Sexual Harassment Video Templates for Use

Stop spending hours designing your video templates. You can create a professional one in a few seconds using HeyGen’s free and easy-to-use templates.

Furthermore, with HeyGen, you can select your desired templates since many different sexual harassment training video templates exist. So, take your time to choose your desired template.

Guide to Creating Sexual Harassment Training video without Filming and Editing

Below is a step-by-step guide to generating a sexual harassment training video without the need to film or edit it.
Step 1: Log into the HeyGen website and click “Try HeyGen for Free.”


Step 2: Click “Templates” to select the template of your choice.


Step 3: Since sexual harassment is a training video, I used the “Learning & Development” template.


Step 4: Choose the “Sexual Harassment Training” template


Step 5: Use the Template


Step 6: Click on “Avatar” to select your desired avatar


Step 7: For this guide, I used Monica


Step 8: Enter the script of your harassment training video, and your avatar will begin speaking.


Step 9: Replace the elements of the video canvas, i.e., the language, speed, pitch, accent, and background music.


Step 10: Play to preview your video


Step 11: Click “Submit” to get the video result on the “My Video” tab.

Frequently Asked Questions about Harassment Prevention Training

How Long Is Army SARC Training?

The SARC training or career course is a six-week course designed to meet DOD Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office’s primary competencies and prepare individuals to respond effectively to sexual harassment victims and complaints.

What Should a Harassment Prevention Training Program Include?

A harassment prevention training program should include proper procedures and policies that allow victims to report abuse, discourage harassment, prevent retaliation, and promote a harassment-free work culture. Also, employers should train their workers in sexual harassment prevention.

Why Is Harassment Prevention Training Important?

Harassment prevention training is essential because it helps raise awareness across an organization of what harassment is and the employees’ role in creating a safe workspace culture free from harassment. Also, this training ensures discipline and instills confidence in the workplace.

What Questions Should Be Asked During a Harassment investigation?

During a harassment investigation, the investigator should ask the complainant when the incident occurred, i.e., the date, time, and duration. Also, the complainant should describe the incident and how it happened.


A positive, healthy, and harassment-free workplace eradicates toxicity and helps in employee engagement and increased productivity. So, you must ensure your workplace does not encourage harassment and discrimination.

We hope this article was helpful for you to understand and recognize workplace harassment, how to make harassment training videos, and the best platform to make your video. Have further questions, thoughts, or ideas? Feel free to comment.