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7 Best Avatar Creator Websites to Make Avatars Online

Emmanuel Whyke
May 9, 2023

Custom avatars are the rave nowadays, used in official and non-official settings. Many new-age and old companies have adopted them for their logos and profiles; interestingly, there are now different custom avatars (anime, realistic, cartoon) software available online.

Avatars can be used in different scenarios, from marketing videos to short skits showcasing companies’ products. Potential applications in the digital world include customer service, sales of products, training of recruits, and assisted living for the disabled.

Finding the perfect custom avatar creator for your business or content can be stressful, but I have curated the seven best avatar creator software online in 2023. 

Without further ado, let’s dive into it!

HeyGen – Create Your Custom Avatar In Just 3 Min

HeyGen is a 21st-century AI spokesperson generation app using the latest facial recognition software to curate a long list of avatars made from real actors alongside their voices. It can create your custom avatar by digitizing the actual human recording they took in the professional studio. 

Once you have your custom avatar, you can use it to make a lot of videos that seem delivered by you in a much shorter time. 


  • Custom Avatar (Lite): You can get a Custom Avatar (Lite) with a fixed background by shooting 2 minutes of footage.
  • Self-expression: The Custom Avatar (Lite) allows you to express yourself with your cloned voice and how you speak.
  • Higher definition: The Custom Avatar (Pro) has higher definition, up to 4k resolution and 60 FPS.
  • Great flexibility: The Custom Avatar (Pro) has great flexibility and can be used with any background.
  • Career convenience: Either Custom Avatar can be a great convenience for your career.
  • Video production scenarios: Either Custom Avatar can be a great convenience for various video production scenarios in your life.


HeyGen has two different plans. They are Custom Avatar(Lite) and Custom Avatar(Pro) :

Custom Avatar (Lite):

Price: $199 / year

Fixed background: Comes with a fixed background

No restrictions: No restrictions on usage

Footage requirement: Requires 2 minutes of recorded talking footage

No green-screen required: Does not require a green screen

Voice cloning: Voice cloning is available as a paid add-on

Custom Avatar (Pro):

Price: $1000 / year

Changeable background: Allows for a changeable background

Higher quality: Offers up to 4K resolution and 60 FPS

Footage requirement: Requires 4 minutes of recorded talking footage

Green-screen required: Requires a green screen

Voice cloning: Voice cloning is available as a paid add-on


Canva – Free Avatar Maker

Canva is an online design tool used by designers and non-designers everywhere. If you are an inexperienced designer looking for a platform to create any design or avatar, Canva is the best for you. Canva offers many functions that simplify the design process, even for veteran designers.

It recently added an avatar creator section for brand awareness, character creation for a small or medium business, and more. You can visit the Canva website to explore its features better.



This avatar creator software has a collection of preloaded avatars. You might need to pay a fee to access the premium avatars, but in most cases, you will find what you need without payment.


Creating and editing a video on Canva is simple. There are preloaded features on the software to change your avatar.


You can add text and other unavailable elements on the avatar creator software. Some examples are background sounds and images, and extra videos.


In addition, saving and sharing your avatar is straightforward.



Canva is a free platform, but there are particular features you cannot access without paying for the professional version. The free text and formatting designs might be flawed, but the professional version contains better features and flexibility.


Canva has a flexible plan for everyone; you access certain features without making payments.

Ready Player Me – Make custom VRChat avatars

With the rising popularity of the metaverse and virtual reality games, it is necessary to create avatars that can be used across various platforms. One such avatar creator software is Ready Player Me.

It is committed to creating avatars that transcend switching avatars for different platforms. You don’t have to log in and out before creating your videos, and it links all the features to just one avatar. It is a step in creating a more open and connected online community. Visit the Official website to check out their services.


Although this avatar creator software is relatively new (launched in 2020), it has stockpiled an extensive catalog of over 20,000 faces and spent about four years building avatar technology. Ready Player Me can create an avatar from your photo, and if you want to be anonymous, preloaded VRChat avatars are ready.



