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30 Best YouTube Video Ideas for Content Creators for 2023

Emmanuel Whyke
April 17, 2023

Unsure of the best YouTube video idea to explore as a content creator in 2023? You are in the right place…and (maybe) at the right time, too!

This article comprehensively outlines the different YouTube video ideas you can explore to promote your content creation business in 2023. Let’s dive right in!

Overview about YouTube

YouTube is a major video streaming platform created for anyone to post and watch videos without restrictions. Since its inception in 2005, it has become one of the foremost distributors of original content videos, with many options available for use daily as a YouTube video idea.

With over 500 hours of video content uploaded every minute and 4 billion hours of video uploaded monthly, it has undergone a significant content transformation and distribution.

YouTube is very interactive. It allows content creators to create and publish their videos while sharing the generated revenue. When you post, the number of views, subscribers, and ads run on the video will be calculated, giving you a percentage of the earnings.

Popular channels like Mr. Beast, WWE, and others publish fresh content and get paid for their YouTube video idea content all the time.

Of course, you must first create before publishing on YouTube. However, shooting a video the conventional way can be a little time and energy-consuming. Nowadays, there are suitable options for creating a video from the comfort of your home without hiring actors or studio space or buying the setup.

One such platform to create your YouTube video idea as a content creator is HeyGen. It uses the best technology to create avatars based on real actors, using their voices for more authenticity. HeyGen has different backgrounds and actors to cater to different types of videos and needs – from How-to videos to corporate standard videos, etc.

Why Should You Be Interested in YouTube?

Nowadays, people are more interested in videos than text, and many platforms are dedicated to that purpose. YouTube is one of them; I can safely say it’s the best! For any creative start-out, you will need this platform to publish your content.

YouTube offers you the best option. According to Statista, it ranked the second most popular website in the world, with one billion hours of content watched daily.

Your first business order is generating the YouTube video idea that suits your niche. Creating your video is next; as I have explained above, this can be done through new video creation and editing tools like HeyGen.

HeyGen is a state-of-the-art AI-generated software that alleviates the stress and funds associated with renting and setting up a studio for shooting your YouTube video idea.

Developing Your Video Marketing Strategy

After your creative process, the next goal is reaching your audience. The only effective way is to have a video marketing strategy. Here is a step-by-step guide to developing your video marketing strategy the right way:

1. Define Your Target Audience

Before making a marketing strategy decision, you must know your target audience. You must have conducted interviews to identify who your content is explicitly reaching among the audience pool.

The YouTube video idea you’re looking to explore greatly determines your audience. For example, if you are creating cooking videos, your target audience will be primarily females between the ages of 20 to 50. Once you’ve discovered this, preparation can begin in earnest.

2. Identify Your Marketing Goals

Next, set the goals for successful content marketing. You need to focus on three main goals to increase overall traffic on your YouTube channel.

First, you should create brand awareness to drive traffic to your channel, boost views, and put your name on viewers’ lips. It mainly attracts viewers and introduces your brand to the target audience.

Then, engage your new audience: your focus is to create content that sounds appealing to them. You can also make additional content to keep them glued to your channel, such as polls, viewer appreciation videos, and meet the fans. Such YouTube video idea generates more audience and keeps the existing ones interested.

The final goal is creating and dropping steady content to interest your viewers and increase customer value. It follows an ongoing rollout of value-added content, and you start earning!

3. Determine Your Budget

While you must be creative as a content creator, you can’t actualize your dream without the proper budget. First, understand that the YouTube video idea you’ve chosen largely your expenses. Nonetheless, ensure you have a detailed plan for your spending – spending less could hurt your brand, and overspending could cause a lot.

I suggest you seek expert help and advice before creating a budget; ask them for their experience and how much they paid for services they couldn’t do themselves.

4. Research Competitors

Competitor research lets you know the exclusivity of your content on the internet and identify other creators that can poach your potential viewers. In simpler words, it helps you to determine how well your YouTube video idea is or will perform after publishing.

There are different ways you could do this: the old-fashioned route with evergreen methods like going through the local business directory and searching similar products or services, but in this case, your directory is the internet.

