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Royalty-Free Stocks Video and Music Footage in HD and 4K

Emmanuel Whyke
November 30, 2022

Creating content for films and videos can be an expensive process. Between purchasing lighting rings and cameras and the time it takes to craft incredible footage, it is easy to go over budget.

Free stock videos are one of the best energy, time, and money-saving tools for people making commercial music videos, films, new segments, etc. With stock videos, you can easily use stock clips created by someone else in your projects without risking copyright infringement.

Herein, I have comprehensively discussed everything you must know about free stock videos, music footage in both HD and 4k, the concept of Royalty free and copyrighted videos, and the right tool to access and incorporate them into your content.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Table of Contents

Section1. First, What Are Royalty-Free Stock Videos or Footage?

Most times, when a piece of artwork features in a video, the creator negotiates an ongoing payment for the use of that content. The payment refers to Royalty.

On the contrary, Stock video, also known as B-roll, is pre-filmed footage that can be purchased and used for various films and projects. Often, stock videos are filmed during the production of larger projects; however, some videographers intentionally film them intending to sell them on stock websites, as it is proven to be an adequate income stream due to great demand.

Stock videos o footage cover just about any genre or type. A good stock footage provider has a database of literally thousands of clips where a filmmaker or an editor looks to locate the videos that best suit their needs.

The purpose of stock videos is to run with the visual flow or the final production. They are meant to fit in more significant creations seamlessly.

Therefore, Royalty-Free Stock Videos are videos you can use for free without any ongoing costs.

How to Get Royalty-Free Stock Videos

Several websites offer Royalty-Free stock videos or footage; however, not all of these websites are credible. Credible sources of any free stock videos you need include Pexels, HeyGen, Coverr, and a few others.

Our focus – which doubles as our recommendation – would be on HeyGen.

Now, the big question is, “how is HeyGen difference from other sources of video stock?” I’ve answered this in detail in the next section of this article.

Section2. What is the Difference between HeyGen and Other Video Stock?

HeyGen is an all-in-one video maker and editor that makes video creation and editing hassle-free. You know how easy editing a document is? This is exactly how HeyGen makes video creation and editing effortless!

More importantly, this tool offers several unique features, including but not limited to background music, multi-scene videos, 80+ realistic voices in over 20 popular languages and accents, and many more.

HeyGen differs from other video stock because:

  1. It offers hundreds of downloadable video footage.
  2. You can merge all HeyGen-made videos into a long video without using a third-party feature with the Multi-Slide video feature.
  3. You can replace a built-in HeyGen voice with authentic voices by recording your voice and uploading the file for the AI to use in the video.
  4. It drives your text talking through an AI Avatar with perfect lip-syncing with its “Text to Video” feature.

Section3. Access Copyright-Free Stock Video Footage on HeyGen

This section carefully explores a comprehensive guide on how you can use HeyGen to access copyright-free stock video footage, using the B-roll footage video clips library in HD and 4K.

Royalty-Free AI Avatar with Lip-syncing

You can use AI avatars to generate videos in a few minutes. Unlike other video stocks, HeyGen creates each video up to 10 minutes long, thus suitable for creating engaging YouTube or training videos.

In addition, all HeyGen videos have presenters and voice narration based on the inputs provided.

These presenters are virtual humans with flawless body language and gestures, making it nearly impossible to distinguish them from real humans.

Also, their voice narration is exquisite; they speak fluently, just like a native speaker, and accurately based on the scripts provided.

In the meanwhile, these avatars come in both genders and can be children, middle-aged, youth, and adults.

Furthermore, these avatars speak in various languages like English, Arabic, Greek, Hindi, French, Japanese, German, Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch, Spanish, and many more.


B-Roll Footage Video Clips Library in HD and 4K

B-roll is one of the common ways of using stock videos. You have seen it in almost every TV show you have ever watched.

While B-roll can provide additional meaning to a story, it helps tie two main footage clips together. Also, it comes in handy when covering up mistakes or making edits.

With HeyGen, you can effortlessly search for free HD and 4K online videos with the video element. The step has been explained via the diagram below.


Background Music Stock for Free to Download

Stock Music, also referred to as library music, royalty-free music, or production music, has been specifically recorded to be licensed for general use in other creative mediums like video.

Stock music covers many modern and period genres, moods, styles, and tempos. Also, it offers everything ranging from classical orchestrations to animated, royalty-free compositions.

Like stock photography, where you can easily access libraries with thousands of photographs for use, you can also access stock music libraries on various platforms such as HeyGen Audio Library for audiovisual works.

On HeyGen, you can access different copyright-free music stock that can be added to sync your video. You can do this by logging into their website, clicking on the “element,” and selecting your desired music.


Frequently Asked Questions on HeyGen

Can I Drive the AI Avatar Footage Speaking by My Voice?

Yes! Thankfully, with HeyGen, you can upload or record your voice to drive the avatar speaking on the video.

Can I Use the Video Made by HeyGen to Promote My Business?

Of course, you can! AI avatars are becoming popular among various industries as they see them as a way for business promotion.

With HeyGen, you can use AI avatars to create and distribute engaging content compelling to your target audience.

Does Your Free Stock Video Have a Watermark?

No, HeyGen's free stock videos don’t have a watermark.

Does Your Free Music Stock Have an Audio Watermark?

No, HeyGen's Free Music stock doesn’t have an audio watermark.

Can Royalty-Free Videos be Used Commercially?

Yes, you can. Unlike the public domain, stock footage is crafted specifically for others to license and use their creative works. So, you can use many stock videos for commercial purposes once you have a royalty-free license.

What Videos are Public Domain?

Public domain videos are not subject to copyright, meaning you can use the footage freely without asking for permission.

What Happens When Copyright Expires?

When copyright expires, your work expires in the public domain, meaning it can be used and re-used for free by anyone without asking the copyright owner for permission.

Can I Upload My Video to the Platform?

Yes, you can easily upload any video you create on HeyGen to the platform.

To upload your videos on HeyGen, follow these steps below:

Step 1: Log into the HeyGen website and click “Try HeyGen Now” to start.


Step 2: Click “Create video,” usually at the website’s top right corner.

Step 3: Click on “Avatar” then “My Avatar.”


Step 4: Select “Upload Photo” to upload your desired selfie.


Step 5: Ensure your desired photo meets the photo requirements for better results.


Step 6: Enter the desired text to drive your avatar to talk. Also, you can record your voice by clicking on the microphone icon.


Step 7: Select the language and accent of your choice for your avatar.


Step 8: Preview your video.


Step 9: Submit your Video.



Free stock videos are great for business owners and individuals that want to create high-quality content without burning a hole in their pocket. While there are incredible, easy-to-use, free stock websites available for everyone to use, considering HeyGen is not a bad option.

With this article, you can confidently claim that you know everything about Royalty-Free stock video.

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