In addition, the avatar edit page has an excellent interface allowing users to edit their avatar to their liking.


Your Ready Player Me avatar can be integrated with applications and games from different companies, including Pull&Bear, SideQuest, Spatial, Somnium Space, Dune, Wonda Spaces, etc. A section is dedicated to developers who want to create characters for game NPC or application usage.


It is a reasonably new avatar creator platform, so it hasn’t been integrated with most mainstream games and applications. 


It is a free application and can be accessed by everyone.

Avatar Maker – Create Your Own Avatar Online

Avatar maker is an excellent tool for any user feeling the internet, or social media is too superficial but also wants to maintain a social media presence to connect with family and friends. The software is straightforward and doesn’t require uploading your image or video.

All you need is to pick your desired gender and customize your avatar. Visit the website’s homepage and check out its features. 



It is a straightforward avatar creator software requiring no technical know-how. Visit their website, click a gender, and edit to your heart’s content.



You can customize your avatar as much as you want. You can save your video by clicking the icon in the bottom right corner. 


Avatar maker doesn’t have much customizing leeway – most edits are pre-programmed. There is no room for diversity, and everyone is shuffling the same number of outlines. Although free, it can get boring over time as the uses are limited.

Fotor – Free Online Cartoon Avatar Maker

Nowadays, people represent themselves with cartoons for several things online – game avatars and displaying cartoon images on social media. For a social media novice or someone who wants to be under the radar on social media, this avatar creator is an excellent tool for expressing your personality.

Options like cartoons, anime, and NFT avatars are prevalent on Fotor. The platform allows you to create any avatar type and text. Visit the Fotor website for a better experience.



This avatar creator platform has variations ranging from cartoons to gaming avatars.




In addition, with this cartoon avatar maker, users can create a custom avatar using their pictures only.


In the case of other custom avatar variations, different editing features are available. For example, when using the anime character creator available on Fotor, you can edit various components of the custom avatar, like background, color scheme, text, and so on.


After editing, you can download it in high resolution and upload it to your platforms.



Fotor operates on a paid subscription. Most of its features are only available upon payment.


This avatar creator software has a reasonably cheap pricing system (monthly and yearly plans).


Avachara – Free Anime Avatar Maker

Avachara is a free anime character creator making custom avatars based on the attributes you choose for the character. Unlike other popular avatar creator software, users cannot create avatars by uploading images or videos.

It is a free platform and allows users full accessibility. It also has fixed amounts of presets available. You can visit Avachara to discover more features.



The anime character creator platform is free to access and doesn’t require any monthly or yearly subscription. Also, the platform offers a preview box to ensure the user is pleased with the presets they choose.


This avatar creator software also has a seamless download feature. All downloads are high-resolution and can be used as a display image on all platforms.



The presets on Avachara are limited, and you can’t create a custom avatar based on your image or video.


This avatar creator software is entirely free.

Charat Genesis – Anime Character Maker

Charat Genesis is a new-age technology for anime enthusiasts to create their perfect anime avatar. It is a full body character creator that uses the latest facial recognition technology to curate a host of ideal anime characters for its users.

The characters can be used in different scenarios like displaying pictures on social media, prints on shirts and hoodies, used in programming tools, etc. Visit  CHARAT to get started.



This avatar creator is a sophisticated software allowing users to choose as many presets from the options curated from various anime adaptations. They include hair color and length and eye and nose features.


Downloading your video is easy on Charat and available for sharing as soon as it is completed.  


The presets are limited, reducing the editing range available to users.


This avatar creator software is free for all users.

Final Words on 7 Best Avatar Creator Websites To Make Avatars Online

In this article, I have highlighted the different avatar creator software available on the internet. Although most are free, they do not offer the sophisticated technology of using custom avatars other than displaying images and videos. HeyGen is the only software combining the latest AI and facial recognition technology to create custom avatars that can lip-sync text, making it appealing to various audiences.

HeyGen is not a free avatar creator platform, but I assure you it is worth every penny. Your videos will always be top-notch with high resolutions, appealing to your audience.