You need to know how your competitor does his content (the YouTube video idea he explores), how he distributes it, the social media platforms, his methods of getting more viewers, and so on. You can also be proactive by predicting his future marketing strategy.

With YouTube, this information is readily available on the site and makes your work easier. It helps you finetune your strategy and get ahead of your competitors. This way, you can improve your ideas, exploit what your competitors are overlooking and do it better.

5. Investigate Popular Topics

As a content creator, there are times you need to incorporate trends into your original content. It is a great way to create attention and generate traffic to your channel. Regardless of your content, incorporating popular trends is never a bad idea. An example was the ice bucket challenge done by almost every YouTube creator – a brilliant YouTube video idea that was, if you’d ask me!

Trends are a great way to increase subscribers; viewers would be glued if your content is excellent.

6. Optimize For Search

Optimizing videos for search is another great way to get your idea YouTube video to audiences efficiently. Like any other social media platform, it wants to deliver content that explicitly answers users’ queries.

There are many ways to get your video ranked higher in google analytics, but if you create content for the right audiences, then you’ve done 90% of the work.

Optimizing Your Content Using Keywords

A surefire way to optimize your YouTube video idea on the platform is by using keywords. You can use them in your video titles, description, and content. It increases the chances of your content idea appearing in users’ search queries.

You incorporate terms and phrases used by your target audience; for example, if you have a cooking channel on YouTube, you can include keywords that your audience uses, like; food, food processor, recipes, beverages, etc.

Another method is using YouTube analytics and engagement. YouTube has a “Metric System” ranking videos based on how long viewers stay on your video. So if viewers stay long, you deliver valuable content and vice versa.

You can give your viewers a reason to stay, like promising them a giveaway at the end of the video or showcasing a product they need. However, understand that the strategy you’ll implement will largely depend on the YouTube video idea you’re looking to explore.

7. Measure And Analyze Your Results

You can know whether your strategy is working or if you need to go back to the drawing board to tweak some other aspects. Nowadays, content creators use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track their content performance on the platform.

Here are some of the metrics to check:

ü  Video Engagement: This is how long a viewer stays tuned to your video. It is flexible based on the type of video you created. If your video includes a call to action, viewers must watch it to the end to increase the conversion rate.

ü  Rate of Play: To better track how many users are watching your video to the end and are subscribing, you must know how many are clicking your videos first. Some factors that determine include the outlook of the thumbnails for the video, the SEO rankings, etc. If your metric is below par, you can make a few adjustments to increase total views.

ü  View Count: This is a crucial metric. It shows how many viewers have viewed your video. However, different platforms have different view count duration. YouTube takes 30 seconds of playtime before any video counts are played.

ü  Click-Through: This is highly dependent on your type of YouTube video idea. It is an important metric to measure if your video has a call to action like “Subscribe.”

ü  Conversion Rate: This measures the number of viewers that “stayed.” It means your strategy is working. Though if you are getting more subscribers, it doesn’t mean you should relent in your efforts; you might be lacking in other areas. 

8. Adapt And Improve

This involves putting all you have learned in the development and actualization of the video content marketing strategy to use and, in turn, improve your process. In some cases, you might need to reevaluate some ideas; in other cases, you might need to improve and expand the existing theory.

30 Good Ideas for YouTube Videos in 2023

Nowadays, different YouTube channel ideas cater to various aspects of the users’ needs. From cooking channel ideas to travel vlog ideas. Here are 30 of the most popular YouTube video idea for you as a content creator in 2023:

1. Vlog

A vlog is a type of blog; the form of dissemination is video. This YouTube video idea has been gaining popularity since its launch. People make videos about their interests and current information to inform or entertain others.

Although there are many vloggers, such as Jay Alvarez, Vagabrothers, Ali Abdaal, etc., there is always a need for new and fresh content on different topics. Some examples of popular topics for this YouTube video idea are beauty, gaming, travel, health and fitness, lifestyle, and so on.

Starting a vlog idea is a lot of work, and most vloggers have made it a full-time job. But if you want to make extra money with vlogging, you must put in the time and work to get to the sponsorship level. The most popular vloggers started in the early days of YouTube.

