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How To Convert Blog Posts To Videos Online

Lisa Tatum
September 9, 2022

Have you ever thought about creating videos for your blog or convert the article to video? If so, you're not alone. The video content trend is sweeping the internet right now.

Imagine you're busy. You have a lot on your plate. In the midst of getting things done, you don't have time to convert your blog into a video.

In spite of this, you want to share your knowledge with the world in a more engaging way.

That's where HeyGen comes in!

We'll show you how to convert your blog posts into videos with HeyGen so that you can share them with your audience more engaging, visual, and fun than words on a screen.

Part 1. Why Should I Turn The Article Into A Video?

Turning a written article into a video is a great way to boost your SEO and get more eyes on your content.

But there's more to it than that! have a look at these reasons why you should turn your articles into videos:


1. Video SEO plays an essential role in search engines.

To rank well in Google, you must ensure that your content is optimized for search engines.

2. Embedding videos help increase the viewer's retention time on your website.

Viewing and watching videos lengthens a visitor's stay on your site. Meanwhile, lower bounce rate.

3. Video can reach a wider audience than just text can!

People who share videos on social media have a much broader reach than when they share text articles or blog posts.

4. Video is more ways to engage your audience.

You can add a lot of visuals to a video that you can't add to an article, so you'll have more ways to engage your audience.

5. Video can deliver more content than text.

Subtitles, voice-over, animation effects and more. Videos are more accessible to share than articles because they're not just text on a page.

Part 2. Steps To Turn The Blog Post Into A Video Online

If you're a blogger and want to turn your blog post into a video, HeyGen can help! You're almost there!

Just follow these steps to turn your blog into a video.

Step 1. Determine which content will appear as text and as a voice-over. Separate the two and make sure they are clear on their own.


Step 2. Open HeyGen, and select a presenter for your blog video (you can use built-in avatars, or you can also create your avatar).


Step 3. Enter blog content into the script box.


Step4. place other article text on the video canvas.


Tip: HeyGen will help you to turn text to speech automatically.

Final Step. Hit submit to get the final video for your blog!


A video can be shared directly or as a link, and can also be saved in HTML, so you can embed video on your website.


Part 3. Turn Blog Post To Video Automatically With HeyGen API

How to turn article to video automatically? Then you need the HeyGen API service to help you achieve this.

HeyGen is a video creation platform that allows you to turn your blog posts into videos. It's easy to use and doesn't require any video editing experience.

You can use it on your own or with your team to create videos in minutes. HeyGen API made it even easier.

It's super simple. HeyGen API will detect your blog content and convert the article to video automatically.

The API will create a real-human like AI spokesperson video with all the text from your post and automatically sync it with the audio.

You can also add other effects, like fades and motion graphics. It's all customizable!

With HeyGen, you can:

  • Easily turn your written content into videos by combining text with images, screenshots, and clips from YouTube.
  • Use PowerPoint presentations as the basis for your video.
  • Upload your own images and video clips to create a personal avatar.

Final Words

Many bloggers don't know where to start when creating videos for their blogs. HeyGen has made your life easier. With the help of HeyGen, you can quickly convert your blog into a video.

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