You’ll need to know a few things about different subjects to start a YouTube video idea. Some are filming, editing (some of your videos might need pictures and some animation), and planning production.

As a beginner, you might not need a large setup like a studio; your phone and a hands-free microphone are enough. An iPhone or Samsung would be perfect. A camera, lenses, tripods, and a green screen are needed if you set up in a stationary place, and a backpack if you are a travel vlogger. Again, what you need to get the best results largely depends on the YouTube video idea you’re looking to venture into.

2. Cooking Tutorials

Starting a cooking video idea for YouTube is a tall order; it takes a lot of work, and you might consider taking it as a full-time job.

Nowadays, cook shows have taken a more modern approach. Channels like Tasty, Bon Appetit, and so on are making strides in the cuisine category. For a beginner, who doesn’t have access to resources, you must be an excellent cook and bring your perspective to your dishes. If you are from a different ethnicity, you can start cooking your favorite local dish, putting your spin on it.

You’ll need some essential equipment, including:

·       Camera: It could be your phone or a digital camera, but it must be high quality and have lots of storage. It should have a tripod to keep your shots steady and properly angled.

·       Lighting and Microphone: A professional setup isn’t complete without good lighting for quality videos. While most phones come with built-in microphones, getting an external microphone is a good option. Making voiceovers is a good option.

·   Cooking Supplies: This is essential as you start a cooking channel. Endeavor to get all the supplies beforehand, so your video will be seamless and to get a professional finished product.

Like I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of equipment to choose from, but what matters the most is the type of YouTube video idea you’re exploring.

3. Product Reviews

This idea for video is a great way to break into the YouTube space. There are many products online that most users are unaware of, and sometimes what they need is a customer reviewing the product.

Famous YouTubers like Unbox therapy, Tofanger, and so on make reviews on different products in the market. You can check products in any sector – agricultural and hospitality industries. People always look for product reviews to make a buying decision.

4. How-To Videos

Content comes in different forms, and we need to create content to solve pain points. There is an idea for how-to videos on YouTube for different products and services. It is basically where a content creator explains the usage of a particular product or service. Most companies hire them to put a customer’s perspective on a specific product feature.

5. DIY Tutorials

Since the advent of YouTube shorts, it has been easier to create short videos that teach you simple and easy ways to assemble a chair, make homemade art, etc. You can make DIYs about anything people use or deal with; food, cars, architecture.

It is an effortless way to get more viewers on your channel, as people would want to view an alternative to the conventional and stressful way of doing things.

6. Makeup Tutorials

This YouTube video idea is tailored to a specific kind of audience. It is an idea that gives tips and second-hand training to females interested in making themselves look more appealing. It is a female-dominated category, but it isn’t unusual for you to find makeup and camera companies in the category as it gives tips about aesthetics while promoting their products.

People like Zoella, Carli Bybel, and Nikkie Tutorials amass many followers due to their significant contributions to the makeup content section.

As a beginner, you can start from a place of convenience but not complacency. Watch videos to learn the basics and improve your skills. Your equipment should be according to your budget, and always ensure that you publish regular content.

7. Fitness Videos

This is another niche that caters to people who want to keep fit. Thankfully, over the years, this YouTube video idea has garnered traction with several content options to explore, including home workouts, healthy living and eating, and other healthy lifestyle choices made by people who are passionate about their health and the health of others.

8. Comedy Skits

This is a very trendy video idea for YouTube, there is always a new and funny perspective on different matters, and you will always have users who find the content appealing. In every country, comedians always have fresh and new takes on different subjects, both old jokes and original content.

It is an excellent avenue for existing comics to put their talents and skills in front of a much larger audience. Comedians like Andrew Shultz premiered his comedy show “Infamous” exclusively on YouTube.

9. Tech Reviews

This YouTube channel idea is a modification of the product review; it focuses exclusively on IT products. With tech emerging as a fast-rising sector and many innovations coming to the mainstream media, it might be difficult for a layperson to assimilate.

Tech reviewers explain a particular product and preview its unique features. Examples of popular channels are; Tech Unboxing, Smartwatch Ticks, Techy Agent, and so on.

10. Beauty Tips and Tricks

This YouTube idea focuses on fashion, cosmetics, hair styling, nail art and care, and other beauty-related topics; it’s a fast-rising sector.

As a beginner, if you consider this YouTube channel idea as an alternative source of income, there are few role models. Examples are Bethany Mota, Zoe Elizabeth Sugg, Rachel Levin, and others. They have made strides in the sector and can be a source of inspiration for you.

11. Automotive Reviews

Different car brands produce new models yearly, and the internet is a place to learn about automobiles. This YouTube video idea is a great way to get and keep a car enthusiast’s attention.

Different car brands sometimes have specific reviewers dedicated to reviewing their cars, while some do different car brands. Some notable examples are Doug Demura, Autocar India, Carwow, The Fast Lane Car, and many others.

To be a car reviewer, you must have a passion and properly appreciate a car’s beauty. It is vital to coherently convey your thoughts to the viewer and have proper articulation.

12. Music Covers

Music is subjective, and humans have different interpretations of it. This YouTube video idea is a great way to reach a wider audience. It is also an excellent option if you are looking to kickstart your music career.

With a monthly view of 2.1 billion, you could reach a wide range of YouTube viewers with the right marketing strategy. A notable example is Madilyn Bailey, who became famous by making covers of popular hit songs. 

13. Life Hacks

Life hacks are homemade videos that help with time management and efficiency. This YouTube video idea help viewers eliminate frustrations and innovatively proffers solutions to mundane problems.

More importantly, it is relatively easy to implement. All you need is a camera, a nice setup, and the right state of mind. You can also get inspiration from other popular life-action channels like 5 minutes craft, Davehax, and TQT Hacks.

14. Educational Content

The benefits of exploring educational content as a YouTube video idea cannot be overrated. YouTube has extensive educational content for different age groups, ranging from children’s channels like Netflix Jr, Nat Geo Kids, Crash Course Kids, etc., to college courses like AsapSCIENCE, Khan Academy, etc.

Any skill is open for learning on YouTube. To start any YouTube video idea for educational purposes, you must be knowledgeable about a particular topic and convey your thoughts clearly to your viewers.

15. Adventure Sports Videos

Adventure sports are sports with a high degree of risk undertaken on either land, water, or air. It is a thrill-seeking sport posted on YouTube for adventurers. Popular channels in this category are GoPro,, and Stuntexru.

To start a YouTube video idea on extreme sports, you must be adventurous and outgoing, with a flair for the extreme. Also, you need a certification for most of them.

16. Hiking And Camping Videos

Outdoors is a fantastic experience; sometimes, you want to share it with the world. The peace and tranquillity are unmatched. You can share popular backpacking tips, hiking spots, and how to start your hiking journey on this YouTube video idea.

Some popular hiking channels are Beginner Hiking,, and IndiaHikes. You need to consider your location before starting a hiking channel.

17. Challenges

This is another type of YouTube video idea dedicated to thrill-seekers. It is mainly done by volunteers who do extreme things for a cash prize.

It involves recruiting volunteers to undergo daring adventures; sometimes, you do them yourself. There are popular channels like The Eat it or Wear It Challenge, The Whisper Challenge, The Cinnamon Challenge, etc.

18. Horror Stories

This YouTube video idea caters to a specific audience; it has been a fast-rising YouTube section since the beginning of the 2020 pandemic, with many subscribers to conspiracy horror stories.

The stories are intended to induce fear and curiosity; they are about haunted houses, serial killers, mysterious sightings, unconfirmed sightings of strange creatures, and many unexplainable spiritual and physical phenomena.

You sometimes do not need a camera for this section, just good editing software and the ability to scour the internet for strange sightings and other paranormal things.

19. Language Learning Lessons

This is an evergreen section on any video streaming platform. This YouTube video idea immensely helps people who are relocating to non-English speaking countries and are willing to learn. It is also a tool to improve an existing language. Popular channels include EnglishClass101, LangFocus, Duolingo, etc.

20. Art Tutorials

This YouTube video idea entails learning a new skill. Many YouTube channel ideas focus on teaching art, from the beginner level for amateurs and novices to advanced art classes on different drawing methods. Other channels are dedicated to both digital and manual art.

Some popular art-dedicated YouTube channels are; Sinix Design, Jazza, Proko, Alphonso Dunn, etc.

21. Gardening Tips

This YouTube video idea focuses on home improvement, i.e., improving the exterior of your house and putting the fallow soil outside your home to good use. It is a relatively straightforward idea to implement, and you can run the channel as a side hustle.

The primary purpose is to share tips and tricks about gardening as a beginner or professional. Popular YouTube channels on gardening are Gardening Organic, Garden Ninja, Kelly’s Kitchen Garden, etc.

22. Home Improvement Ideas

This YouTube video idea focuses mainly on tips to improve your home’s physical and emotional space. You get advice on colors that complement each other, the best way to style your space, and affordable home appliances.

Popular channels for home improvement are; DIY network, Ask the Builder, This Old House, etc.

23. Magic Tricks Tutorials

This channel’s focus is on entertainment and the misguidance of other people. There are two types: the full-time magician – who travels to perform for people and posts the video – and the part-time magician – who does tricks from a place’s setup. Some performers start part-time and end up being full-time.

Popular content creators exploring this YouTube video idea for their content include Julius Dein, Chris Ramsay, Scam School, Magic Secrets Unveiled, etc.

24. Parenting Advice

This YouTube video idea discusses advice for new and old parents. This is a sector for parents to learn from other experienced parents. Examples of popular channels are; The Mom’s View, The Parenting Junkie, WhatsUpMoms, etc.

25. Pet Videos

This is an entertaining YouTube video idea. It is dedicated to animals and their lovers, creating a connection between them. There are video compilations of our favorite animals in awe and humans doing voiceovers for animal videos.

Some popular channels are the Dodo, Paul Cuffaro, Robin Seplut, and Maymo.

26. Religious Sermons

Sermons are small niches in the YouTube video idea section for believers. There are diverse religions; each has clergypersons as guides.

Since the 2020 pandemic hit, there has been a rise in online sermons and services. YouTube made it easier by introducing a streaming service for channel creators. Religious houses and organizations usually post the most famous sermons.

27. Stand-Up Comedy

Comedians and comedian enthusiasts post this to reach a wider audience. Most standard comedians are now streaming live on various social media platforms but still maintaining a presence on YouTube. Also, some comedy companies put a significant chunk of their content on YouTube; a prominent example is Comedy Central.

28. History Lessons

This YouTube video idea teaches us about our past, how it shapes our present, and how it affects our future. Historians and history enthusiasts use it frequently. They cover the world’s beginning, fossils, famous people that have lived, and how past civilizations affect our present. Examples are History, Natgeo, The History Guy, Oversimplified, etc.

29. Environmental Awareness Content

This is a comparatively recent YouTube video idea. Its main goal is to ensure that humanity’s activities benefit the earth rather than hurt it. Examples of such channels are Vox Climate Lab, Sustainably Vegan, etc.

30. Anime Reviews

Japanese anime has existed since the early1990s but became mainstream in the 2000s. Since the inception of YouTube, various anime enthusiasts have declared their love for anime on the platform in the form of comedy skits, movie videos, reviews, and other ways.

To begin an anime YouTube video idea, you must be current. Popular anime reviewers on YouTube are Akidearest, Digibro, BobSamurai, Gigguk, and much more.

Final Words on The Best YouTube Video Idea to Explore as A Content Creator

I have explained some of the different YouTube video ideas in detail. You will need a setup for whatever choice you make. Various options are available if you are working on a budget and not entirely brilliant with technical know-how. A perfect example is HeyGen.

Offering preset backgrounds and avatars based on real-life actors, HeyGen allows you to create and edit your choice of YouTube video idea as quickly as possible – easier than editing a Word Document! If you also desire video authenticity, you can always upload a video of yourself, and an avatar will be created! All you need to do is design and upload the script. Check out HeyGen’s Official website for more details.

For more questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me via the comment section too. I’ll be glad to help.

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